February 01, 2023

YoYo & Chess - The lyrics journey!

In July 2022 I wrote a few song lyrics for a song contest and one of them was “YOYO & CHESS”, inspired by my own experiences with evil people, who made our life unnecessarily difficult and miserable.

Anyone and I literary mean anyone will relate to “YOYO & CHESS”. From Royalties and refugees to ordinary and celebrities. We all are part of a game, ruled by Godless, money, and mighty-hungry rulers, and lawmakers (evils) who make our life a living hell. They stop us from improving and growing and if we don’t fight back and stand up for our beliefs and goals we will never ever be able to experience liberty. 

Honestly, creativity has been my anti-depression. If I wasn’t blessed with my talent for storytelling, writing, and drawing, I wouldn’t be around anymore. The creative process of writing a lyric is a story in itself. And it is interesting how lyrics change when you don't rush, wait and go with time.

I added the opening part to the song last minute before it went to song production with my feat. Artist, producer and singer Thir13een. Inspired by the non-ending media coverage in the recent weeks about Prince Harry's memoir “Spare” and his suffering and struggles in life - despite all the privileges that he had and has - made me realize once more that everyone is in one way or another manipulated and trapped in life. His world is dictated by century-old rules and traditions created by someone ages ago which make the entire Royal family some kind of prisoners despite all the fortune and fame they have.

I also added the word AZADI (which is Persian and means liberty) to the chorus after the horrifying and brutal recent events in Iran.  

When you have no or only limited say about your own life and decisions – sooner or later it will destroy your heart, mind, and soul.

For centuries FREEDOM is the universal key to happiness and success. And with my song, I want to remind and encourage everyone to fight back and be strong regardless of all the obstacles. Whether it is in your private or professional life, never allow anyone to destroy your dreams and desires! If we allow godless people to take control, they might as well flush our dreams, desires, and goals down the toilet. 

NEVER FORGET: Azadi/Liberty is a human right regardless of who we are and where we live and what the rulers dictate to us! No matter how much they try to brainwash and manipulate us with fear! We are stronger than evil! 


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