June 29, 2016

Q&A Interview with British young Actor Guy Potter

Each one of us has a story to tell and everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. This section “The Q & A Interview with inspiring people” is dedicated to exceptional personalities, who either have something to educate us or to inspire us.

Today I want you to meet Guy Potter, a young British actor and Film production company owner from London. Despite his young age Guy is without a doubt an inspirational personality with a mature attitude towards Life and his work in the film industrie. Also not many actors in his age have names of Hollywood Stars like Tom Cruise or Robert Downey Jr. on their Vita.

"Experiencing people like Tom Cruise &
Christoph Waltz do their thing left a
huge impression on me." Guy Potter

Guy the reason why I asked you for a “Q&A interview” is because I feel that you are an old soul trapped in a young body. :-) I read one of your recent interviews and I could easily pick a dozen of inspiring quotes. Quotes that not only inspire artistic people, but everyone about your admirable attitude towards Life and work in general. I quote one example: “Have absolute faith in your ability and set no limits” is one of my favourite. So how come that you are such a wise soul? Any explanations? :-)
Well… I’m not too sure, maybe they caught me on a good day…! I think it’s probably something to do with clarity of purpose. With something like acting its essential you get how there and experience as much as possible, you also meet a lot of people who all have different reasons for being  in the acting world and different motivations, - that sense of mixed purpose is great, but it also gets balanced out by a lot of extra noise. You sometimes encounter people doubting themselves and setting limits, and by its nature that will restrict what they achieve. Too many plan b’s or c’s, “what if this fails” or “what if that doesn’t work out” and suddenly you’re not focused on the plan A, and then it’ll never work out. The more I hear of that kind of thing, the more it makes you assess your core values and really focus.

Nicely said! :-) Guy there are not many young actors in your age, who can actually say that they recently worked on Film productions with Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise, Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Waltz and Robert Downey Jr. So how did you feel, when you knew you would be on the film set like Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation? Was it as great and exciting as it sounds?

It absolutely is, if not even more so, as sometimes you wont know what the film is until you’re there, they use working title’s which can be confusing but that’s why they exist. For instance Avengers was called ‘AfterParty’ and then when you’re in wardrobe and you see an Iron Man costume it’s a bit of a shock! It’s a ‘try and be cool about it’ moment from then on out. I’ve done a lot of productions that aren’t nearly as big, but when you’re on a major studio film you cant help but be over awed by what’s going on around you, everything’s on a scale you cant imagine.

You were in these movies as an actor, unfortunately, uncredited (for now), but what was the best lesson for you acting and production-wise and why? Which one of these stars did you actually saw in action or get to talk to?

Well as it is for everyone else too, some of the scenes I’ve worked on get cut out, I did a week on Maleficent that never saw the light of day, but if the scene does get used and I’m left out, I’m almost in a constant battle with IMDb about it.

I’d say Tarzan was the biggest lesson. That was the first time I saw how a big production works. Me and a couple others got drafted in during the summer of 2014 and we had many weeks of boot camp for a fight scene, we had history lessons, military drill’s, firearm workshops, an audience with a guy who’d actually lived in the jungle with gorilla’s… you name it.  That was the beginning of me being interested in how a film is made right from it’s beginning. Sadly the scene got changed before filming and they went with something else instead… a shame, but thing’s change right up until the last minute you get used to it. I won't rely on anything till it physically comes out and I’m in it now!

That geared me up for Rogue Nation quite well though, I was a stand-in for Jeremy Renner and that evolved into working on the motorbike chase scene, doing pick-ups & re-shoots at Warner Bros Studios near London. I’d watched those movies since I was a kid and that was a great few months. If you have the opportunity to get involved with a big production, it’s worth it at any level. You come across some of the biggest names in the industry and get to see them do their job first hand: how they interpret the scenes you’ve seen that day and how they perform it - that’s a better master-class than money can buy. Experiencing people like Tom Cruise & Christoph Waltz do their thing left a huge impression on me.

I write a monthly #Lilywood review where I list my personal #MUSTC and #WOT (Waste of Time) Movies. What are your TOP three #MUSTC movies and why? And which three are your #WOT movies and why?
I agree a lot with what you’ve said on there. I think a summer or two ago, there were at least four major studio films out and every single one of their ending sequences involved a city getting invaded/destroyed at the end. I mean, it’s the same plot! Just repackaged in a different film… sometimes you need a dose of reality.
Top three #MUSTC, well I always enjoy looking back on a successful actor’s career and studying their path to see what choices they made, you can find some gems doing that. I’d go for ‘A River Runs Through It’ directed by Robert Redford starring a Young Brad Pitt, great little film about life in Montana. I really like The Last Samurai, which is a blend of a big production with the feel of a smaller one, but it’s just such a great narrative. More recently I saw ‘Whiplash’ and was just mesmerized, the last ten minutes are something else.

In term of the Waste Of Time’rs, well I’m really going off the whole superhero thing, (despite having worked on one!) in Isolation they can be great but just the whole churning out the same re-worked formula put’s me off, but I suppose that’s hard to avoid with the whole ‘Marvel Universe’.
I cant name specific’s but sometimes I like watching movies that are not so good to just learn how not to do something. When you watch a good movie you get lost in the narrative after a while, but with a bad one you can really analyze what’s not working.

You started acting at a young age in school. After training in stage you transitioned to film where you feel more at home. You have visited several Academy courses in Los Angeles and London, including the extensive Stunt & Firearms training at Warner Bros studios you mentioned earlier. Meanwhile, you have done short films, commercials and played roles in television. What was the best experience during your educational years? And what was the worst and most challenging one and why? Also as an actor do you prefer to play a good and nice character or a bad and nasty person?

Well, my appendix rupturing whilst doing a run of ‘My Fair Lady’ in the theatre wasn’t great! I thought I was just sick and could power through it, the Director suggested she could go out and read off the script but I was having none of it. I went out and did three nights in a daze, I got through it but collapsed the day after and was in hospital for two weeks. Best experience, well I really enjoyed a summer at The American Academy of Dramatic art in LA – the quality of alumni is almost intimidating.

On par with that it has to be stunt related training, I love that – the choreography, the combat, the research and training, sword and firearm, motorbike’s and driving it all just adds a great dynamic to a performance, its an art form in itself. As an actor doing characters, someone with depth I really enjoy getting into character and doing the research and fleshing them out, the more of that the better really. I’ve got to be able to relate to them too, anything superficial and I’m gone. Ryan Gosling’s character’s he’s played and his body of work to where he got today is really something, it’s to be admired.

You recently worked with the Queen of England. Well not the real one, but a young actress, who is playing Queen Elizabeth II as a 25-year-old newlywed faced with the daunting prospect of leading the world's most famous monarchy  in the TV Series “The Crown. How did it feel like to be part of a historical production like this where the story it based on your countries history?
Yes, I suppose I did! Claire Foy is playing Queen Elizabeth, she went to a friend of mine’s drama school and they’re very proud of her there. I didn’t have a scene with her unfortunately but I did watch them filming in the next room. It uses real locations and travels all over the country, my scenes were done on The Mall just down from Buckingham Palace, so it’s as real as you’ll get. I’m singing in that one too actually, it’s a huge production put on by Netflix and the trailer looks great, I think it will go down really well, especially as Downton Abbey is no more… quite a good time to be a Brit!

I can’t believe that I’m saying this. But you have actually founded an independent production company “High Sierra Films“ in London because you want to be more involved in the filmmaking process. As if that’s not admiring enough for a young man in your age, you are actually working right now on your first independent film. What can you tell us about your first project? Will you be in front or behind the camera or both?
That’s very true I have yes, I founded High Sierra Films because as an actor you’re just a small cog in a big machine and I think it’s essential to understand how the machine works. You’d be surprised how many of the big actors have their own production companies; sometimes I see their logo’s turn up before a totally unrelated production to their normal body of work and it's interesting to see what they get up to.
We helped with a film festival in Los Angeles last year but right now we’re doing a short called “Whatever the Weather” in conjunction with a production company called French 75. I’m behind the camera this time, we’ve got a chap called Schaffer McLean in front and it’s looking great so far, a feature is in the works but for now we’re focused on this.

I can’t help it, but I feel that the quality of movies has changed drastically in the last decades. Animation and Special effect wise the movies are on top, but story-wise the more time goes by the less I found inspiring and touching stories. The film industry is either re-producing old blockbusters or producing uninspiring action and crime films for fast, easy money. What will your production company produce? What will be the legacy of “High Sierra Films“?

Our goal right from the start was ‘to produce inspiring movies and media’. You have to have a good narrative and story, once you’ve got that it’s about making it enticing to an audience whilst finding your angle on the storytelling. Finding a team to work with that can nurture a project through the stages is the priority, and it has to be collaborative. It’s funny, no matter what level of filmmaking you witness, they all have the fundamentals in common, just on bigger levels - even on Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation thing’s were sometimes improvised… that really threw me! We’re at a point now where we’ve got a few projects in motion, all at different stages, but I suppose our legacy would be to make a difference and to bring something to light that hasn’t been seen before. I’d really like to tie-in a future project with environment and wildlife protection, that’s a pretty big passion of mine.

I don’t know if you have seen my “Entertain & Educate post” about my Film project plans. But as you see I’m trying to make a short film and a featured Film happen. So what advice do you have for me and other Authors, who want to bring their stories on screen? How should we approach production companies and make them a part of our journey?
Well, I would start first by getting involved with the local film community in some way, whether that be at a film school or film festival level - they have huge connections in the film world as they act like a hub for people trying to collaborate. Ideally, you need a team of like-minded people involved, a director, a producer etc - people who can share the same vision and get on board. Have a good narrative, find your angle and target audience - make it enticing.

Get all your ducks in a row and package it well, and then comes a point where you have to leave creativity behind and go into business mode… many people hand that over to someone else at that point as that becomes hard with your own project. People in high up production companies need to be shown that it will be a success, and the more you can do that the better… but once a few people are on board and it picks up momentum… who knows who may come across it and there’s no telling where it could end up.

Guy if I was an Angel and would ask you right now and right here, what is your biggest professional or personal dream, desire, goal, or wish. What would you answer?

Interesting one! Well, professionally it would be to have the ability to chose a project, I’d like to be in a place where there were more options, though I’m sure everybody would... aside from that it would be good if people were a bit more inclusive with each other, there’s a lot of division at the moment and not much progress comes from that. I went to a Coldplay concert recently and they’ve made a choice to put in as much energy and feeling in as possible, and you get a show that’s full of ambition, colour, high energy, and trying to get people to unite in something and have a great time. The positivity emitting from everyone after that was amazing, it was on a different level… we could do with some of that in everything we do.

What a beautiful and selfless answer Guy. And I say it again: You are an old soul.:-) So last but not least, ever since Im working on the last book of my trilogy “Definition of Love”, I ask all my inspirational interview partners these two questions. What is your definition of Love in three words? What is your definition of Love in one sentence?  I can’t wait to hear the answer to these two questions from a wise soul like yours. :-)
“You… complete… me.” how about that, or is that too cheesy?! I couldn’t not say it… that’s a great scene in Jerry Maguire.
I think it’s hard to define, the very reason you can't explain it is what makes it so great for people, you can't force it or genuinely try and make it up, it doesn’t happen often and when it does, it takes you completely by surprise… something with that much of influence on someone is a powerful thing.
Guy, it was really a pleasure to do this interview with you. I have no doubt that you will make your way and I look forward to seeing you in Action in front as well as behind the camera. I wish you the best of success as an actor and as a film producer.

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June 22, 2016

Q&A Interview with British Author Annelisa Christensen

Each one of us has a story to tell and everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. This section “The Q & A Interview with inspiring people” is dedicated to exceptional personalities, who either have something to educate us or to inspire us.
Today I want you to meet the inspirational and wonderful British Author Annelisa Christensen. Annelisa is a mother of four kids, a passionate reader, writer, blogger and photograph from the heart of the Sussex countryside to the village of Ticehurst.
Annelisa’s fascinating and historical debut novel The Popish Midwife is to be launched end June 2016.  

  "If we believe something, if we want to make a difference, there are always others out there
who believe the same. "
Annelisa Christensen
Annelisa I must say this “Q&A Interview” with you about your upcoming book “The popish midwife – A tale of high treason, prejudice, and betrayal” is one of the most exciting ones I have done.

I’m very anxious to hear your answers. I love the fact that you have decided to write a book based on a real story about a woman that you describe as a woman 'ahead of her time'. If you had to describe the character of your Protagonist Elizabeth Cellier in only three words what would it be? Also, what do you two have in common?

Hello, Lily, and thank you for inviting me to talk with you. Three words I would use to describe Elizabeth Cellier? The first must be
bold’: As a woman, she often spoke out when others might have stayed silent, whether it was speaking out for those unable to or herself. She was not to be silenced. And that leads me to the second word, which has to be
brave’: Elizabeth dared to involve herself in political and social activities when others cowered and hid. She knew the risks, yet acted against forces stronger than herself (and was labelled a ‘busie-body’ for it) even when she knew her life could be forfeit.
Industrious’: Lizzy, as I think of Elizabeth, was hard working and, as well as her usual job of midwifery, also took time to go regularly to the Newgate Prison with alms for the unjustly imprisoned Catholics. On top of this, she kept records of torture in the prison as well as records of births and deaths of babies and their mothers all over London. And she wrote books.
I wish I was as brave as Elizabeth, but, I’m sorry to say, I can’t count that as something in common. I don’t know that I could put my life on the line for what I believe in, though I hope I would (but also hope it will never be tested). One thing we do have in common, however, is speaking up against injustice. Like Elizabeth, if I see something that’s obviously wrong in my day to day life, or in the wider world, I’ll speak out. I try to involve myself in charities that try to change the things I believe are wrong (which is a lot). Another thing I have in common, which may or may not be seen as a positive, is an inability to stay quiet if there’s something to say. If someone tells me to stay silent because it’s better for me, if I have to speak I have to speak. I simply can’t stop it popping out. I think that was one of the things that most attracted me to Elizabeth Cellier when I read the court transcripts…she was told to be quiet, but she kept going until she got her answers and said what she wanted to say! :-D
I love your enthusiasm for books and history. As a passionate writer and reader you know probably more about books than any other person I have interviewed so far. If you could turn back the time and live in another century when would it be and why? Also, if you could choose to be a Protagonist of one of your favourite books (Fiction and non-fiction) who would you like to be and why?
Oh my goodness, good question, but I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you on the answer. If I could be in any time in history, I’d live now! For my whole life, I’ve been so thankful to have been born in this age. Even as a child, when I was a huge science fiction book and film fan, I adored the idea that I lived in an age where someone had gone to the moon, and our atmosphere no longer tied us to the ground. I adored the idea of robots and technology, and used to keep a scrapbook of any technological advances. In fact, my first ambition was to be an astronaut…and even studied space psychology at university…but, as an extreme sufferer of travel sickness, I was quickly put off by the thought of space sickness – feeling ill for days at the time. However, I never stopped loving being in this age – with the advances in technology, and the ability to connect with people all over our planet!
Ok, so, before leaving that part of the question behind, if I didn’t love being here and now so much, when would I choose? Maybe to the 1800s…when there was at least some sanitation, but there were also many new developments in the world of science and technology, and getting around the countryside was not always on foot. In one way, contradictory to what I previously said, I would also have loved the peace that used to exist before being constantly connected, where you could spend hours reading a book without feeling like you should really go online and check your emails and social media, and nobody could contact you directly except by letter or calling on you. There is a certain appeal…
As for the second question, anyone who knows me knows my favourite (two) series of books is The Mallorean and The Bellgariad by David Eddings. Now, I absolutely love this series for the characterisations and the wonderful quest of Garion. But it isn’t him I would love to be. It’s Belgarath (who does, in fact, have a whole book where he’s the protagonist) – the wizard. I love the idea of magic, and would equally love to wield it as either Merlin, Gandalf, or Dumbledore!

Elizabeth Cellier, who is the Protagonist in “The popish midwife” fascinates you in a way that gives me goosebumps. In my opinion, everything in life happens for a reason and everything we do (consciously and unconsciously) and everyone we meet has a deeper purpose and effect on us. What I’m trying to say is: The fact that this woman’s fate has captured you so deeply - from all the books and destinies in the world - makes me wonder, if there is actually a deeper connection there than just your admiration for her courage? What do you think?
Actually, I do also think we meet people for a reason, and things happen in such a way that I sometimes have a culminating moment of ‘Hey - all the pieces of the puzzle suddenly fit’. And in that ‘I can see clearly’ moment, I see all of the events that have led that point laid out before me and say, ‘Ah, it all makes sense now’.
How I came across the transcripts for her trial, and that it was those of Elizabeth Cellier I bid for on Ebay, and not one of the many others, that was the first piece of the puzzle. Another piece to slot in was how a friend, who liked the first novel I wrote, asked if I could write in the first PoV? I didn’t want to change the Pov of that, so I started another book (hidden away on my laptop somewhere), but while writing that story, something reminded me of Elizabeth Cellier, I forget what, and I took the old manuscript out of my fire safe (everyone owning 300 year old manuscripts should have a fire-safe ;-) ) and looked her up online, not expecting to find anything.
As I said elsewhere, I didn’t expect to find much, but what I found was three disjointed lines of research – midwifery, literature and The Popish Plot (a treason plot against King Charles II). Putting those pieces together gave me the excitement about this woman’s story. I love how she spoke, in a time when women were expected not to have opinions. I love she wrote – what a wit she had – and I love that she acted on her morals, didn’t just talk about it. Yes, it felt like Elizbeth Cellier reached through the 300 years as though they were nothing, and grabbed me hard. It was sometimes as if she wanted so badly for me to tell her story. Most copies of her book of her experiences, Malice Defeated, were deliberately burned, so we’re lucky there were any copies left at all to hear her side of it. When I read about this,I committed to telling Elizabeth’s story for her! And so I have.
Being fascinated by someone like Elizabeth is one thing. Making the decision to actually dig deeper and research about her life and fate and write a book about it another. What you are doing is very special. You are bringing her to life and acknowledging her legacy centuries later. So I’m wondering do you believe in reincarnation? Do you think it is possible that you were Elizabeth Cellier or maybe related to her?
If you’d asked me a similar question when I was a teenager, I would have possibly answered that as ‘maybe’? I’d read about many stories of reincarnation, and used to lap them up. Who doesn’t want to believe we’ll have other chances? Who doesn’t want to believe in the continuity of the soul (my University of Lights series, as yet unfinished, explores this whole idea in the form of magical realism)? It would be awesome to have such a connection to someone in the past. But now, as an adult with enough reality shoved down the throat of my beliefs, I have to answer differently. I believe I came across her story fortuitously. When I read her story, I felt I knew her as someone I could have been best friends with. She ‘talked’ to me. She (too ‘before her time’ to speak out) wanted me - three hundred years later and at the right time - to tell her story. I understood her. I am the same age as her. I empathized with her all the way through. If the idea was reversed, and that were me back then, could I have been her? I think yes, it’s possible, that could have been me.
As I was talking to my mum about your book, I came up with a theory that I like to share with you and hear your opinion about it. I often complain that we are born in a bad century. Negativity, inhumanity, injustice, disgrace and stupidity are sadly ruling our society. I always believe that life was better in the past. But reading about the fate of Elizabeth Cellier and looking back at history in general, it shows that the world was always a cruel and unjust place. So today I was thinking maybe that’s the whole secret of Life. Looking at history, specially women’s rights, we see some slight improvement today. Baby steps, but for sure a little process in the right direction. Woman like Elizabeth Cellier made it possible that in 2016 women have rights in our society. Women are working in high positions, like Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany or Queen Elizabeth I and the II. So, comparing the past with today, we are in a better place and position, but we still have a long way to go until the world is completely and ONLY filled with love, harmony, peace and justice. Until the world is a place we can be proud of. A place without discrimination and prejudices. And that’s the whole reason why humans are born. To turn the bad into good: the negativity into positivity and to destroy all the doubts with hope. Make humans proud to be human.
What do you think about my theory and what can we individuals do to speed the tempo to make this world a better place for us and the next generations?
See? Isn’t that a funny thing – I’ve always believed this was the best time to be born, and you’ve always believed it to be the worst! Yet, here we are together, talking about life and women’s rights, about views in the past and how different are our views now. When I wrote an Open Letter to my MEPs re Raif Badawi, I wrote of the punishment E.C. suffered for her crime of speaking her views and speaking the truth, and how it compared to his punishment today:
"I am appalled to find that such abuse of power is still alive in the world and that, three centuries later, there are parallels between that awful time in London and places such as Saudi Arabia today. People are still being condemned for their thoughts."
Yes, there are still awful happenings in the World today, and it’s far from being right even in more ‘developed’ countries, where there are many wrongs still being carried out against those who speak their mind, or who are the wrong race / religion / sex / age / ability / colour / species – we still have ‘-ists’ coming out of the woodwork whenever anyone different from them dares to be themselves.
However, there is now also a world of close connections with people from all walks, where the barriers have broken down, and people of many countries can speak out for those at risk in other countries. Information flows freely around much of the planet, so we might be as aware of some catastrophe in another country as in our own. We often find ourselves empathizing, sympathizing and mourning for people we’ve never heard of in other towns, states or countries, to the extent where it can feel like they are ‘one of our own’.
Yes, there are still a lot of bad things happening in the world, but there are now more ways of combatting these things than ever. There are organizations such as Amnesty International, charities such as Action Aid or Oxfam or Greenpeace. There are no excuses for inaction. It’s so easy to speak out for the things we believe in that not to do so is virtually a crime. When there are groups for every possible action we’d like to take, we can so easily find them and, rather than speaking up as a single voice, we can join voices with so many other people that believe in the same things and make our own voice count. We are no longer helpless and alone in standing up for our beliefs. If we believe something, if we want to make a difference, there are always others out there who believe the same. All we have to do is Google them, and we will find them. Everybody can do this. Together we are stronger.

I have a feeling that many readers will be fascinated by Elizabeth Cellier’s story. Can you imagine offering a Sightseeing-tour about her life and take people to the places that she has been, like the Sightseeing-tours they do in England with Shakespeare’s birth and living place? My mom and I would join the tour immediately. I do the International PR and you do the talking. :-)
It’s funny you should say that… :-D
Actually, I’m very excited to have plans to do just such a tour for myself with my new friend, Paul Scales, I met on Twitter. We will meet up sometime soon, and go to all the places in London that were relevant to Elizabeth Cellier (when I do, I shall post the journey on Script Alchemy ) Many of these places exist in different forms. For instance, a coffee house that features in the story (yes, and in real life too) was the Rainbow Coffee House. My research shows it now to be a book shop – I can’t wait to go to it and see what it’s like inside! :-D Many other places also exist, and many times over the last few years, while I’ve been writing and editing The Popish Midwife, I’ve planned to walk in Elizabeth Cellier’s footsteps! Soon I will actually do it!  :-D
I would love to see pictures of your Sightseeing tour. So enough of history. Let’s focus on now and here. What can your readers expect next from you? Will you publish more books that are based or inspired by real personalities?
Undoubtedly! I have plans to write either two or three other seventeenth century midwife biographical novels who I know of. Unfortunately, though I love the research, it does slow down the telling of the story, if the events in the story are as close to the truth as possible, and only the gaps are filled with fiction. That means it will be a while until I finish the next historical biographical novel. So, in the meantime, I plan to also finish writing and publishing The University of Lights series. I’m excited about this in a different way – they are not at all based on real life, but I’ve worked on them for so many years before The Popish Midwife demanded to be written.
Annelisa, if you could turn back the time and change a law that would help Woman world-wide what would it be?
Hmmm…let me think about this a moment. Two women in British history that had this opportunity were Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I, her younger half-sister. Both were in a position of power for a while and, I suppose, could have used that power to make life better for women. The opportunity was missed. Laws take a long time to be made and accepted. Any change they’d made at an earlier date would have crept through time and benefited women today.
Funnily enough, midwives were given quite a lot of responsibility, and therefore power, throughout time. They probably have less now than they ever did in the past. They were often the only ones trusted 
to enter the woman’s birthing chamber and for pre- and post-natal care, and so they had the ears of many wives and were given some special privileges others didn’t have. However, they were kept in their place by not being allowed to be formally educated. I think this is maybe the law I’d change. I would go back and make a law allowing women to be educated in other places apart from the home (many women of that time only knew what their parent or brothers, or a tutor if they were lucky, taught them). Elizabeth Cellier proposed a college for midwives, which King James II agreed to. That would have been the first women’s college in this country, if it had happened!
And if you could rule the world for one day, what would you change worldwide?
I think it will take more than a day to make any difference to anything anywhere, darn it. Can I have magical power to make it happen quickly?
Okay, so if I had magic and I could rule the world for a day so my ruling would have to be carried out, I would proclaim:
  • Everybody – and I do mean everybody - should have 3 meals a day, water and shelter.
  • Torture should stop immediately, no arguments.
  • War should be totally banned and money from that should be re-channeled into medicine, science and any other research that would benefit all people, not just a few.
  • Every job would be equally valued (oops, does that sound too ‘Left’? but why not, if all work is necessary?)
  • Every person will have access to education.
  • Eating all other species of animal – that have equal right to life and freedom as man– should be banned, and everyone should be taught there are other ways of living in harmony with our fellow Earthlings
  • Destruction of our planet by thoughtlessness must stop, no messing around.

I really love your rules. You have my full support and permission to use your magical power. :-) I could continue our conversation for days but now to my last question. Ever since I work on my last book of my trilogy “Definition of Love”, I ask all my inspirational interview partners these two questions. What is your definition of Love in three words? What is your definition of Love in one sentence? 
Love in 3 words: Caring about others
Love in a sentence: What can define a parent’s love of a child, a child’s love of a parent, a sibling’s love, the love of a life partner, the love of a pet, the love of an idea, the love of a book, the love of nature, the love of life, the love of food, when some loves are purely selfless and others are pure indulgence?

Annelisa I very much look forward to read your book and wish you the best of luck. May Elizabeth’s story inspire and encourage more Women to stand out for justice and human rights. I also want to use this opportunity to thank you for doing a “Q&A interview with me” regarding my books. Hopefully the two of us inspire more people to support each other on their creative journey! My best wishes for you and your beloved family. Lily

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