August 15, 2022

Exclusive interview with PLANET SINGER MAGAZINE!

An inspiring conversation with talented Lily Amis about her latest single and much more!

"The Stolen Years," Lily Amis' latest single, featuring talented Thir13een, is a song you cannot miss!

Lily Amis’ latest single, “The Stolen Years,” is a rare gem of contemporary music that combines brilliant songwriting, meaningful lyrics, and a truly outstanding performance of an artist who knows how to go straight to the listeners’ hearts!

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the pleasure of diving into Lily Amis’ world with an exclusive interview!

Lily, thanks a lot for being with us today! Your music is deep, evocative, and inspiring. With memorable melodies and brilliant lyrics, your songs feed the emotions and dreams of the listeners. We are thrilled to know more about your artistic journey, so let’s start from the very beginning. When did you discover your passion for music?

Thank you so much for having me. I think my love for music is in my DNA. My grandfather (my mum’s dad) played different instruments such as the violin, the sitar, and the piano. He was also a music teacher at the Conservatory of Music in Tehran. From a young age, I enjoyed singing and dancing in front of the mirror. Unfortunately, I didn’t like to play an instrument, even though we had them all. Music always made me happy. It is healing and the reason why I love it so much. 

Your single “The Stolen Years” is such a brilliant song. Can you tell us more about this track?

I’m glad to hear that you like this very personal song. The Stolen Years is inspired by my memoir THE STOLEN YEARS IN ZURICH. If you listen carefully to the lyrics, it is a sad song. For a long time, I thought that it should be a ballade. But then I’ve decided that it’s better to make an up-tempo song despite or actually because of the strong and deep message.

Time is the most precious gift we have, but life itself, with all its challenges and obstacles, makes us forget its value. And before we realize it, decades pass like a blink of an eye. And that’s how I feel today. I often wonder how fast it went by while I was surviving instead of living and appreciating every single day, even the difficult ones. And I think everyone can relate to the lyrics in one or the other way.

It is also a special song to me because I fulfilled my childhood dream and sang little parts in the chorus. Can you imagine how I felt when I heard my voice next to this incredibly talented artist? There are no words to describe how emotional I felt. I cried!

How did you meet talented British producer, singer, and songwriter Thir13een?

Working with Thir13een has been the highlight of my year. I don’t exaggerate when I say he is a gift from God. I write song lyrics for more than a decade, and it has always been my wish to collaborate with a talented singer. That’s why I’ve participated in the UK Songwriting Contest in the lyrics category with my song “80 Million People!”. It is a song dedicated to all the innocent refugees worldwide. I was gutted when it didn’t even make it to the Semi-Final.

Months after participating, I also started an online petition #HumanityB4Nationality for better rights for refugees regarding education and integration. It was much harder than I thought to get people to support my cause. Not even charities and NPOS who work in this field signed the petition. So I thought with the miracle of music, I might reach more people, and I began to contact unknown and well-known singers in Germany. As expected, my messages were ignored!

Then I discovered Thir13een on the internet. I was blown away by his voice and didn’t hesitate. I sent him a message and explained that I needed a song for my online petition. Within minutes he replied and said, send me your lyrics, which I did, and he responded: I’m ready if you are! I couldn’t believe my luck and was overwhelmed. Only a few days later, he sent me the finished song, and I was close to tears. Hearing the lyrics that mean so much to me with this unbelievable voice and wonderful melody was a miracle.

Both of us couldn’t predict that only two days after my song’s release, Europe would be facing another war and refugee crisis. While the war broke out, Thir13een was actually recording our second song, BLOOD IS ALWAYS RED!, which is an anti-war and anti-discrimination song.

So thanks to my online petition, I found the most talented producer with an incredibly beautiful, soulful, and touching voice. He is brilliant and feels my lyrics word for word. Working with him is truly a blessing.

Your songwriting is unique; can you tell us your creative process? How does your music come to life? 

I think my creative process is a bit unusual. Please don’t laugh. Ok, I have a topic, I choose the song title, I design the song cover, and then the lyrics start to flow…. LOL! 

I have been writing and illustrating books since 2014. So one of the most challenging but also exciting parts of songwriting is to keep it short, which is easier said than done for a storyteller. 

Wow, that’s fascinating! So, as a writer and songwriter, where do you find your inspiration? 

I honestly think that good lyrics come from lots of pain, sorrow, heartbreak, loneliness, and difficult life experiences. I have so many topics on my mind. Let me tell you a funny story. In 2011, despite having diplomas in web publishing, public relation, and marketing, I was unemployed for months and forced to work in a call center for a Swiss phone company in the billing department. I was taking calls from unfriendly customers who were yelling at me all the time. The only way for me to survive the exhausting hours on the phone was by writing song lyrics. I have always been able to find inspiration and motivation through creativity to survive impossible and hopeless times!

Your music is much more than great melodies and inspiring lyrics. There is a narrative and a beautiful aim behind tracks like “80 Million People!” and “Blood Is Always Red!” Can you tell us more about these two singles?

It means a lot to me that you noticed how these two songs have a deeper message. During the pandemic, people were complaining about all kinds of things, which was understandable but at the same time upsetting for me.

Listen carefully to “80 Million People!” lyrics, and you understand what I mean. The chorus says NOW YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS LIKE TO BE HELPLESS… NOW YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS LIKE TO BE POWERLESS! Listen, and you understand what I mean!

“Blood is always red!” is a song that I wrote during my job at the call center while rude customers were yelling at me for no reason. It was years before the black lives matter movement. I had this title on my mind for over a decade because I have experienced bullying, rejection, discrimination, and racism all my life as a former refugee and foreigner in the heart of Europe.

And to be honest, it makes me sick to my stomach when I witness and experience zero acceptance and tolerance still in 2022! The idea for the chorus “Chocolate matters, Vanilla matters, Caramel matters, All flavors matter…” came last year, though, because I have found my passion for baking, and I didn’t want to use the usual word that everyone knows by now! I wanted something different, and when you listen to the entire song until the end, you understand why I have chosen flavors instead of color.

How important is it to you to be present and active not only from an artistic point of view but also in supporting those in need by pointing the spotlight on situations like the war outbreak in Ukraine and the refugee crisis in Europe?

Extremely important! That’s why I became a writer in the first place. As you know, many people suffer for different reasons and never have the chance or courage to speak out and become the voice for others. When I was eighteen and wasn’t allowed to study or work as a rejected refugee in Switzerland, I knew that I would one day speak out and tell my story. Writing my memoir was the beginning of my writing journey, and I will be the Voice4refugees despite all the rejection and ignorance that I experience day by day.

If you could collaborate with one of the artists who influenced you the most, who would you like to share a song and the stage with?

You know I LOVE British artists. Great music comes from the United Kingdom. I celebrate today’s artists like James Arthur, Ed Sheeran, Tom Grennan, Sam Smith, Craig David, and legends like Tom Jones and Cliff Richard. I had the chance to meet national and international artists like the Backstreet Boys, NSync, and many more, and I always say talent is one thing, but personality is everything.

For me, a kind, humble and honest character is more inspiring than a best-selling record artist. Working with Thir13een has been very inspiring, and I can’t wait until we finally meet in person. He is the full package. A multi-talented artist, exceptionally creative producer, gifted singer-songwriter, and hardworking husband and loving father of two who’s been in the music business since the age of thirteen.

I would love to produce more songs and share a stage with him (@Thir13een, I apologize in advance! Don’t worry, I won’t take away the spotlight from you! Let’s face it, no one can!). The question is, will he want to share the stage and spotlight with me as well? LOL! I’m just kidding.

What are your plans for the future?

I will write, publish and illustrate more books and continue to release more songs with Thir13een. I have lots of topics and messages to share, and hopefully, people will enjoy our upcoming releases as well.

I will also continue to be the Voice4Refugees, and hopefully, one day, I will be able to change this awful refugee law and give innocent victims of the war a fair chance to integrate and educate fully and fairly in their adopted countries instead of wasting and losing precious years in refugee camps or refugee shelters.

Lily it was such a pleasure having you with us today! Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Thank you so much for your kind words. I would like to thank your readers for making the time to read this interview and listen to my songs. I hope you enjoy them. “The Stolen Years,” as well as “80 Million People!” and “Blood is always red!” are available on all streaming platforms. Please follow me on Instagram(@lily.amis) or Twitter (@nassimadesign) and let me know what you think about THE STOLEN YEARS. I would love to hear your thoughts. And last but not least, please keep supporting independent artists. Please support the refugees in your local area and stop discrimination, racism, and hate! Love, acceptance, tolerance, compassion, and kindness are the only way to find peace and harmony! HumanityB4Nationality is my motto!


August 14, 2022


On my birthday I released my third song project with my featured artist Thir13een. I'm very happy with the first review that it received by the Parisian and Berliner Magazine THE FURTHER!

Here we go: 

Our summer continues on the perfect note thanks to our best discovery of August: “THE STOLEN YEARS” by Lily Amis (lyricists) featuring Thir13een (performer), a little addiction from start to finish.

Lily Amis teams up with Thir13een, the perfect combo to deliver a unique and appealing song blending electronic elements with a new kind of retro pop signature. The music offers a message of hope and peace and is fresh air for our ears, especially in this complicated moment.

THE STOLEN YEARS” imposes itself with an authentic style and an original recipe that will accompany your sunny days. Discover it right now! 

August 07, 2022

The Wealthy Producer! - My five star review!


I was a music producer who had been struggling to make ends meet. I had produced some decent beats, but I just couldn't seem to make a profit. Then one day, a wealthy music producer told me his secrets to getting rich.

He said that the key was to create a successful beat-selling business online. He showed me how he did it, and I decided to follow his advice. Within a few months, I had created a successful beat-selling business and was making more money than ever before!

In this book, you will learn the 3 secrets of the wealthy producer that will help achieve your dreams of owning a lucrative beat-selling business and becoming a successful music producer. Thir13een


I have studied Public Relations and Marketing and have a few years of work experience in this field. So I was curious to read this e-book about the secrets of marketing in the music business written by my featured artist Thir13een

I already know what an exceptionally talented producer he is and what a God-given voice he has. But I had no clue that he also is a great storyteller. What I enjoyed the most was his honesty and sense of humor. My only critique would be: I wish the e-book was longer because I enjoyed this fun, inspiring and educational short read. It is helpful and eye-opening guidance for success, not only in music but in life.

Also, why should a writer drag out a conversation and take time off the reader, when it explains the secret to success in a nutshell? I hope Thir13een will continue to write and publish more helpful and inspiring books. 

Knowledge in general is the most powerful tool that protects us from making wrong choices and false decisions in life. Knowledge is the key to success and happiness. Unfortunately, not many successful people like to share their knowledge. They think I had to learn it the hard way, why on earth should I share my knowledge and experiences with others and hand them over my valuable life lessons? 

My answer is: WHY NOT? So first of all respect to the wealthy producer who made the time to share his precious experiences with Thir13een and give him such important life and work lessons. But also respect to my featured artist who made the time to write this ebook and give his knowledge to others who may be in the same situation as he was when he had this life-changing meeting with the wealthy producer. 

This valuable ebook is the perfect short read for anyone ambitious who wants to succeed in their field of interest and strength. Get your copy today on Amazon or read it for Free with Kindle Unlimited! 

Listen to our brand new song THE STOLEN YEARS, 
written by me and vocals by Thir13een! 
Available on all streaming platforms!

August 05, 2022

The Stolen Years – My song lyrics in German!

Dies ist der übersetzte Liedtext von "THE STOLEN YEARS / DIE GESTOHLENEN JAHRE". Ich hoffe, euch gefällt das Lied, der Text, sowie die wunderschöne Stimme von Thir13een und das offizielle Video! 

Ich freue mich über eure Kommentare. Bitte teilt das Video mit Familie und Freunde, die Musik mit wichtige und inspirierende Botschaften lieben. 

Dieses persönliche Lied inspiriert von meinem Memoiren DIE GESTOHLEN JAHRE IN ZÜRICH ist an meinem Geburtstag am 4. August erschienen! 
Das Buch ist auf Amazon, Weltbild, Ex Libris und Orell Füssli erhältlich. 

"The Stolen Years" 

Songtext: Lily Amis, Gesang: Thir13een 

German Lyric Translation: 

Es war am  ersten Dezember, es war ein Tag, 

an den ich mich immer erinnern werde

Ich ging in eine Bibliothek, um etwas über Geschichte zu lesen

Als ein Buchtitel meine Aufmerksamkeit erregte, 

Die gestohlenen Jahre in Zürich

Eine Stunde später, zurück zu Hause, 

kuschelte ich mich in mein bequemes Bett und las

mit einer Frauenstimme in meinem Kopf


Stunden später emotional erschöpft und traurig

Ich schlief ein und da war sie Lily Amis

die Autorin von Die Gestohlenen Jahre

sie flüsterte mir ins Ohr und sagte


Die Zeit vergeht schneller als Du denkst

Tag für Tag und Jahr für Jahr, Seite für Seite, Kapitel für Kapitel

Vergiss nie, es ist Dein Buch, es ist Deine Geschichte

Lass nicht zu, dass Möchtegern-Ghostwriter die Kontrolle übernehmen

Deine Geschichte umschreiben, sie lektorieren und Dir Dein Ruhm stehlen


Mit nur zwei Koffern und viel Hoffnung

haben Mama und ich Großeltern und Krieg hinter uns gelassen

anstatt Gerechtigkeit und Freiheit zu erfahren

eine neue Heimat und Zukunft in Würde zu finden

wurden wir abgewiesen und jahrelang bestraft


Oh, es waren fünfzehn Jahre Demütigung und Schande

Ich wünschte, ich könnte die Zeit zurückdrehen und den Schmerz wegspülen

Überleben ohne die Möglichkeit, frei zu atmen

Kämpfen ohne die Möglichkeit, sich vollständig zu integrieren


Die Zeit vergeht schneller als Du denkst

Tag für Tag und Jahr für Jahr, Seite für Seite, Kapitel für Kapitel

Vergiss nie, es ist Dein Buch, es ist Deine Geschichte

Lass nicht zu, dass Möchtegern-Ghostwriter die Kontrolle übernehmen

Deine Geschichte umschreiben, sie lektorieren und Dir Dein Ruhm stehlen


Ich wünschte, ich könnte die Zeit zurückdrehen, einige Kapitel umschreiben

einiges wieder erleben, böse Charaktere ersetzen und entfernen

Die einzige Lösung, um aus meiner hoffnungslosen Geschichte zu entfliehen

war die Heirat mit dem falschen Mann aus den falschen Gründen

die zu viele kostbare Jahreszeiten gestohlen hat


Solch ein Opfer für nichts als ein Stück Papier, Papier

Fünfzehn Jahre Angst und Einsamkeit

Sie haben wirklich alles getan, um unsere kostbaren Jahre zu stehlen

und doch überlebten Mama und ich die gestohlenen Jahre, 

die gestohlene Jahre


Die Zeit vergeht schneller als Du denkst

Tag für Tag und Jahr für Jahr, Seite für Seite, Kapitel für Kapitel

Vergiss nie, es ist Dein Buch, es ist Deine Geschichte

Lass nicht zu, dass Möchtegern-Ghostwriter die Kontrolle übernehmen

Deine Geschichte umschreiben, sie lektorieren und Dir Dein Ruhm stehlen


Vier- oder Fünf-Sterne-Bewertungen sind unwichtig

Vergewissere Dich, dass Du nur Bestseller-Kapitel lebst

Wir sind keine fiktiven Charaktere mehr

Wir schreiben den endgültigen Entwurf

und übernehmen die Kontrolle über unsere nächsten Kapitel

Das ist unser Leben, oh!

Dies ist unsere Zeit, oh!

Das ist meine Stimme, ja ja


Am nächsten Tag gab ich Lilys Buch zurück in meine Bibliothek

und bewahrte ihre kostbaren Worte in meiner Erinnerung….

Tiktok, Tiktok, Tiktok

August 04, 2022

The Stolen Years - The Song Lyrics & Video

Today is the day! My song THE STOLEN YEARS written by me and Vocals by my featured artist Thir13een is out now! It is available on all streaming platforms!

This time I edited the song video myself and collaborated with the talented dancer Lily once again. I hope you like the song as well as the dance video on YouTube.

The videos and images behind Lily speak for themselves. But there is a deeper message and reason why she is dancing on my memoir THE STOLEN YEARS IN ZURICH. It symbolizes the way evil and corrupt people and lawmakers trample on people's life, destiny, and dignity and enjoy it without any consciousness of the consequences and outcome for the innocent people they are punishing. They don’t realize that life is like a boomerang. Sooner or later it will hit them back when they least expect it!

The refugee law with its impossible obstacles not only stills away precious years but also destroys human dignity as if their life and future don’t matter at all. The condescending way how refugees' lives are treated like a toy is shameful and upsetting.  

The same applies to the horrible people that made my mum's and my life a living hell for way too many years. I'm not going into detail about who and how because I don’t want to give away too much information about my memoir THE STOLEN YEARS IN ZURICH but as I say in my song, we survived the stolen years. We are stronger than ever before and now is our time to shine!

And this is the song lyric The Stolen Years

Lyrics by Lily Amis, Vocals by Thir13een 

Lily Amis feat Thir13een
It was the first day of December
It was a day that I'll always remember
I went into a library to get myself a read about history
When a book title caught my attention
The Stolen Years in Zurich

An hour later back at home, I snuggled in my comfy bed
And read with a woman s voice back in my head
Hours later, emotionally exhausted and sad
I fell into sleep and there she was, Lily Amis
The writer of The Stolen Years
She whispered in my ears and said

Time goes by faster than you think
Day by day and year by year
Page by page, chapter by chapter
Never forget it's your book, it's your story
Don't wanna allow wannabe Ghostwriters to take control
Rewrite, edit, and still away your glory
Don't allow wanna be Ghostwriters to take control
Rewrite, edit, and still away your glory

With only two suitcases and supplies of hope
Mum and I left grandparents, and war behind
Stead of experiencing justice and liberty
Finding a new homeland future and dignity
We were rejected, punished for years, Oh, it was
Fifteen years of humiliation and shame

I wish I could turn back the time, wash away the pain
Surviving without the chance to breathe freely
Struggling without the opportunity to integrate fully

Time goes by faster than you think
Day by day and year by year
Page by page, chapter by chapter
Never forget it's your book, it's your story
Don't wanna allow wannabe Ghostwriters to take control
Rewrite, edit, and still away your glory
Don't allow wanna be Ghostwriters to take control
Rewrite, edit, and still away your glory

I wish I could turn back the time, rewrite some chapters
Relive, replace and remove some evil characters
The only solution to escape my hopeless story
Was marrying the wrong man for the wrong reason
Which has stolen too many precious season
Such a sacrifice for nothing but a piece of paper, paper

Fifteen years of fear and loneliness
They truly did everything to still away our precious years
And yet, mum and I survived the stolen years, stolen years

Time goes by faster than you think
Day by day and year by year
Page by page, chapter by chapter
Never forget it's your book, it's your story
Don't wanna allow wannabe Ghostwriters to take control
Rewrite, edit, and still away your glory
Don't allow wanna be Ghostwriters to take control
Rewrite, edit, and still away your glory

Four nor five stars reviews matter
Make sure you only live bestselling chapters
We're no longer fictional characters
We write the final draft and take control
Of all, our next chapters
This is our life, oh!
This is our time, oh!
This is my voice, yeah yeah

The next day, I gave Lily's book back to my library
And treasured her precious words in my memory
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