September 29, 2023

Remembering Anthony Moriah!

Today, 29. September is the 14 anniversary of Tone's heartbreaking passing on 29.9.2009. I still can’t believe why this wonderful human being and talented British singer had to leave us with only 41!

I often think about him, but this week a voice in my head repeatedly said you have to write a blog post about Tone and keep his memory alive. I knew Tone because he was one of the show crew members from the bestselling Swiss Artist DJ BOBO. My mum made three costume designs for Bobo's world tours, which included his costume plus Tones and 10 dancers.

Tone has studied Architecture and design in Scotland and loved R&B and Pop music. His idol was Stevie Wonder. He was a brilliant singer, songwriter, and composer from London who produced songs for other artists as well.

I always say talent is one thing, but a good personality and a kind character are everything. Tone is one of the few people that I will always cherish in my heart because of his kindness. He didn’t say much, but you knew he had a good heart. I remember him chatting at Bobo's wedding with us. He was actually sitting right on my opposite with all the other English-speaking crew members. Tone also performed a private concert at the wedding, which was really nice. 

Despite his incredible talent and handsome look, Tone was only Bobo's background singer, And I felt that he wasn't happy about it. He deserved to be the STAR and not the supporting voice. But this is the negative side of the music industry. Mostly the REALLY talented ones are the ones who stand in the back and allow others to enjoy the spotlight with less or no talent and personality at all. 

I once contacted Tom for a project, and he was very sweet and supportive. These two pictures were taken backstage after a Christmas Session in Zurich in 2002. He invited my mum and me to see his performance and welcomed us backstage afterward.  

Tone, we may not understand God's decisions. Maybe he needed an angel and took you away from your family and fans way too early. You may be gone, but you will always be in people’s hearts not only because of your talent but because of your kind personality. God bless your soul. RIP: 

Tone on stage on Bobo's World Tours with Simas Costumes!

September 25, 2023

Meet British Artist Karl Tomlin!

Today I like to introduce you to a lovely young artist from the United Kingdom. Karl Tomlin is a songwriter, musician, and singer from Kent. He has recently released two beautiful tracks. 

The reason why he is my todays blog guest is his song lyrics. He is a great storyteller who wants to inspire music lovers with meaningful and deep messages like I do. I warn you though, after listening to his two pop tracks you will have an earworm. :-) 

I am glad that Karl had the time for a short Q&A and I wish him, the best of luck with his music. I hope he will achieve his goals and fulfill all his dreams. 

First of all, thank you Karl for being a guest in my blog series THE MIRACLE OF MUSIC. Tell me who is Karl Tomlin? Please describe yourself in 3 sentences.

I am an avid lover of both music and self-awareness/spirituality. I try to combine them in a subtle way, writing reflective lyrics to funky indie music.

When did you find your passion for songwriting?

My passion for songwriting started super late! I was the drummer of a band for many years but only had some input on the songwriting. I left at 26 to do everything myself, and this was around the time I had more of a creative urge to do more and was much more interested in songwriting. So around 26, and I'm 29 now.

How many instruments do you play?

I play drums (13/14 years), guitar (4 years) bass (about a year) and I sing and produce. I can play some simple stuff on keys but nothing too crazy

You write lyrics with meaningful messages. Which artists do you find inspiring?

I draw inspiration from many sources; artists, people, places, and spiritual concepts. But some artists that inspire me are Franc Moody, Tame Impala, The Strokes, and Anderson Paak.

Why should people listen to your track FINE LINE and ACTION?

People should listen to my songs Fine Line and Action if they're interested in indie pop, funky basslines, or conscious lyrics.

What means HUMANITY to you? 

To me, humanity is compassion and love. We need more of it in the world.

What kind of legacy do you wish to leave with your creativity?

If I leave any legacy, I hope it is simply that people have listened to some of my lyrics and been inspired to make a positive change of any kind.

Follow Karl on Instagram, Spotify, TikTok, and YouTube, and support him on his musical journey! 

Karl Tomlin is a fresh take on alternative/indie pop, blending catchy grooves with conscious, contemplative lyrics that reflect on society, self-awareness, and daily life. With some exciting future collaborations in the works with varied and talented rising artists and previous experience in the industry as drummer for alt/art-rockers Youth Sector, Karl Tomlin is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer from Kent.

September 22, 2023

My musical journey so far!


Today, I like to give you some insight into my musical journey as an indie lyricist to this date. It is such an incredible feeling to see how a song can reach so many people from around the globe.

To this date, we have listeners in 64 countries. Here is a list of all places starting from the highest number to the lowest listeners. A massive thank you to every single music lover and humanity supporter from: 

USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, South Africa, Mexico, Norway, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Serbia, Czech Republic, Chile, Brazil, Greece, Argentina, Latvia, Turkey, Poland, Sweden, Albania, Egypt, Austria, Cyprus, Taiwan, Malaysia, Portugal, Ireland, East land, Malta, Finland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Arabic Emirate, Cambodia, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippine, Paraguay, Qatar, Israel, India, Belgium, Bolivia, Slovakia, Kenya, Cameroon, Thailand, Denmark, Morocco, Mozambique, Panama, Peru

Considering the fact that Spotify releases 60,000 new song titles DAILY, it is a joy to see that since February 2022 when I released “80 Million People!” to now with my latest release“ My Mission” my tracks have made it to 115 Spotify Playlists. No Bots, no fake streams. Honest numbers!

Being able to spread my message, for humanity, thanks to my incredibly talented feat. Artist Thir13een with his God-given beautiful voice, the miracle of music, and the power of lyrics makes me extremely happy and grateful.

Let me give you some insight about my collaboration with my amazingly multi-talented artist, Thir13een. 13 is my lucky number! Not only because my singer's artist name is THIR13EEN (because Warren Young got his first record deal at the age of 13), but because my birthdate in my country is on the 13th and my birth year starts with the number 13 as well.

I use the number 4 in “Lily4Refugees” and “Lily4Humanity” because my birthdate in our calendar here is on the 4th.

To this date, we have produced 10 songs together. 8 of them are available on all streaming platforms. On November 13th, I will release my song MY VISION, a beautiful soulful, and awareness song for two incredible charities.

And on January 13th, 2024 I will release PING PONG & PUZZLE, a liberating pop song about letting go of people and the past.

Thank you to every single person who is listening to our tracks and supporting MY MISSION!

September 21, 2023

My Mission on the radio!

As you know from my previous posts, I'm not a fan of music promoters in general. Ever since I joined the journey as a lyricist I have mainly had negative experiences. All these promoters do is sell fake services with BOTS. We are faced with lies and cheats daily in life by the media and people around us, I don't need to deal with this BS in the virtual world as well. 

As you probably know making money with music is no longer as easy as it used to be because of all the changes in the industry. Streaming has changed everything. Even the BIG ARTISTS have to go on tour to make money with concert tickets and merchandise. Living only from streaming is not paying the bills. So the harsh reality is that indie artists are not putting all their love, passion, time, and energy into music production for cash but because of their love for music, the messages that they want to spread, and the legacy that they wish to leave behind. Therefore we are looking for REAL listeners. Fake numbers are not what we need. 

So the the other day, I discovered a music promoter who looked very professional and promising. And I thought hey why not give it a try and book his radio promotion service for Christian/Gospel and NY Radio stations. I saw that he sends screenshots of the work he's doing, so I assumed that he would deliver a perfect and professional service. 

He was supposed to send my latest track, MY MISSION to around 300 radio stations in the USA. When I received his mailing list (screenshots) I made my own list, which was of course time-consuming, but I had to make sure that these contacts were real. But as already guessed the list was incomplete and more than 1/3 of the emails came back. Also, when you see Yahoo and Hotmail email addresses, you can already guess that these are not serious contact persons from radio stations! 

I rejected the delivery and explained why and the promoter cancelled my order right away because he realized that I may be a kind person, but I'm not stupid. Kindness doesn't necessarily mean that you are stupid!

My takeaway from this experience: DON'T ALLOW ANYONE TO TOY WITH YOU LIKE YOYO & CHESS. As an indie writer and artist, I receive daily DM from promoters and marketing specialists but by now I know that you can't trust these people. Most of them are only offering corrupt services! 

Why do I share this experience with you, I'm in shock at how many artists actually fall for this nonsense and those who write 5-star reviews for corrupt services are foolish and naive not to check the screenshots before they review the delivered work. Be aware and protect yourself from scam services! 

September 20, 2023

My Mission - Who Do You Think You Are?

I don't know why, but we only recently discovered the Bafta award-winning BBC show "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?", which takes viewers on personal journeys into the pasts of popular celebrities from politics to movies and music.

The long-running series uses genealogy to unlock the major themes in history including the Industrial Revolution, Immigration, the First and Second World Wars, the abolition of slavery, and the Holocaust.

In each episode they reveal the "real person" behind the celebrity, as they come to understand who they truly are, the lives their ancestors lived, and their identity. Each episode reveals the surprising, extraordinary, and often moving stories of our ancestors, which is likely to inspire others to trace their family trees.

Even if you don't know the celebrity, each episode is worth watching because you learn so much about the past and the inhumanity in our society over centuries! You should subscribe to the channel and watch as many episodes as possible. Trust me it is better than any movie or TV series. It is the reality and why we are who we are today and why we are where we are today.

Here are just two examples. Traveling back in time and history is eye-opening and makes us appreciate today even more. You can also follow them on Twitter!

September 16, 2023

My Mission - The Legacy of Inhumanity!

As I mentioned in my previous post about the incredibly talented street artist from Singapore, we recently watched a documentary series titled "WORLD CITIES SECRETS". This docu was a reminder of the inhumanity in our society and world history. Cities like Paris, London, New York, San Francisco, and Singapore are portrayed in this docu-series. Oh my God, the history of the city of love Paris was everything but loveable. The history of our favorite city London was dark and shocking. 

It is unbelievable how hard-working humans have made the cities what they are today but NO ONE is mentioning them. No one knows their identity. But awful and evil people who destroyed Europe in world war I and world war II, are household names and we know everything about their failure in humanity. We still talk about their legacy of inhumanity to this date. 

I wish the world would talk more about the incredible humans who have created something for humanity instead of destroying humanity. If you speak German, I highly recommend you watch the docu-series. 

September 15, 2023

My Mission - Song Lyrics (German)

Meine Mission, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een

Bin schweren Herzens aufgewacht
Uh...hatte einen unglaublichen Traum
Du wirst nie erraten, wen ich getroffen habe
Da war er der mächtige Gott
begrüßte mich am Tag des Jüngsten Gerichts
Fragte mich aus über die Menschlichkeit in der heutigen Gesellschaft

Ich war ehrlich und sagte
Gott, ich schaue zurück auf die Geschichte
Sehe das Vermächtnis der Unmenschlichkeit über Jahrhunderte hinweg
und frage mich, wie werden wir uns jemals davon erholen können
von so viel Leid und Schmerz
Es ist wirklich eine menschliche Schande

Was ist mit der Gesellschaft passiert?
Wann haben wir unsere Moral verloren?
Unmenschlichkeit ist mittlerweile zur Normalität geworden?
Übernimmt jemand die Verantwortung?

Was ist mit der Gesellschaft passiert?
Wann haben wir unsere Moral verloren?
Unmenschlichkeit ist mittlerweile zur Normalität geworden?
Übernimmt jemand die Verantwortung?

Die Menschen sprechen die Sprache der 
Mitgefühl und Freundlichkeit nicht mehr
Ehrlichkeit und Integrität bedeuten nichts mehr wie zuvor
Gestörte Beziehungen ohne Liebe und Loyalität
Wie kann ich jemals Unmenschlichkeit beheben?
Ohne Moral in unserer Gesellschaft?

Ich bin erschöpft und müde, Gott, ich brauche Urlaub
Aber wohin ich auch gehe, ich sehe die gleiche schreckliche Situation
Den Menschen ist die Menschlichkeit egal
Das Vermächtnis der Unmenschlichkeit sollte aber nicht ignoriert werden

Was ist mit der Gesellschaft passiert?
Wann haben wir unsere Moral verloren?
Unmenschlichkeit ist mittlerweile zur Normalität geworden?
Übernimmt jemand die Verantwortung?

Was ist mit der Gesellschaft passiert?
Wann haben wir unsere Moral verloren?
Unmenschlichkeit ist mittlerweile zur Normalität geworden?
Übernimmt jemand die Verantwortung?

Gott antwortete
Sohn, wenn Du kein Vermächtnis der Unmenschlichkeit hinterlassen möchtest
Nutze die Farben der Kreativität
Nimm Dir die Freiheit, rechtswidrige Moral zu verändern
Hör auf, Dich zu beschweren und andere zu beschuldigen
Erschaffe Raum für Positivität
DU kannst die Realität verändern
Lösche Deine Negativität und feiere die Menschlichkeit

Ich war ehrlich und sagte
Wie kann EINE Person allein
diese geschmacklose Realität verändern? 
Diese schreckliche Gesellschaft?

Gott lachte und sagte: 
Sohn, ich habe Dir das Leben gegeben
Ich habe Dir ein Geschenk gemacht
das Geschenk, eine Stimme zu sein
DIE Stimme für die Stimmlosen
Vertraue jetzt meiner Entscheidung
denn ich habe eine Vision
Nun geh los und beginn Deine Mission!

September 13, 2023

My Mission - Song Lyrics & Video

Yeah! Today is release day. So excited to finally share this beautiful song with you. Hopefully, it will inspire you. Here is the song lyrics and the video on YouTube. Thank you for listening, liking and sharing. 

My Mission, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een

I woke up with a heavy heart

Uh…had an incredible dream

You’ll never guess who I met

There he was the mighty God

welcoming me on judgment day

wondering about humanity in today’s society

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I was honest and said

God, I look back at history

see the legacy of inhumanity over centuries

I wonder how are we ever gone recover

from so much suffering and pain

It’s truly a human shame

Whatever happened to society?

When did we lose our morality?

Inhumanity has now become normality?

Does anyone taking responsibility?

Whatever happened to society?

When did we lose our morality?

Inhumanity has now become normality?

Does anyone taking responsibility?

Humans don’t speak the language

of compassion and kindness anymore

Honesty and integrity mean nothing like they did before

Dysfunctional relationships with no love and loyalty

How can I ever fix inhumanity

with no morality in our society?

I’m sick and tired, God I need a vacation

Wherever I go, I see the same awful situation

Humans don’t care about humanity anymore

The legacy of inhumanity shouldn’t be ignored

Whatever happened to society?

When did we lose our morality?

Inhumanity has now become normality?

Does anyone taking responsibility?


Whatever happened to society?

When did we lose our morality?

Inhumanity has now become normality?

Does anyone taking responsibility?

God answered

Son, if you don’t wane leave a legacy of inhumanity

use the colors of creativity

take the liberty to change unlawful morality

stop complaining and blaming

make space for positivity

YOU can change the reality

erase your negativity and celebrate humanity

I was honest and said

How can ONE person alone

change this tasteless reality? This awful society?

Then God laughed and said, Son, I gave you life

I gave you a gift, the gift to be a voice

THE voice for the voiceless

Now trust my decision, cause I have a vision

Now go on and start your mission!



September 10, 2023

An afternoon at the Art house in Zurich!

Two weeks ago we visited the Art House (Kunsthaus) in the heart of Zurich with not much expectation after our recent visits to the Opera House and the Chocolate Museum. I didn’t have many memories from my school visits to the art house. All I remembered was that I was neither impressed nor inspired. But hey, when we get older we see things differently, so I thought why not give it a go after more than two decades.

The museum opened in 1910 and the new building opposite it which is connected through a beautiful underground tunnel opened in 2020.

The museum's collection includes major works by artists including Claude Monet (several works including an enormous water lily painting), Edvard MunchPablo PicassoJacques Lipchitz, and many talented Swiss artists.

The collections are not only divided into different rooms but also in different wall colors, so you don't get lost. It is actually very pretty and cozy. And you can sit in every room and just enjoy the artwork and do some time traveling. 

After going to museums like The Louvre in Paris, The British Museum and The Victoria & Albert Museum in London the Art Museum in Vienna and plenty of museums in Italian major cities like Florence and Rome, we obviously had very high expectations. But to my surprise, we actually enjoyed the afternoon. 

We liked the painting collections in the old building much more than in the modern building. All in all, it was a lovely afternoon. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. Also, the best thing about this museum is that you can visit it for FREE on Wednesdays. Also, you are allowed to take pictures, which is really great. 

So we highly recommend a visit to this historical place, which by the way according to one of the staff members is haunted! They experience strange things at night in the old building! :-)

OUR HONEST REVIEW: We give 4 out of 5 stars!