February 08, 2016

Review of the Jacksons & Jessi J @Art on Ice

One of my longtime wishes has recently come true. I never thought in a million years that I would have ever the opportunity to experience “The Jacksons” live on stage.

But thanks to the show "Art on Ice" the legendary Jackson brothers came all the way from the USA for the very first time to Switzerland and entertained the audience with their wonderful songs “Can you feel it”, “I want you back”, “Blame it on the Boogie”, “ABC”, “I’ll be there” and more.

Knowing that I would actually hear Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon und Tito Jackson live singing was such an overwhelming feeling.
Sure “the boys” are older now, but hey their incredible energy, charisma, likeability and quality as performer and as singer is still the same. Watching them performing the exact same choreography as decades ago makes one think that somehow time is standing still. I don’t know what their secret is, but whatever it is they are doing something right. Needless to say that Michael was missing on stage. When the four Jacksons entered the stage my mother and I couldn’t control ourselves, we had tears in our eyes. It was so emotional.

Michael was an important member of the Jackson 5. But his spirit was definitely with us. Not only because his brothers performed the song “Gone too soon” for their beloved brother, but also the FINAL song of the Show that ended with Michaels song Black or white was a tribute to Michael.
This was definitely the best song choice and a highlight. Michael’s wonderful message of solidarity and humanity will always keep him alive. Michael would have loved that. His message of love and tolerance was with us during the entire night. God bless his soul.

Performing “Black or white” on Art on Ice with Jessi J’s voice was fantastic. Jessi J was beyond perfect. This beautiful and multitalented lady makes us woman proud to be a girl. The award-winning British singer and songwriter is the full package.
She has the look, a fabulous voice and is a brilliant performer and of course the likeability. I love her lyrics. Each one of her songs is filled with valuable messages. I knew that she would be really good live. But she was actually amazing. Seeing the Jacksons was overwhelming. But Jessi’s performance was without a doubt literary the cherry on the icing. Jessi made the whole evening special. Thank you for being so awesome! 

Olympia winner, world & European champions on Ice such as Evgeni Plushenko, St├ęphane Lambiel and more international artists Javier Fernandez, Tatiana Volosozhar, Maxim Trankov, Ksenia Stolbova, Fedor Klimov, Gabriella Papadakis, Guillaume Cizeron, Elizaveta Nugumanova and Peter Gymennik  made the whole evening simply perfect.
Thank you all for a fab night and an unforgettable memory! God bless U all.

If you like to watch the entire show, check out the Swiss Television Channel SF DRS2 on February 28, 2016 at 8:00 pm European time.

The Jacksons @ Art on Ice
Jessi J performing @ Art on Ice

The Final Performance Black or White

The Final!
Source Pictures: Google & www.nassima-design.com

February 05, 2016

From "Zero" to Hero - an encouraging true story!

All of us have doubts. That’s normal, it’s human. And we all need stories of courage, believe and hope regardless of our age and life stories.
Because at the end of the day, we all have the same wishes, dreams, desires and goals in Life. We want to be happy and satisfied. We want to love and be loved back. We need to be appreciated, recognized and accepted. We want to be part of the society! No one likes to be an outsider. No one likes to feel lonely, unloved and isolated. No one likes to be rejected and be treated badly. Right?

Therefore I share this wonderful story of a young man with you today. His name is Menderes. He’s 31 years old, originally from Turkey but lives in Germany since his childhood. If you asked people in Germany a month ago “Who’s Menderes?” many if not everyone would have probably first laughed and then answered patronizingly Oh dear, he’s a hopeless Want-to-be! He’s a joke!”

Truthfully I wasn’t sure if I should share Menderes story on my blog. Because my Blog visitors are from cross all over the world, who for sure have no clue who this guy is. But his recent story of success is so inspiring that I just have to write about it. It is a lecture and prove that if you have a dream don’t care what other people think or say about you. Believe in yourself and never ever give up!

Menderes is a young man with a big dream. He’s been auditioning for the last 13 years at the German Talent show “Germany is looking for the next Superstar” an adaptation to the American Talent show “The Idol” on RTL. Ever since this show came on air Menderes was participating without success. But despite the negative comments of the judges he kept coming to audition year by year mostly performing songs from his Idol Michael Jackson. Why?

Because regardless of what others think or say about him he believes in his dream and no negative, nasty and insulting comment of the judges kept him from trying again and again. He believes in himself and his goal and actually managed to get into RECALL four times. He even made it once to the RE-Recall, but unfortunately never made it to the Live Shows as one of the ten Finalists! However he ironically actually made it twice to the Live Show as Special guest performing Michael Jackson! Which in my opinion was very entertaining.

So Menderes has become a Symbol of the show.  Because The Winners of this talent shows keep coming and going. The same with the judges. They keep coming and going. Only one person has been consistent next to the Head Judge of the Show Mister Dieter Bohlen (The German version of Simon Cowell).
FYI: Bohlen is Germany’s most successful producer and was also known in the 80s for his music in the band “Modern Talking”. He celebrated international Hits such as “Brother Louie” and “Shary Shary Lady”.

Dieter Bohlen & Menderes
Anyway as I said beside the Head judge Mr. Bohlen Menderes has become the Icon of this successful Talent show despite or actually because of his lack of success and luck.
As Menderes said recently people always make fun of him and laugh at him, because nobody takes him serious. But now something unexpected happened. The German TV Channel RTL chose him as one of twelve candidates to take part at this year’s reality Show “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” which aired in January 2016 – an adaptation of the Original show from ITV UK -  for the tenth time in Germany.

To make a long story short you can guess now who made it to the final and left the show as the King of the Jungle 2016?
Yes, unbelievable but true. Menderes who was being laughed at for the last 13 years has won the audience heart with more than 81% telephone rating of the Viewers in just two weeks on Live Television.

What makes his success more interesting is the fact that he was a candidate next to German celebrities such as a former Bundesliga Football player, German Actress, Former  TV Host and even Brigitte Nielsen, a former Hollywood star (Ex-Wife of Sylvester Stallone) 
Menderes who had never ever won anything before in his life (as he said himself) and who has not done anything in Show business professionaly so far (except auditioning 13 times and a few live shows in Mallorca where he was booed out verbally and physically attacked by annoyed audience) is now the most wanted celebrity in Germany.
German Marketing specialists are predicting that he will now be booked for events for a ten times more salary than he used to ask before he went to the Australian Jungle (which was 2000 Euro).  
Menderes didn’t win the reality show because of his voice, but because of his loveable, super honest, authentic, selfless, pure and sincere personality. He’s a hardworking, reliable, polite, extremely kind, respectful and thankful Team player.
He never argued or was rude to anyone in this entire time. Even when he was nominated to do the most disgusting and emotionally challenging trials he came back with dignity. Most importantly during the entire time he was himself. He didn’t act and pretended to be someone that he isn’t as opposite to some other want-to-be- celebrities. What I love and appreciate the most about his wonderful character is that he didn’t once gossip behind other people’s back. Not once!  

Menderes has a heart of Gold and if anyone saw my tweets to him before he went to the Jungle they know that I believed in him and I knew that he would make it. Why?

Because I always knew how he felt. Being rejected is the story of my life. The only difference is I haven’t been rejected on National TV and I haven’t been exposed and humiliated by judges on TV. But I have been rejected my entire Life and I know how it feels like when people don’t give you a chance. I know how it feels like to feel worthless and lonely. I wrote about this topic openly and honest as I am in the second part of my trilogy in my memoir “Definition of Freedom”.

In all these years when people made fun of Menderes, I always believed that one day he would achieve his goal because of his persistent try and strong belief in himself.  
I recognized his vulnerable and loving Soul from the beginning. Now I’m so happy for him and he’s an inspiration for everyone to NOT GIVE UP regardless of how hopeless and loveless some days in Life are. Regardless of how cruel, unfair, and rude people behave. I think the most important gift for him now is not the money that he will be making in the future, but the love, attention, and respect that people are now giving him.
When he returned this week back home to Germany he said sadly “Nobody is waiting for me and nobody is missing me”. But now he’s receiving so much Love and attention. I hope and pray for his sake that the Love he receives now and in the future will heal his soul!
He deserves to be loved like all of us. Humans need Love to survive Life. A life without Love is worthless. Menderes gives me hope that regardless of how rejected, unloved and lonely we feel, someday we all will experience success and love!

Thank you @RTL for giving this wonderful human being @Menderes THE priceless chance to finally experience LOVE! Germany has finally a NEW KING! :-) My best wishes for your new song "Music is my life"!

Source Pictures: Google & RTL