February 03, 2023

YoYo & Chess - The song cover & colours!

If you wonder why I have chosen the colors Red and Green for “YoYo & Chess” song cover. Well, I did it for three reasons. Red symbolizes love. Green symbolizes hope. White symbolizes Peace.

At the same time, the red color symbolizes Switzerland. The Red & White represent the Swiss flag. Green, White, and Red represent the Iranian flag.

It is ironic and tragic to realize after decades of struggling and suffering in silence, that if we had not experienced war and were forced to live our birth country and become refugees in the heart of Europe - where we were tortured for decades because of our refugee status – we would have struggled and suffered differently in our country of birth.

When we left our hometown to survive the war with the hope of a better and safe future with possibilities and opportunities, I never looked back. I didn’t have the time to look back and ask myself what if! We were just trying to survive day by day in a foreign country with only limited rights to breathe, exist and survive.

And when we went back home after fifteen years (it is all written in my memoir THE STOLEN YEARS IN ZURICH), I took everything for granted. I didn’t question the rules. Rules are rules and whenever we travel to different countries we respect the rules, culture, traditions, and mentality.

However, today in 2023 I really do wonder how people, especially women have been able to survive inhuman and ridiculous rules dictated by mighty hungry, corrupt, and godless creatures. Not only in the Islamic Republic of Iran but everywhere around the world in countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, India, China, Korea, and every other country that is giving damn shit to human rights in general and has ZERO respect for women, for children, for humanity and last but not least for GOD! This realization is shocking, heartbreaking, and extremely sad and tragic! 

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