August 22, 2023

My Mission - A song with a message!

“My Mission”, Lily Amis feat Thir13een is an encouraging song for everyone. It is a reminder that we all have a talent that we can and should use to leave a legacy. While my feat. Artist Thir13een has an incredible voice and is gifted with music in his DNA as a producer, composer, and songwriter, I happen to be a good writer and lyricist. I hope our new track inspires listeners. If you can’t do something on your own, collaborate with other artistic minds and create something meaningful.

I can’t say it enough, the fact that we can reach people all over the globe with the miracle of music, the power of lyrics, and the beauty of art in this modern decade with its unlimited possibilities and opportunities is precious and priceless. 

Instead of wasting time on social media on smartphones do something meaningful. You might not make profits from it financially but keep in mind, money comes and goes. When we die we don’t take a penny with us. What’s left of us is THE legacy that we leave behind.  

Whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever you do, I’m pretty sure you have also a God-given gift to make a change. You also have the talent to make a statement and be the voice for the voiceless! Find your passion and start your creative journey today. The sooner, the better. Having a goal in life is also helpful for your health and happiness. It will stop you from having negative thoughts and worries! That’s one of the best ways to avoid depression. Trust me; I know what I’m talking about. If I didn’t have my creativity, I wouldn’t be here today. 


August 21, 2023


Time is the most precious gift that we have in life. The older I get, the more I make sure that I use TIME wisely. Living in a decade where you are constantly manipulated by media, social media, messaging apps, or selfish, sneaky, and thoughtless people around you, you have to protect your mind, body, and soul from time and peace of mind killers!

That’s why I have deleted WhatsApp and I don’t respond to DM on Social media anymore. Creative and sensitive people like me, need their peace of mind to function and to be creative and productive. We don’t need to deal with nonsense and other people's dramas, misery, and failures.

But sometimes, you have no choice! Manipulative people force you to do things that you don’t want to do. When your ex-sister-in-law who you haven’t seen or spoken to for a decade contacts you out of nowhere because she wants her teenage girl to re-connect with her grandmother and auntie, you are morally forced to play along even though the sudden interest in re-connecting feels wrong and fishy after a questionable history with the person. As I wrote in my previous post, this is the same thoughtless woman, who didn’t care to ask once HOW ARE YOU? 

Not once during months of text and voice messaging back and forth to organize her daughter's visit from Canada to Switzerland did she care to ask how we are. A teenage kid who we have only seen 20 days in 16 years was about to visit us all by herself and it felt wrong. 

All that my ex-sister-in-law kept saying about her daughter over and over again was how SMART and lovely she is. At some point, she even mentioned that she would give her permission and support her daughter - who hasn't finished Highschool and is wasting a precious lifetime doing nothing -  if she decided to stay with us and study in Switzerland! 

Even though we didn’t have a good feeling about this “out-of-nowhere-re-connection-desire”, I forced myself out of my comfort zone. Mum and I put a lot of love, time, thought, energy, and effort into being the best hosts for my teenage niece. In truth, we were welcoming, organizing, and booking sightseeing for a complete stranger. I thought it and I even said it out loud repeatedly; we are picking up a complete stranger from the airport. I don’t know why I haven’t paid more attention to my reservation, doubts, and uncomfortable feelings and just said NO. No, because you have ignored us for two decades. No, because we don’t know your child. No, because she has dropped school. No, because she is a stranger. NO! NO! NO! 

The arrival day came. Mum and I were positive, and optimistic despite our reservations and doubts about picking up a stranger. I put all my projects on hold and was ready to be the coolest, fun aunty. Mum and I had organized every single day with either sightseeing or creative and fun activities (such as painting, drawing, crafting, sewing, cooking, and baking) to make sure that a teenage girl won’t be bored. 

We wanted to create beautiful and unforgettable memories with and for her. Make her have inspiring, memorable, and educational experiences for life, especially because she has been through her parents’ difficult separation and divorce after a toxic and dysfunctional marriage and of course Covid. Also, a 15 years old girl, who hasn't finished High school and has no plans and goals in life and her future should be guided in the right direction, because Education is THE key to an independent life. 

After waiting for over an hour at the arrival terminal, she finally came out. We welcomed her with a flower bouquet. Seeing a young teenager instead of a kid was strange and surreal. It made us realize how time flies. I wondered why it took her an hour to get out because we have even seen the Air Canada Cabin Crew including the Pilot and Co-Pilot leaving the airport after thirty minutes. Her answer was, Baggage claim was busy. (WTF! It was obviously not true. The entire arrival terminal was empty by now and we were the ONLY ones waiting!)

We arrived home and had a lovely lunch. She was tired because of jet lag, so we let her rest in her beautifully decorated and lovely-smelling room, filled with gifts and Swiss chocolates.

In the late afternoon, we spend a few hours on the balcony and enjoyed the weather. We showed her family photo albums and some books about art. After early dinner, we watched a TV show and went to bed. I told her repeatedly that we will have a full schedule, so she needs to rest and get rid of the jet lag. 

The next morning, I woke her up at 8:00. We had breakfast, spend an hour on the balcony, and then we left for grocery shopping close by. We wanted to get her everything that she needed, despite already having a filled fridge. We were not out for an hour when she said I’m exhausted, so we came back home early. 

Only a few hours later after me forcing her to take a shower because she smelled terrible, she came wearing the Pyjamas - that we gave her and which later ended up on the floor - asking me if she could go for a walk wearing Pyjamas and slippers because she wanted to call her mother. I said no! You can't leave the house in Pyjamas and it is 8:00 evening. You can call whoever you want from your room. 

An hour later she left her meanwhile shockingly messy, smelly, and unrecognizable room. We watched TV (while she was glued to her smartphone) and call it a night. Even though I had made space for her in my closets, the entire room floor had become her closet. Everything and I mean everything was on the floor!!! I have never seen anything like this before. Such a mess! It was embarrassing to witness a "SMART" girl behaving like this. So I told her to clean her mess up. 

The next day was supposed to be her first exciting sightseeing day in Zurich. But she was too tired, so we changed our plans and stayed home. Instead, we wanted to make a Homemade Pizza and do some artwork. The plan was to cook together at 10:00, but she slept until 1:00 in the afternoon. She turned off her phone, so she wouldn’t have to respond to my message. She either blocked me or deleted her WhatsApp messenger. The day before she told me clearly not to go to her room and wake her up! 

The girl joined us when Pizza was already ready and we were finished having lunch (while she was glued to her smartphone). After eating her Pizza slices and watching TV (well she wasn't watching TV. She was busy with her smartphone), I prepared everything for our artwork project. But before we even began, she said: I would like to go for a walk! I said sure, we can go together. It’s a beautiful sunny day. We were supposed to be in the city. We only stayed home because of you. Then she said: No, I prefer to go alone. I’m not a social person. I’m introverted! 

WOW! You spend weeks of preparation and organization for a stranger who is supposed to stay at your home, and that’s what you get in return! I don’t have to mention how upset and disappointed we were.

Forget the fact that the "SMART" girl doesn’t speak a word of German (even though she lied and pretended for months in advance that she would start to learn the language until her visit because she was obsessed with German history!!!) Also, the girl didn’t know where she was staying and what is around us. We wouldn’t have given permission to leave the house alone and take such huge responsibility for a teenage girl. She went on saying: Switzerland is the safest country in the entire world. I go for walks at 11:00 at night in Toronto Downtown. A day before she told us that Toronto has the highest rate of criminality! I said: I don’t think your parents will be happy about this. She said I call my mum and ask her, which she did. 

Guess what her thoughtless and irresponsible mother said? SHE IS NOT A PRISONER. SHE CAN GO WHERE EVER SHE WANTS!!!

So what would you have done in our position? Let her go despite your reservation and worrying? The girl said: Mum, Aunty doesn’t allow me to leave the house, she is afraid that I get KIDNAPPED! I didn’t say anything to save myself from hearing more nonsense and lies. She was not only lying to my face but putting words in my mouth. I never said anything about kidnapping! Forget the fact, that no one will ever kidnap a messy, smelly, lazy, and grumpy girl who doesn’t wash her face and teeth in the morning and pretend to take a shower but smells like hell.

I never argue, so I didn’t say a word to embarrass her. But when she put a word in my mum’s mouth and lied again by saying, I don’t want to go far, I only want to stand in front of the house door and make a phone call, my mum made her understand that she wouldn’t go far with lying in our face.

I don’t know what changed her mind, but she didn’t leave the house that night. After spending an hour in her room making phone calls, she joined us on the balcony, and later we had dinner (while she was busy with her phone) until she went back to sleep. Well, she wasn’t really sleeping. She spend hours on her smartphone. When she wasn’t sleeping, she was having endless phone calls or was watching Netflix or “learning German”, according to her own lies. She lied about everything. 

The next day, it was a beautiful Saturday; we finally could show her our city. Unfortunately, from minute one, she was grumpy and annoying, which my mum and I both tried to ignore. It was obvious that she was not interested at all in seeing anything and spending time with the two of us. She slept on the tram ride to the city like an addicted person. Once we arrived we showed her the hot spots and had lunch at Zurich Lake. All this time she was disinterested and grumpy, which made me really upset. So I told her we could leave because she was clearly not having a good time, but she denied it. So we stayed until 17:00.

We had scarcely arrived home from a tram drive in which she had been sleeping all the time (again) when she said: I’m going for a SHORT walk. I told her you know how we feel about this and yet you want to go? She left, and if I hadn’t sent her a text message after TWO hours, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have returned for more hours. I was furious and told her that I wouldn’t play this game every upcoming day. If she couldn't respect our worries and house rules, she needed to get back home because we were not willing to take this responsibility.

We are too wise to allow a disrespectful teenager to waste our precious time and energy playing games and telling lies! For the love of God, even Hotels, Motels, and Bed & Breakfast have their house rules and timetables. You can't just come and go as you wish. 

The next day (Sunday) the "SMART" girl didn’t leave her room and was on the phone all day long! She had bought herself junk food the night before and stayed there until late at night when she came and told us that her father had booked her return flight for the next morning! 

Long story short: She came as a stranger. She left as a stranger! 

When we came back home, we had to clean up her mess. My room looked like after a hurricane. If the walls could speak! And she had the audacity to leave the gifts that we had bought her with so much love behind. 

The “SMART” girl not only wasted our time and energy but also caused us sleepless nights. She was awake and making noises around the flat while we were trying to get some well-deserved sleep. 

What is my takeaway from this horrible experience?

1.Honestly, screw thoughtless and selfish family members! As my grandmother used to say, ONLY care about those who care about you, love you, and respect you! 

2. NEVER trust a person, who has disappointed you repeatedly in the past. No one changes. Trust your instinct and learn to say NO. NO to things that you don’t feel comfortable with, no matter what! No matter to whom! Don't feel obligated, especially with people who have failed humanity over and over again. 

3. Don’t allow ANYONE to use your generosity and hospitality and turn it into stupidity. No one should use your kindness for their sneaky plans and benefits. They don't deserve your love, time, and attention. 

4. Don’t become a social experiment! In this case, we were the social experiment for a passive-aggressive, pathological liar with ZERO discipline. A smelly, messy, grumpy, sneaky, lazy teenage girl with eating, sleeping, table manners, and honesty disorder with a serious smartphone addiction. We have never ever met anyone like her before and I’m glad and relieved that we don’t have to deal with this impossible personality and character. Studying in Switzerland? Staying with us with such awful behavior and zero discipline? Not in this lifetime! Not in any lifetime! You cant send a dead plant in a broken vase and expect it to blossom! 

5. Don’t allow anyone to ever steal away your peace of mind and keep you awake. No one is worth it! 

6. Today’s Generation is terrible. They have no manners, no respect, and no discipline. The girl missed out on so much because she preferred her Smartphone companion rather than exploring a new country and making new and exciting experiences. Instead of staying for 13 days (or even longer for education), she stayed for 4.5 days, during which we have seen her only a few hours.  Because the “SMART” girl was either sleeping or busy with her smartphone. That’s what you get when you lie from minute one. We should have known when we were lied to from the first minute at the airport, making us wait for over an hour, while she was probably wasting our time making phone calls.  

The "SMART" girl missed out on wonderful new experiences, day trips to France and Germany and so so much more. On top of that an amazing 16 Birthday celebration with plenty of gifts. Not so SMART after all!  

And who is responsible for this mess? Well, we CANT only blame smartphones and social media. A bad circle of friends and thoughtless parents who have clearly failed parenting. As they say, you get what you deserve! She got a flight back home with NO RETURN to a wonderful place filled with love and limitless opportunities and possibilities! But also a home with discipline and rules. Cest la vie! 

It is a tragedy how children who go through their parent's divorce suffer emotionally and turn their pain and anger into using and manipulating their parents and everyone else. While the parents play along because they feel guilty, others don't tolerate bad behavior. 

7. Mark my words. Terrible parenting, smartphones, and social media lead to a useless generation! In the near future there won't be only alcohol, drug, and gambling rehabs, Smartphone and Social media Addiction is THE NEW disease. When you can't let go of your phone during breakfast, lunch, or dinner and are not capable to have a normal and honest conversation with the REAL people around you, you are in deep and serious trouble! Good luck! 

Stay tuned for my next song release MY MISSION, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een! A song about today's society!

August 18, 2023


“How are you?” When has someone asked you this random, kind, and human question the last time and actually waited and listened to your answer?

A few weeks ago we had an hour video call with my ex-sister-in-law who we haven’t talked to for ten years!!! We were planning my niece’s first visit from Canada to Switzerland and I wanted to make sure that we know everything about my teenage niece's special needs. Even though we are blood-related, she is a complete stranger to us. A Canadian girl was coming to stay with us for two weeks. Canada has a completely different mentality and culture compared to Europe in every possible way. 

During this one-hour video call, my ex-sister-in-law not once cared to ask how are you! She talked about herself, her new husband, and her job, but not once did she care to ask my mother or me HOW ARE YOU? How have you been the last ten years? How have you managed Covid? Are you two ok? Simple human and kind questions.

This got me thinking. When did it become normal to ONLY talk about yourself and don’t give a damn about other people’s well-being? When did it become normal to ignore family members or friends but get back in touch when you need or want something? When did it become normal to manipulate people to get what you want without caring about the other person’s well-being, health condition, life, work, and financial situation?

How are you?” A simple question! Is it so difficult to be kind and caring? I’m making the same experience with people on Social media. As long as I send DM and ask people how they are, they respond, and usually they are complaining or nagging.

Ever since I stopped sending “How are you messages” to see if anyone actually cares about my well-being, I receive zero DMs. Why? I guess because I’m not beneficial to their needs. As long as people need or want something, they get in contact. Is this human?

Last December, we invited a couple who we haven’t seen for five years for a lovely dinner. We thought it was time to get back in touch after Covid. During Covid, we were texting here and there. Believed or not, not once did the two adults ask us “How are you?”, “How have you been?”, “Are you OK?” NOT once! They only talked about themselves and their travel plans.

I guess this is today's way of humanity in 2023! I hope this blog post reminds you of humanity. It doesn’t kill you to be kind and caring. It doesn’t kill you to be human! It doesn't kill you to actually take a minute and ask people around you if they are OK! 

Today people waste more time on the phone doing nonsense, wasting precious lifetime instead of using it to stay in contact and be there for each other. Liking and commenting on posts on social media have become more important than actually caring about the people you know. Chatting with strangers on Apps has become more important than having honest, open, and simple conversations with family, relatives, and friends.

Remember to ask people how they are and wait to actually hear their answer! Being selfish and self-centered is an ugly habit! 

Stay tuned for my next song release: “MY MISSION Lily Amis feat Thir13een”. A soul/R&B song about today’s lack of humanity in our selfish, shallow, superficial, and two-faced society!

August 17, 2023


The lack of morality in today's society is shocking. Hearing words like we are in “an open relationship” or “open marriage” makes me sick to my stomach. I mean it. An open relationship or marriage is no relationship at all.

How can anyone with a sense of self-respect and self-dignity accept and tolerate an open marriage or open relationship in the first place? How?

The moment where one partner suggests having an open relationship or open marriage, the relationship is over! Because you’re not good enough for your partner. Not only that, your partner doesn’t respect you. And if they would sincerely love you they would never ever make such a nasty and disgusting suggestion!

Another example of the lack of humanity, morality, compassion and kindness, love, and loyalty in today’s awful and shameful society! 

Never ever sell yourself short. To no one! No person in the entire world is worth it. LOVE yourself. RESPECT yourself and don’t allow ANYONE to toy with your feelings and emotions, self-respect, and self-dignity! Don't be a YOYO!



August 16, 2023


In the time that we live right now, we get to “know” much more people from around the globe than we used to in the past. Well, how well can you really know a person through Social media? You live with family members, relatives, neighbors, and work colleagues, but you still don’t REALLY know a person.

You don't know what they really think and how they act or behave in certain situations. And yet, Social media behavior says a lot about people's personalities and characters. It shows you very quickly if they are only takers or also givers. In recent weeks I made some unusual experiences and it got me thinking.

When you like someone’s post and wish them good luck with the new release, and they unfollow you right away, what does this behavior say about the person? Seriously, what does it say?  

When you like a story and wish someone a happy birthday, and they unfollow you right away, what does this say about the person?

When you feat. Artists on your blog promote their music everywhere on your socials, and they unfollow you. What does this say about the person?

To me, it says these people are unfortunate people. Why? Because they don’t speak the language of compassion and kindness. Kindness and generosity are foreign languages to them. So, what is the solution? Unfollow them? I guess yes. Why should I continue a “relationship” with a person who doesn’t understand and speak my language? 

That's just an irrelevant example of inhuman behavior and the lack of compassion and kindness in today's society like I say in my song lyric MY MISSION

August 14, 2023


Life is ironic. The older you get, the more people disappoint you, ignore you and let you down. With people, I mean family members, relatives, and friends who know you in person and know your life story. Then out of nowhere, someone comes into your life, like a GIFT from Heaven.

13 years of age difference and 10 days separate our birthdays. We haven’t met in person and yet this wonderful talent, THE VOICE, MY voice, this genius mind is the best thing that happened to us. My collaboration with Thir13een is filling our hearts, mind, and soul with so much joy and hope.

Today Warren is celebrating his birthday, and we have to thank his parents for bringing such an incredible talent, humble character, and lovely personality into this dark and Godless world. Warren is bringing light and hope into people's life with his God-given gift. He is making many many people from around the globe who share his love and passion for music happy and filling his Karma account daily. :-)

I don't know why, but God was very generous with you and has given you way too many talents. It's actually not fair. :-) You are like an octopus. A multitasking, multi-talented and multi-genre artist. THE best producer, composer, singer, songwriter, rapper, beat maker, and hitmaker in the entire world! 

Happy Birthday, dearest Warren. Thank you for bringing light, joy, and hope into people's life. We wish you and your family an unforgettable birthday celebration. Your kids must be so proud of you. We hope all your dreams, wishes, and goals come true. Keep doing what you are doing, because you are BRILLIANT as artist as well as a human being. God bless you! 


August 04, 2023


Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear me! Happy Birthday to me! :-)

Every new day is a reason to celebrate life and be grateful for what we have and what we don't have. And the older we get, the more we appreciate the really important things and people around us. 

My takeaways from the previous year since we have survived Covid and still struggling from long-Covid are: Be always truthful to yourself and to your feelings, emotions, and beliefs. Don't allow anyone to take away your joy and happiness and waste your time, love, and energy. Don't allow anyone to manipulate you, and stand up for your rights and moral values, no matter what and no matter who you deal with. 

The right people will love, appreciate and respect you. All others don't deserve your love, time, and attention. Simple as that. Honesty, integrity, and loyalty are the only right way in life. 

Today, I don't give a damn about what people think of me or say about me. I am who I am, because of all the pain, sorrow, and suffering caused by thoughtless, Godless, and selfish people. And with people I mean family members, relatives, and ex-working colleagues. I'm stronger than ever before. I'm more confident and motivated than ever before, and I'm proud of who I became despite all the emotional pain and scars, human disappointments, and life obstacles and challenges. 


August 03, 2023

LilysReview - The Lindt Chocolate Museum!

The picture was taken before the museum tour! 

A day before my birthday we visited the Lindt Chocolate Museum in Zurich. It opened its door to the world during the pandemic in the fall of 2020. According to them, it is the BIGGEST chocolate museum in the entire world.

As you can imagine our expectations were high. Switzerland stands for high quality. And chocolate is next to the Swiss watch and smelly Swiss cheese the most famous Swiss export worldwide.

The location is beautiful because it is on Zurich Lake. The modern building is right next to the chocolate factory with a long history by its founders and their sweet-bitter life stories and legacy.

As you can imagine this new attraction is a tourist magnet for international visitors from all over the world. The huge entrance in white is welcoming and the fake chocolate fountain in the middle of a huge and empty space is eye-catching and promising. We were very curious to go inside the museum and see the history of chocolate and its production.

What shocked us though is the lack of friendliness by the staff at the front desk. What was also surprising is the lack of security and staff numbers in general. The only friendly people are the toilet-cleaning ladies. At least they have a friendly smile on their face.

You can easily walk inside the building without security control and leave your handbag and jacket in a locked closet like a train station and no one is there to check and make sure that whatever you put there is ok and not dangerous.

It is advised to get your tickets online in advance because of the high number of daily visitors. The museum tour takes around 30 minutes. Once you enter the tour by scanning your ticket you are in a green plantation of chocolate beans and you see on screens where they get their beans from and how it is hand-picked by low-paid workers far away. You see videos of poor people working day and night for little money compared to what the chocolate factories make. And as we all know they make a fortune.

Then you move on to other rooms with no atmosphere. Actually quite boring and I wouldn’t recommend it for children at all. The only little highlight is a room with four fountains from which you can try a little bit of chocolate. 

We were expecting to get a look behind the scene of the fabric but all you see is the process with machines behind a glassed window with no staff or anything. Very technical and boring. You could easily watch the staged production like a showroom on TV. One would expect to smell chocolate all over the building but you smell nothing. One would expect to hear a beautiful sound of music, but nothing but silence. One would expect to see lots of colors and joyful chocolate figures for kids, but nothing. BORING, BORING, BORING!

The only highlight of this museum is the fake chocolate fountain in the entrance hall and the souvenir shop. We also wouldn’t recommend the coffee shop because, like the front desk, the staff is not friendly and welcoming. You expect to see happy and smiling faces but all you get is annoyed and grumpy people. 

As if all of that was not enough we also made a negative experience at the front desk. We had an extra ticket that I wanted to give it away to a kid. The woman said I can re-sell the ticket if I want. But I said no, I want to make a kid happy. She said I could wait until someone comes to buy a ticket, which we did. 

The 12-year-old boy was so happy and grateful. I gave the ticket to his mother and we said goodbye because we had to start our museum visit. When we came out we saw the mother and son in the shop and we asked if they have been inside. The mother said, no the lady at the front desk didn’t accept your ticket and said it is a used voucher. Imagine our surprise. So we went back to the front desk and I said how come you didn’t accept my ticket? She was not expecting to see us again and didn’t know what to say. She made stupid excuses about the system but in the end, she was forced to refund the money to the lady and accept our valid ticket.

Takeaway from the museum day: Don’t allow anyone to toy with you like YoYo & Chess. I guess that was a good lesson for this woman at the front desk not to muck around with visitors, just because you believe everyone is a tourist! Don’t mess up with Lily Amis!!!! 

We don't recommend a visit to this museum not to adults and surely not to kids. It is much better to spend your time on Zurich Lake and have nice ice cream than to waste it in this unwelcoming and unfriendly money-making machine museum!!! 

OUR HONEST REVIEW: We only give 1 from 5 stars!

BTW: I was about to write a complaint letter to HR and during my online research I read employee's complaints about the company's treatment of female workers and the working atmosphere in general which sounds awful. No wonder, we felt what we felt. As one ex-employee said, the company's image from the outside is WOW thanks to its products but from the inside, it is ugh!!! I've decided not to waste my time on a letter to a company that doesn't take sexual harassment in working place seriously and has hundreds of negative reviews online and isn't doing anything about it! 

The picture was taken before the museum tour! 

August 02, 2023

LilysReview - The Zurich Opera House

The Opera House in Zurich is a beautiful building that is in the heart of the city next to Zurich Lake. But to be honest, we are not a big fan of Opera music, except maybe The Phantom of The Opera. I honestly think we couldn’t survive a two-hour performance. It would be too much for our ears and brain. :-) Therefore we only knew the building from the outside. But in July we decided that it is time to take a tour, especially and only because of the costume department.

That was the selling point for us, especially for my mum because she is a costume designer and has designed three costume sets for the best-selling Swiss artist DJ Bobo and his dance crew and of course three beautiful gowns for the Black Madonna at the Abbey of Einsiedeln.

So we were both very excited to see how the costume department creates masterpieces/costumes for world-famous Opera shows. After long minutes of waiting finally two female tour guides picked us up. We were a group of over twenty people that they divided in two. We choose the friendly lady because the other one was a grumpy and unfriendly woman. She was clearly annoyed about the number of visitors. We took an English-speaking tour and were surrounded by international tourists.

Believed it or not, we didn’t see anything about costume design. She took us to the pitch dark Opera stage. We couldn’t see much because the staff was preparing a premiere show for that night. Later she took us backstage. Again it was pitch dark, so we didn’t see anything. Then she took us downstairs in the basement and we saw empty rehearsal rooms and plenty of boring and smelly closet rooms filled with very old costumes and shoes. And that was it. That was the highly anticipated Zurich Opera House costume tour. It was a joke. It was embarrassing to witness how these companies toy with tourists. At least we had a friendly tour guide. She is working there for over three decades and enjoys her job. 

Our recommendation: Don’t even think about it taking this boring tour. Don't be a YOYO. It is a waste of time and money! You can go to your own basement and pretend to be back and on stage at the Opera House in Zurich. Trust me, it’s the same exact experience!

OUR HONEST REVIEW: We give 0 from 5 stars!