January 30, 2023

Lucky, Vom Niemand zum Helden Hörbuch!

Aufregende Neuigkeiten! Diese Woche habe ich mich gezwungen, meine Komfortzone zu verlassen. Ich habe mich entschieden, meine allererste Hörbuchproduktion auf Englisch und Deutsch aufzunehmen.

Unsere liebenswerte Botschafter LUCKY wurde während des Lockdowns im Jahr 2020 geboren und war unsere erste Lily4Refugees-Botschafterin. Inzwischen haben sich acht weitere bezaubernde Charaktere unserem Team angeschlossen.

Aber LUCKY ist uns sehr wichtig, also hatte ich keine andere Wahl. Ich musste die Hörbucherzählung selber in die Hand nehmen. Und ich muss zugeben, dass es viel schwieriger ist, Hörbuchsprecher zu sein, als ich dachte.

Vor allem, wenn man alles von der Aufnahme bis zur Bearbeitung selber machen muss. Und wenn man überhaupt keine Erfahrung als Schauspieler oder Sprecher hat, wie mein großartiger deutscher Erzähler Dirk Jacobs (Lilys Botschafter), Sharda Laskowski (Lilys Ambassadors), Carl Lindquist (Teddy & Lily) und Beverley Murray (Bon Voyage).

Nichtsdestotrotz bin ich stolz auf meine erste Hörbuchproduktion und hoffe sehr, dass euch Luckys lustige und inspirierende Geschichte gefällt!

Lucky, Vom Niemand zum Helden

Dies ist die Geschichte eines unglücklichen und namenlosen Hundes, der in einem stinkenden und unfreundlichen Tierheim in Irland festsitzt. Gerade dann, wenn man glaubt, dass es überhaupt keine Hoffnung auf eine bessere und bedeutungsvollere Zukunft gibt, überrascht einen das Leben.

Lucky erzählt seine unglaubliche und aufregende Lebensgeschichte und wie er von einem Niemand zum Helden wurde. Die Geschichte von Lucky soll jungen Lesern die Bedeutung von Bildung, Schule und Arbeit vermitteln. Er wurde während des Lockdowns geboren und ist der erste Botschafter von Lily4Refugees Botschafter. Deshalb ist er den Schriftstellern Lily und Sima Amis sehr wichtig und Lily Amis hat die Geschichte selbst erzählt.

Written by / Geschrieben: Lily & Sima Amis
Narrated by / Erzählung: Lily Amis
Duration / Dauer: 20 minutes
Language / Sprache: German / Deutsch
Release / Veröffentlicht: Janaur 2023
Cover by nassima-design

Deutsch: www.books2read.com/LuckyGerman

English: www.books2read.com/LuckyFromZerotoHero


January 27, 2023

Lucky, From Zero to Hero Audiobook!

Exciting news! This week I have forced myself to get out of my comfort zone. I have decided to do my very first audiobook production in English and German.

Our lovely Ambassador LUCKY was born during the lockdown in 2020 and has been our first Lily4Refugees Ambassador. Meanwhile, eight more adorable characters have joined our team. 

But LUCKY is very precious to us, so I had to do the voiceover myself. And I have to admit, doing voice-over is much harder than I thought. Especially when you do everything from recording to editing yourself. And when you have no acting or voice-over experience like my amazing German narrator Dirk Jacobs (Lilys Botschafter), Sharda Laskowski (Lilys Ambassadors), Carl Lindquist (Teddy & Lily), and Beverley Murray (Bon Voyage).

Nevertheless, I’m proud of my first audiobook production and I really hope you enjoy Lucky’s fun and inspiring story!

Lucky, From Zero to Hero

This is the story of an unhappy and nameless dog stuck in a smelly and unfriendly animal shelter in Ireland. Just when you think there is absolutely no hope for a better and more meaningful future, life surprises you. Lucky shares his incredible and exciting life story and how he became a hero from zero.

Lucky’s story will teach young listeners about the importance of education, school, and work. He was born during the lockdown and is the first Lily4Refugees Ambassador. That’s why he is very precious to the writers Lily and Sima Amis and why Lily Amis has narrated the story herself.

Written by: Lily & Sima Amis
Narrated by: Lily Amis
Duration: 17 minutes
Language: English
Release: January 2023

English: www.books2read.com/LuckyFromZerotoHero

German: www.books2read.com/LuckyGerman

January 22, 2023

WTF!!! Stupidity is ruling our world!

What is going on? So much BS is happening right now and I feel like the world is going mad. Or maybe it has always been like this and I recognize it more and more lately. 

This week Ukrainian president Selenski was demanding Europe and USA for military support. He is making battle tanks and gun claims at Davos Forum. I quote “More weapons, but fast.” Seriously? As if more weapons are the solution!

According to the German TV channel RTL News this week, in 2021 Germany had a budget of 51 Billion for the military. France had 52 billion, Russia had 61 Billion and the USA had 740 billion. Do you see the numbers? 

The world could be a peaceful place for everyone if this amount of money would be invested in PEACE instead of sponsoring and creating bloody wars!

I honestly can’t believe that next month it will be one year since we are dealing with another war in the heart of Europe. I released my song4refugees “80 MILLION PEOPLE” only two days before the war started in Ukraine. In the following month, I released my anti-war song “BLOOD IS ALWAYS RED” and honestly I am worried about what will happen in the following weeks. I’m afraid that the situation will escalate because it becomes more and more obvious that it is in nobody’s interest to stop Russia. After all, war is a lucrative business. Rich countries and corrupt governments sell and buy weapons like they are selling and buying goodies and sweets!

And while Selenski is begging for more weapons, I see a sponsored post on Instagram from UNHCR with American actor Ben Stiller who is begging people to donate money for blankets and tents for refugee camps so that the refugees will survive the cold winter!

Seriously? I said it before and I say it again, blankets and tents are not the solutions. Only stopping bloody wars will end the global refugee crisis! Wake up! Stupidity is ruling our world and destroying innocent lives, today as well as tomorrow's generation!!!


January 15, 2023

Lily’s Ambassadors Audio book in American English!

We are happy and excited to start January 2023 with another highlight. Three of our adorable little dogs Lovely, Lucie, and Laila are now recorded as an audiobook in American English!

Lilys Ambassadors” will be available by end of January in all major audiobook shops. Three charming characters share their emotional and unusual life experiences with important messages. Acceptance and tolerance as well as anti-discrimination, anti-racism, anti-bullying, love, and loyalty are the most important topics in this entertaining audiobook for children from eight years and adults.

This inspiring audiobook is dedicated to all the hopeless and helpless refugees worldwide, who dream of a free and independent life in dignity and those who have lost their lives during their escape to freedom.

We are more than happy to do a giveaway to our loyal friends and followers. If you like to win a gift code, please don’t hesitate to send me a DM on Instagram @lily4refugees or @lily.amis or on Twitter @nassimadesign and answer the following question.

“Why should you win a gift code?”

Good luck everyone.  All winners will be contacted by end of January with a personalized code for Spotify! 

Lovely is a little spoiled Chihuahua living in the heart of Paris. The little dog’s life is perfect until her owner Josephine decides to move permanently to London. Lovely is heartbroken and desperately unhappy about the upcoming changes. What happened? Where is Josephine? Will the two ever be reunited?

Lucie shares her life story while she is stuck in a rescue boat crossing the ocean from the Middle East to Europe after she has lost everything back home because war has destroyed her life overnight. Fleeing from a war zone, there is only one thing that keeps the little dog looking forward: hope and a strong belief in a better and safer future!

Laila is a young orphan dalmatian living in a refugee camp in Greece. She often feels like an outsider and isolates herself from everyone because of the colour of her white fur, marked with black and brown-colored spots. But everything changes when a foreign lady opens an art workshop for refugee children. That’s the beginning of a joyful life for little Laila and all the refugees. All of a sudden, their gray and hopeless lives find some colour of happiness, and life-changing events are around the corner…

Written by: Lily & Sima Amis
Narrated by: Sharda Laskowski
Duration: 1:10 minutes
Language: American English
Release: January 2023
Cover by nassima-design

January 13, 2023

Global Media, seriously?

For weeks young Iranian are being executed for nothing but their desperate desire for freedom! But liberty is a human right, regardless of age, nationality, skin colour, gender, level of education, work position, income, lifestyle, IQ, and RELIGION! And every person who says otherwise is a fool, crazy, brainwashed, or simply criminal!

For weeks the media has only one single topic! PRINCE HARRY and his memoir SPARE. As much as I have understanding for this mentally and emotionally damaged young man, there are millions of innocent young Iranian right now, who are facing execution, and the ones who will survive the prison time are surely damaged mentally as well as physically for life!

As we all know now Prince Harry is not the privileged young prince that we thought he is. He suffered a lot of heartbreak and pain in his early life BUT now he has everything he wanted. He is married to the woman that he loves. They have two adorable children and he has all the freedom to live a happy, independent, and fulfilled life in freedom and wealth with limitless opportunities and possibilities. He is free to decide whatever he wants to do or to be in the future.

But what about those young Iranian who have absolutely nothing? No freedom. No hope. No future. No rights. No dreams. No goals. No opportunities. No possibilities. They have absolutely NOTHING! Who is talking about them? Who is helping them?

Honestly, I'm sick and tired of the corrupt global media coverage. Focusing on only one person’s misery and ignoring everyone else is brutal, heartless, and a CRIME!

Global Media, global world leaders, and politicians, the global human right organization, Embassies, where are you? WAKE UP! It is time to wake up and act. It is time to stand up and fight for EVERYONE's HUMAN rights! 

It is time to put an end to this unbelievable and unnecessary bloody crime! It is time to take your job as a journalist and reporter seriously. For the love of God, leave Harry live his life in peace and be the voice for the innocent and voiceless Iranians who are being KILLED for absolutely nothing but Freedom!!!!!

Remember and say their names: Mohsen Shekari, Majid Reza Rahnavard, Mohammad Hosseini, Mohammad Mehdi Karami - RIP !

Every single person in power who is witnessing this crime and is doing nothing (because of their benefits, contracts, and deals with this regime), remember KARMA is around the corner! 

January 12, 2023

Tune in Blackpool and Happy New Year!


2023 is here and I'm excited that my Christmassy song THE THREE OF US landed on 26 Playlists on Spotify and was also aired in Blackpool in the United Kingdom at Toby Gribben's show at Shout radio stationToby's program airs every Thursday and Friday from 3 pm.

You can still catch up and listen to his entertaining shows from 22/23. December 2022 as well as 5/6. January 2023 where Toby also played my anti-discrimination song BLOOD IS ALWAYS RED! 

We are currently working on new projects and I will keep you posted about everything. Meanwhile, we wish you and your loved ones a joyful and successful 2023!