February 06, 2023

YoYo & Chess – Our story!

“YoYo & Chess” is a song for everyone. Inspired by my experiences with evil people I wrote the lyrics back in the summer of 2022. The older I get the more I realize how many awful and coldhearted people have made our life difficult and miserable, too often unbearable.

I had a wonderful childhood, even though my father left us when I was five years old. I got so much love and attention from my sweet mum and my lovely grandparents (my mother's parents) that I never felt a father's absence. 

But when war broke out in my country everything changed overnight. The fear of dying and losing loved ones is still in every single bone of mine. You can never forget the sound of the nightly bomb attacks and war sirens. To this date, I hate the sound of fireworks. So my first experience with being nothing but a chess figure was experiencing war. Mighty hungry rulers toyed with people's lives, destinies, and futures and this stupid but moneymaking game continues to this date for centuries. 

And when we left our birth country and ended up in Switzerland as war refugees, it was the beginning of an emotionally exhausting and challenging nightmare/chess game with US as the main chess figures.

An awful refugee law, a corrupt social worker, a racist teacher, an insane stepfather, and a charlatan doctor made our life miserable. In my teenage years, the chess game continued and we were no longer only chess figures. We also became a YoYo for the corrupt authorities. 

After finishing school I wasn’t allowed to do anything. No further education, no internship, no employment. Nothing! Why? Because of my refugee status and paper. A piece of paper given by corrupt rule makers was not only destroying our life and future, but also killing my ambitions, wishes, dreams, and desires.

The awful and ridiculous chess game continued for decades and we played along. We had no other choice. They toyed with us and we let them do it while trying desperately to survive unbearable hurdles systematically designed and created by corrupt authorities and laws that force refugees to leave their refugee country.

Despite the unbelievable challenges and obstacles, I managed with my mum's incredibly strong character and support to get a proper education. I was extremely motivated, optimistic, and positive that I would finally be able to work and be financially independent. 

Unfortunately, the chess game was not over yet. I had to deal with more black-hearted people in my personal and professional life. People who intentionally hold me back from improving. Corrupt companies, immoral Human Resources Managers, narcissistic bosses, morbidly jealous and malicious working colleagues, and last but not least shady unemployment office workers ruled the chess game for decades.

This awful and suffocating chess game went on for more years and we played along until 2014. That was the turning point of the game. I was no longer willing to be a chess figure or a YoYo. I was finally able to say NO. No to nonsense. No to injustice and No to nasty, ignorant, godless people, and today I’m finally able to breathe freely.

The only solution to escape from the wobbly state in life is the motion of the YoYo spinning at the end. We must move away from the sleeping mode, cut the string, free ourselves and get away! This is my personal story - based on my experiences - behind the song “YoYo & Chess”. 

However, while I was writing the lyrics, I also thought about the people who are stuck in horrible and loveless relationships or marriages. Miserable people who are forced to work with or for corrupt people and companies. People who live in corrupt countries and are fighting daily against inhumanity and injustice. 

My message is clear: Free yourself from whatever impossible situation you are in right now. It may take some time and you won't, be able to free yourself today, but never give up. Free yourself from madness. Free yourself from nonsense. Free yourself from unhappy relationships and useless jobs. You and only you can free yourself. Remember Freedom is the only universal key to happiness and success! 


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