February 15, 2023

YoYo & Chess - The Dance Video!

I’m happy to present you my Dance Video for “YoYo & Chess”. This is my fourth collaboration with dancer Lily. 

Like the song cover, the background images and videos have a meaning. Also, if you think it is a coincidence that Lily is wearing red, well it's not. Her red top and shoes represent the flag of the country that toyed with us like YoYo & Chess for decades.

It is also no coincidence that you see five dancers. Two episodes in our life were overshadowed and dominated by Swiss bureaucracy. Both episodes lasted five years. The first one was between 1998 and 2002. And the second episode was between 2017 and 2022! To this date, I don't know how we survived these awful times. And if I could turn back the time and calm my young self down, I honestly wouldn't know what to tell her. 

I'm proud of doing the video design and editing all by myself and I really hope you enjoy it. Here are the images that designed and used for Lily's background and a few of my social media posts for YoYo & Chess. 

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