July 26, 2022

The Stolen Years - The Song Message!

My online petition #HumanityB4Nationality has opened a completely new door and way of communication for me that I dreamed of for over a decade. Writing song lyrics for many years and being able to finally hear them as a professionally produced song with an incredible voice is a huge milestone for me as a writer, and lyricist but most importantly as a victim of the refugee law and Voice4refugees today.

My third song project THE STOLEN YEARS with my featured artist, the amazingly talented British singer and producer Thir13een, is very personal. While I was talking about the plight of refugees worldwide in “80 Million People!” and asking for acceptance and tolerance in my anti-war and anti-discrimination song “Blood is always red!”, The Stolen Years is inspired by my memoir THE STOLEN YEARS IN ZURICH. It is the story of my life, and yet I'm pretty sure that many people will relate to the lyrics.

The older we get the more we appreciate the value of time. When we are young, we want to grow up fast and experience life to the fullest. Once we are older we realize how naïve we were regarding our dreams and desires, clueless about the obstacles that life and evil and corrupt people throw at us.

If you are as ambitious and multitalented as I am, and if you have to overcome unexpected and impossible challenges like we have, you get frustrated and sooner or later lose your sense of time. You are blind sided by life difficulties, a corrupt system and evil people who make your life a living hell. All you think of is how can I survive the next day. It is an awful feeling that causes nightmares and slowly but surely poisons your heart, mind, and soul from the inside and destroys all your dreams and desires. Living in constant fear of existence and worrying about life choices and decisions that are out of your hand, are time-, soul- and dream killers.

And before you realize it, decades pass like a blink of an eye and you feel cheated by destiny. Because you were trying everything in your power to survive and overcome impossible obstacles created by godless creatures in your life. 

Today’s refugees will be experiencing the same punishment and inhumane treatment as my mum and I did for decades in Switzerland. The refugee law makes it impossible to live a normal and independent life in dignity. These people are treated like trash and recycled like garbage. That’s the harsh reality of refugees’ future when it comes to integration, education, and independence, especially for MUSLIM refugees. 

But THE STOLEN YEARS is also a reminder for everyone else, that life is short and that no matter who we are and where we live, we should be aware of that and don’t allow anyone or any law to STOP us from growing and becoming the best version of ourselves. And this is only possible if we are allowed to make our own choices and life decisions. Free will is the most precious gift in life.

When I see the younger generation not appreciating the value of time and realizing all the opportunities, possibilities, and privileges they have in life, it makes me upset and sad. There are no excuses! All you need is discipline and a goal in life. And whatever it is never give up on your dreams and desires. Take a break but never ever STOP to follow your heart. 

My featured artist Thir13een published this video on his YouTube Channel months ago and it is his life story, his book so to say. Watch and you’ll see what I mean. 

Anyone will in one way or the other be able to relate to our new song project THE STOLEN YEARS

The Stolen Years will be released on my birthday, the 4th of August 2022! It will be available on all streaming platforms. Prepare yourself for a little surprise as well. :-)

July 20, 2022

The Stolen Years - The Song Cover!



On my birthday the 4th of August we are releasing our third song. It is a very personal song THE STOLEN YEARS, Lily Amis featuring Thir13een is inspired by my memoir THE STOLEN YEARS IN ZURICH and this is the song cover. The pop song will be available on all streaming platforms. 

This lovely picture of my beautiful mum Sima and I was taken back in May 2014 in the most beautiful place in Germany the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen, in the southwest of Bavaria.

This bench is right in the middle of a path between Hohenschwangau Castle and the little village below with its world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle overlooking the Alpsee.

This small village is truly a magical place like a little hidden treasure box in a fairytale. It is a peaceful location where you can forget your worries and troubles at least for a while and just enjoy the beauty of nature, history, and architecture.

You probably wonder why the SWISS CLOCK on the cover has no clock hands. It’s ironic, right? Swiss clocks are famous for their high quality because of the standard of their mechanism. They are made by hand, and you can usually wear them for an entire lifetime. When you wear a Swiss watch, you carry hundreds of years of fine watchmaking tradition on your wrist. Also, Swiss clocks represent punctuality because as Swiss people like to say, Time is money.

And yet because of all the obstacles that my mum and I have experienced in Switzerland, we have lost many years. This is the reason for the missing clock hands! It's as if our life, time, and years were worth nothing, and they toyed with our destiny and stole away way too many precious years.

There are fourteen little alarm clocks on the top of the cover! And the big one with our picture on it is the 15th on a pocket clock, and it stands for the fifteen years that we survived as rejected refugees with limited opportunities and countless obstacles in the heart of Europe. For us, time stood still for way too long, and we were help- and powerless and suffered and struggled and survived way too many seasons.

Around us are plenty of alarm clocks in deformed forms which remind us of Salvador Dalí’s masters’ works, my favourite artist of all time. The deformed shapes stand for the damaged, dysfunctional, troubling, hopeless, and fearful times in fifteen years of loneliness and social isolation. If you look carefully, you might discover images of my happy and carefree childhood, clueless about life challenges and cruel people! 



July 17, 2022

The Stolen Years in Zurich - The Memoir!

THE STOLEN YEARS IN ZURICH is the library version of my memoir DESTINATION FREEDOM. I have published it in the summer of 2019. A copy of it is available in selected libraries in GERMANY, AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND, AND THE UNITED KINGDOM. 

But you can also order a copy exclusively on AMAZON. The ebook is available in several download stores in ENGLISHGERMAN and SPANISH.

ENGLISH Book Blurb: We lost everything we had and knew: our home, our existence, our family, mentality, identity, culture, and language. We came to a different country and faced an uncertain future. We believed and hoped to find a new home including freedom, justice, acceptance, tolerance, security, independence, happiness, and a bright future. But did we really get a fair chance to become part of our new country? Did we really get a chance to live a proper life and experience a hopeful future? Society expects a whole lot of refugees. They expect them to become perfectly integrated. But integration always involves: give and take. It is a two-way street. I ask myself: Who is going to take responsibility for my stolen childhood?

Fifteen years of psychic execution.
Fifteen years of mental torture.
Fifteen years of harassment by bureaucracy.
Fifteen years of loneliness.
Fifteen years of social isolation.
Fifteen years of helplessness.
Fifteen years of powerlessness.
Fifteen years of existential fear.
Fifteen years.
Fifteen chapters.
The Stolen Years In Zurich!

BUCHBESCHREIBUNG DEUTSCH: Wir haben alles verloren, was uns vertraut war: unser Zuhause, unsere Existenz, unsere Familie, Mentalität, Identität, Kultur und Sprache. Wir kamen in ein fremdes Land mit einer ungewissen Zukunft. Wir glaubten und hofften eine neue Heimat und alles, was damit zusammenhängt, zu finden: Freiheit, Gerechtigkeit, Akzeptanz, Toleranz, Sicherheit, Unabhängigkeit, Zugehörigkeit, Selbstwertgefühl und eine sorgenfreie Zukunft. Aber haben wir auch wirklich eine faire Chance bekommen? Haben wir eine Chance bekommen, um ein anständiges Leben zu führen? Von den Flüchtlingen wird viel erwartet. Es wird eine hundertprozentige Integration gewünscht. Aber wenn man von Integration spricht, dann darf man dabei einen wesentlichen Punkt nicht vergessen, dazu gehören immer zwei. Es ist ein Geben und ein Nehmen, keine Einbahnstraße. Nun frage ich mich: Wer wird die Verantwortung für meine gestohlene Kindheit übernehmen?

Fünfzehn Jahre Psychische Hinrichtung. 

Fünfzehn Jahre Seelische Folter.

Fünfzehn Jahre Schikanen der Bürokratie.

Fünfzehn Jahre Einsamkeit.

Fünfzehn Jahre Soziale Isolation. 

Fünfzehn Jahre Hilflosigkeit.

Fünfzehn Jahre Machtlosigkeit.

Fünfzehn Jahre Existenzangst.

Fünfzehn Jahre.

Fünfzehn Kapitel. 

Die Gestohlenen Jahre in Zürich!


Perdimos todo lo que teníamos y todo lo que conocíamos: nuestro hogar, nuestra existencia, nuestra familia, nuestra mentalidad, nuestra identidad, nuestra cultura y nuestro idioma. Vinimos a un país distinto y nos enfrentamos a un futuro incierto. Creíamos y esperábamos encontrar un nuevo hogar en libertad que comprendiera justicia, aceptación, tolerancia, seguridad, independencia, felicidad y un brillante porvenir. Pero ¿se nos dio verdaderamente una oportunidad justa para convertirnos en miembros de nuestro nuevo país? ¿Se nos dio en realidad la oportunidad de vivir una vida digna y de tener esperanzas de futuro?

La sociedad espera mucho de los refugiados. Espera que se integren a la perfección. Pero integrarse implica siempre dar y recibir. Es recíproco. Yo me pregunto: ¿Quién se va a responsabilizar de mi infancia robada?

July 16, 2022

HumanityB4Nationality Petition response from Brussels!

Click here or on the letter below!
Letter page 1, Letter page 2, Letter page 3

Dear #HumanityB4Nationality Supporter

I have received an answer from Brussels!!!! You can read the letter here on my blog LilyAmis.Blogspot.com:

As expected it is a standard letter where they practically repeat and list all the problems and issues that I have already mentioned in my online petition.

The focus in this letter is mainly on the Ukraine war, while I have started this petition a year ago, months before this new refugee crisis in Europe.

Now I understand why people were negative about signing this petition. I guess I was naïve and hopeful for NOTHING! These refugee crises will continue whether we like it or not! Why? Because the people in power are making MONEY with war and destroying countries. They toy with innocent people’s lives and futures and benefit from their misery by gaining low-paid workers for their established and rich countries!

Nevertheless, I’m very grateful that I used my voice on this platform. It opened unexpected doors for me which allows me to continue my mission and be the Voice4Refugees.

Thanks to this petition I have released two songs. “80 Million People!” and “Blood is always red!”. Both songs are available on all streaming platforms.

Thanks to the miracle of music, I have been able to reach more people worldwide with my song lyrics and this is just the beginning. My third song THE STOLEN YEARS, will be released on August 4th! It is inspired by my memoir THE STOLEN YEARS IN ZURICH and a very personal song.

The #HumanityB4Nationality petition may END on www.openpetition.eu with a meaningless response with only copy/pasted empty words, BUT I have also posted this (in German) on the Swiss petition platform “Act Campax, Make Changehappen”. This platform has no expiry date! This means if you want, you can sign the petition there as well and inform your family and friends who care about the plight of refugees and continue to be the voice for the voiceless.

July 12, 2022

Tune in Norway & Scandinavian countries!

Super excited to inform you that my song 80 Million People! will be airing from July 13 until July 19 at Gylne Hits Radio station.

Gylne Hits Radio (Golden Hits Radio) is an internet radio station, plays the greatest and most popular songs of all time, both English and Scandinavian hits. The station has around 18 000 listeners from Norway in a week and hundreds of listeners from other Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, as well as the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland) and Europe.

This is a great chance for my song to be discovered and heard in several European and Scandinavian countries that I have never been to yet!  It is an honor to be played next to international superstars and hits from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins, Roxette, The Pet Shop Boys, and more great songs from my favorite music decade, the 80es!

Hope you enjoy listening to 80 Million People! Lily Amis featuring Thir13een

Airplay Central European Time: 01:33, 03:33, 05:33, 07:33, 09:33, 11:33, 13:33, 15:33, 17:33, 19:33, 21:33, 23:33  (plus/minus a few minutes)

About Gylne Hits Radio (80sClassic HitsOldies)

Gylne Hits Radio spiller de største og mest populære sangene gjennom tidene, helt tilbake fra 50-tallet og frem til i dag. Sanger mange husker, og gjerne vil høre igjen. Det vil også dukke opp noen overraskelser underveis, for å gi deg enda mer variasjon. Vi har også større utvalg av sanger enn de fleste andre kanaler i Norge, for å unngå at du hører samme sang for ofte.