April 26, 2020

The Carousel, Trappend In A Circle! is out now!

My illustrated print book, "The Carousel, Trapped in a circle", is out now and available on Amazon! The ebook is coming on May 5th 2020 to major retailers and is available for pre-sale at Smashwords. 

Book Description: 
The beautiful and antique city carousel in the heart of Florence in Italy is under a magical spell. Miles away in Barcelona, Spain, a little girl named Shirzad receives a little carousel from her grandparents on Christmas Eve 2019. Once she starts to play the music, she is thrown into an unknown world with her new friend, the white horse, Esperanza, and a Tuscan girl named Mitra. The future of an entire generation lies in the hands of two young girls and a horse. Will the three be able to break the spell?

This story shows us that it is okay to be different. We shouldn’t be afraid of leaving the circle of our daily lives and having new experiences. But we should always be aware that our actions have consequences. Selfish decisions affect others around us. So whatever wishes, goals and dreams we have, we should be prepared and ready to deal with the unforeseeable outcomes!


April 24, 2020

5 stars by Readers Favorite!

Very happy to get a 5 star review from Readers Favorite for my lovely book Bunny & Turtle!

Bunny and Turtle by Lily Amis and Sima Amis demonstrates the concept of the timeless story of the Rabbit and the Tortoise through the story of Francesco and Felicita. It is a story about bullying, honesty, self-acceptance, honesty, integrity, self-doubt, kindness, and self-respect and these messages will encourage young readers to lead their lives in a positive way with good values and ethics. The book is educational and both Felicita and Francesco have been portrayed well by the author. The story will make readers look at themselves and see where changes need to be made so that they can create something unique instead of being a fake. So do you want to become a fake, lazy bunny or a hardworking, original turtle? The choice is yours to make... 


April 15, 2020

LOVE & LOYALTY is out now!


My new book, "Love & Loyalty, The Lonely Ducky", is coming April 24 to major retailers, but the ebook is available NOW at #Smashwords for immediate purchase and reading! #presale

Book description of “LOVE & LOYALTY - The Lonely Ducky”:  
There is a saying ‘Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family’. And yet self-love and loyalty is even more important, because it helps you to survive all kinds of challenges and difficulties in life. 

Charlie is a little lonely duck suffering from memory loss. He ends up in the city park of Vienna in Austria and is desperately looking for love and loyalty. He tries to fit in, in different bird communities, but wherever he goes, he feels displaced. Inclusion and acceptance become a huge challenge for his little heart and soul. But miracles do happen, when you least expect it!  “Love & Loyalty” is an educational anti-discrimination and anti-bullying story about acceptance and inclusion for young and young at heart readers.

April 07, 2020

Reset & rethink!

Social Isolation, uncertainty, anxiety and fear! Life in lockdown is what refugees are experiencing for too many years! When a law stops you from living a normal, independent and free life like Corona does these days; you realize how valuable things such as schooling, education, work permission, a regular income, security and most importantly freedom are. 

Life in lockdown caused by the Corona Virus is teaching everyone on the globe what it means when a higher power takes over your life from one day to another and makes you feel completely helpless and weak. You suddenly realize that you shouldn’t take anything and anyone for granted!  Life in lockdown is forcing everyone to reset and take a deeper look on the really important things in life.

Maybe now during and after the Corona Crises people, who are against refugees, will finally understand what they sacrifice for an independent, free and fearless life in safety and dignity. After this horrible and frightening experience that we are all facing these days, no one and I mean absolutely no one should ever blame refugees again! Especially not war refugees, families and their children. 

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