January 22, 2023

WTF!!! Stupidity is ruling our world!

What is going on? So much BS is happening right now and I feel like the world is going mad. Or maybe it has always been like this and I recognize it more and more lately. 

This week Ukrainian president Selenski was demanding Europe and USA for military support. He is making battle tanks and gun claims at Davos Forum. I quote “More weapons, but fast.” Seriously? As if more weapons are the solution!

According to the German TV channel RTL News this week, in 2021 Germany had a budget of 51 Billion for the military. France had 52 billion, Russia had 61 Billion and the USA had 740 billion. Do you see the numbers? 

The world could be a peaceful place for everyone if this amount of money would be invested in PEACE instead of sponsoring and creating bloody wars!

I honestly can’t believe that next month it will be one year since we are dealing with another war in the heart of Europe. I released my song4refugees “80 MILLION PEOPLE” only two days before the war started in Ukraine. In the following month, I released my anti-war song “BLOOD IS ALWAYS RED” and honestly I am worried about what will happen in the following weeks. I’m afraid that the situation will escalate because it becomes more and more obvious that it is in nobody’s interest to stop Russia. After all, war is a lucrative business. Rich countries and corrupt governments sell and buy weapons like they are selling and buying goodies and sweets!

And while Selenski is begging for more weapons, I see a sponsored post on Instagram from UNHCR with American actor Ben Stiller who is begging people to donate money for blankets and tents for refugee camps so that the refugees will survive the cold winter!

Seriously? I said it before and I say it again, blankets and tents are not the solutions. Only stopping bloody wars will end the global refugee crisis! Wake up! Stupidity is ruling our world and destroying innocent lives, today as well as tomorrow's generation!!!


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