January 14, 2022

The UK Songwriting Contest 2021!

As you know by now, I use every possible opportunity to bring awareness about the plight of refugees. Especially now, that a global pandemic is putting everything else such as the refugee crisis in the shadow for over two years.  

In May 2021, I have participated at the “UK Songwriting Contest 2021” in the category Lyrics Only with two song lyrics and according to UKSC no other songwriting event in the world was formed together with such well respected and prestigious organisations. The UKSC judging panels have featured Grammy, Emmy, CMA, and BRIT Award-winning Gold and Platinum Album producers and artists.

In 2021 there were approx 6,500 entries from over 80 countries. Around 20% of entries made it to the Semi-Finals and less than 2% of all entries made the finals.

My two song lyrics “80 million people!” and “My voice for the voiceless” were scored with four stars from five stars by the judges, which means:

Fours Star songs show a very good understanding of songwriting form, composition, and songwriting ability. These songwriters demonstrate a good knowledge of the craft of songwriting. 4 starts is regarded as a very good rating by the judges.

Today, I’m very happy to share my lyrics with you. I hope you like them and if you are a composer, songwriter-producer, or singer and would like to use my lyrics and collaborate, get in touch!

My 2021 Certificates!

 UK Songwriting Contest (Lyrics Only)

International Songwriting Contest (Switzerland)

80 million people! by Lily Amis

Dedicated to 80 million refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants worldwide

Twenty-twenty has been a crazy year for all of us
A pandemic crises has taken a toll on children and adults
Uncertainty was troubling our mind
Fear of the future was causing sleepless nights

What we have been experiencing is nothing new
80 million people forcibly displaced
This is the tragedy of our human race
26 million refugees facing the same fate
Trapped in refugee camps with no sign of hope
No sign of hope

Now you know how it feels like to be powerless
Now you know how it feels like to feel helpless
Now you know…

At least we still have a home
So it’s kind of ridiculous to blame and complain
While refugees are surviving this inhuman game
We still have a roof and a safe place to stay at in lockdown
What about those who are already lower than down?
What about those?

Refugee tents is all they have
no privacy, no safety, no comfort for children and adults
no sleep, no hope, nothing at all
under the most inhuman crises of all time
80 million people are struggling this inhuman crime
80 million people!

Now you know how it feels like to be powerless
Now you know how it feels like to feel helpless
Now you know how they feel

The horrible side effects of this pandemic
is nothing in comparison to surviving in refugee camps
80 million people are struggling to survive, to stay alive
Unhygienic and unsanitary conditions is all they know
while the majority of us is worrying
about toilet papers, disinfection soaps, and co

Children’s education is causing sleepless nights
Our children’s future is darker than bright
while refugee children have absolutely no rights
Neither a home, nor schools
home schooling for them is nothing but a dream
A dream and desire for the fools

80 million people!
Now you know how it feels like to be powerless
Now you know how it feels like to feel helpless
Now you know how they feel

Losing jobs has become normality
Losing loved ones our human tragedy
Losing homes our broken society
Social distancing and wearing face mask is the new reality
We have lost our freedom and sense of togetherness
That’s why we feel so powerless

A global pandemic, borders, lockdowns, travel bans
Forced Quarantine, Covid tests and a vaccine are necessary
to finally understand 80 million peoples misery

Now you know how it feels like to be powerless
Now you know how it feels like to feel helpless
Now you know how it feels like to be one of them
Now you feel it…
Now you live it…


My Voice 4 The Voiceless by Lily Amis
Dedicated to all the refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants worldwide

I look around and all I see is misery
Why is nobody learning from history?
Our lovely world is falling apart
Human crises, displacement crises, refugee crises
Why do we behave so clueless?
Why do we act selfish and thoughtless?

Pandemic crises, climate change crises, economy crises
How many more crises do we need to finally wake up?
This song is my voice 4 the voiceless
For the forgotten refugees worldwide
For the forcibly displaced wide and bride
Their world has fallen apart
They have nothing more to be proud

This is my voice 4 the voiceless
Das ist meine Stimme für die Stimmlosen
This is my voice for the voiceless
Questa è la mia voce per i senza voce

Bloody wars are destroying precious lives
Separating families and innocent child’s
War is poisoning people’s mind, heart, and soul
It’s crushing desires and hopes
What we’re doing to humanity is mindless
Trust me every single life is priceless
It’s time to put an end to this sadness

A little bit of kindness
an act of forgiveness
That’s all we need to stop this global madness
War and violence has never been a solution
Thinks twice anything else is an illusion
Seriously! It’s a delusion, nothing but confusion

This is my voice 4 the voiceless
Esta es mi voz para los que no tienen voz
This is my voice for the voiceless
C’est ma voix pour les sans voix

But hey who am I to put an end to all these crises?
I’m just a former refugee
Trying my best to bring awareness
Remind everyone to stop this global madness
Nationality and race shouldn’t matter anymore

It’s time to put an end to uncertainty
to this never ending social anxiety
Let’s act before it’s too late
Before all the humans lose their faith
Let us change our society and celebrate a glory victory!

This is my voice 4 the voiceless
Das ist meine Stimme für die Stimmlosen
Questa è la mia voce per i senza voce
C’est ma voix pour les sans voix
Esta es mi voz para los que no tienen voz
In sedaye man baraye bi sedahast
In nedaye man baraye bi nedahast

This is my voice 4 the voiceless
Das ist meine Stimme für die Stimmlosen (in German)
Questa è la mia voce per i senza voce (in Italian)
C’est ma voix pour les sans voix (in French)
Esta es mi voz para los que no tienen voz (in Spanish)
In sedaye man baraye bi sedahast (in Persian/Farsi)
In nedaye man baraye bi nedahast (in Persian/Farsi)

January 10, 2022

Q & A with Persian popsinger Pooriya Pirsabzi

My second guest in 2022 for my blog series THE MIRACLE OF MUSIC is a Persian Pop Singer. Pooriya Pirsabzi is thirty-two and from Gachsaran city in Iran.

The journey of life is all about discovering and developing yourself. Find out who you are, what you are good at, what you enjoy doing the most, and what you like to achieve in life and leave behind as your legacy. With the miracle of writing and music, we can inspire people from today and tomorrow! 

Dear Pooriya, welcome to my blog. Tell me at what age did you discover your love and passion for music?

Thank you for having me. At the age of 4, I realized that I loved music. Because I had a plastic electric guitar that I tied around my shoulder and stood in front of the mirror and sang Shahram Shabpareh.

Awww, how lovely! My mum and I are big fans of the Iranian singer and songwriter Shahram Shabpareh as well. Who isn’t? His music is so positive and joyful. Actually, my mum was in the same music school and in choir with Shahram and has fun memories of him. For my international blog visitors: Shahram Shabpareh is a popular artist in Iranian society with a career spanning 50 years. His concerts are well-received by Iranians all over the world and he is also a judge on Persian Talent Show.

So now back to you, Pooriya when did you start to sing and play an instrument?

As a teenager, I was very interested in playing the guitar, but due to my family's poor financial situation, I could not get a guitar until I was 19, when I was able to get a guitar with a working income.

Oh no! It breaks my heart when young people cant follow their passion because of financial problems. But hey look where you are now. So well done to you. Can you describe the day and the feeling of excitement when you went to the music store to finally buy a real guitar?

This feeling is indescribable. But now I have been aiming to buy a Godin brand guitar for almost three years, but due to financial circumstances, I cannot afford this great instrument yet! This expectation is very painful.

Awww, if there is a will, there is a way. I'm sure you will have your dream guitar sooner than you believe. Do you think you have your love for music in your DNA? Are your parents or siblings into music as well?

I was born into a very artistic-sports family. My father was a very good football player, theater actor, and singer, and I fell in love with music following him. My uncle was an actor and director of cinema and theater and a graduate of film directing. Yes, art, music, and sports were in my blood.

Fascinating. Do you believe that music has the power to heal?  

I have loved music and yes, I believe so. If one day I am told that you should not play music anymore, that day is the day of my death!

I hear you. Music brings people from all generations, countries, cultures, and religions together. Do you have an explanation why?

Music can bring people from all over the world together with any language, dialect, and religion, which I think is because music is the language of expressing emotions in the form of notes, and people easily absorb each other's emotions and energy, and they understand.

How come that you sing melancholic and heartbreaking ballades while  Shahram, was the one who inspired you? As far as I remember he mainly sings cheesy happy pops songs. Or as we say in Farsi RUHOZI songs. :-)

I only imitated Shahram Shabpareh's chants as a child, but now I really enjoy his sad songs. And now the magnificent works of Iranian and world music, the songs of Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli and the non-verbal works of Yanni and the works of Mr. Abi, Ms. Googoosh, Mr. Hamid Hami, Mr. Faramarz Asli, and Mr. Ghomayshi are very inspiring to me.

Excellent, what do you like to achieve with your music? What is your goal?

I would like to spread love and affection to the whole world through my own music and make more nations friendly.

If you write your own song lyrics, what’s your main message to the world?

When I write a song; my message to the whole world is to love and respect each other as much as you can. If you had a bad day yesterday, laugh that you are with me tomorrow.

I agree the world needs more love and respect. Finally, why should people buy and listen to your music?

Because I express feelings and emotions to the world with my own unique tone, accent, and language, and I was only born once. :-)

Well, I think you are talented and I'm happy to share your music with my international blog visitors here. 

Dear Pooryia, I wish you lots of success and hopefully, soon we will be able to hear English lyrics with your emotional and touching voice as well. I hope you can sell your music globally and get your dream guitar this year. Keep up the great work and best of luck with all your goals, dreams, and desires.

If you like to connect and listen to Pooryias music, follow him on Instagram

LISTEN TO THE SONG “chejuri zendegi konam?” / "HOW SHOULD I LIVE?"




January 03, 2022

Q & A with musician, singer, and guitar teacher Peyman Yousefi!

My first guest in 2022 for my blog series THE MIRACLE OF MUSIC is a young musician, singer, and guitar teacher. Peyman Yousefi is twenty-two and the head of Sol la music group. 

One of the reasons why I named my blog series THE MIRACLE OF MUSIC is the fact that thanks to the internet and social media we are able to discover talents from around the globe. And that’s how I got to know Peyman and his passionate music students from Khuzestan province in Iran.

I’m very glad that this young and gifted musician made the time for a video call. We had the chance to talk about his love for music, how it all started and what he likes to achieve with his passion. 

Even if you don't understand the lyrics that Peyman and his students are singing in Farsi, the videos that I share here will inspire you. Why? Because they represent the Persian mentality and culture, that we miss so much in Europe. With the beautiful melody of the guitar, humans are gathering and showing us love, solidarity, togetherness, peace, and harmony. For us what matters the most in life is family and friends and these beautiful videos remind us about the miracle and power of music. 

So Peyman, first of all, thank you so much for being my first blog guest in 2022. Tell me at what age did you discover your love for music and when did you start playing an instrument?

Thank you for having me. I realized my interest in music in my early teens and I’ve started learning music with a guitar.

What other instruments do you play besides the guitar?

I also play the keyboard and violin. 

How many students do you teach and how old are they?

I have about sixty students starting from age eight to late thirties.

Do you teach more girls or boys?

I would say it is about fifty-fifty.

Music has the power to heal. Also, Music brings people from all generations, countries, cultures, and religions together. Do you have an explanation why?

Music can be very effective and thought-provoking in uniting nations and countries if we pay little attention to it.

The Healing Effect of Listening to Music is as we all know that music affects our mental state and mood. Some music is fleeting and if we listen to it and do not like it, we may get annoyed. On the other hand, music that we like and feel relaxed and energized by listening to it makes us feel good. Of course, everything depends on the beat of the music.

Researchers have used this material in their research and concluded that listening to good music improves people's health. Music stimulates brain waves. Beating fast creates awareness and alertness of the mind. Calm music calms the mind and relaxes it. It also affects the automatic functioning of the nervous system, calms breathing, and lowers the heart rate. 

Who is your musical idol and what kind of music do you listen to?

I believe that human beings should strive to be the best. And this happens if the pattern he has set for himself is temporary.

However, I have been following the example of Mr. Ardeshir Farah, one of the greatest of pop music in the field of the guitar. I listen to classical pop music a lot.

What do you like to achieve with your music? What is your goal?

In our country, music is not given much importance, and I work with all my daily efforts despite my financial problems because I also provide for my mother and my younger sister. We have lost my father a few years ago. So as you can imagine balancing between life responsibilities and obligations and my passion is tough.

Very sorry to hear this. I hope we can find a way to support you on your journey. You told me that you have many plans for this year. Tell me, do you write your own song lyrics?

Yes, I’m starting to write my own lyrics and produce my own songs. I will publish my work in the upcoming months on YouTube, Instagram, and my Telegram channel and I’m happy to welcome and meet new followers from around the world.

I’m very excited to hear your original songs and will definitely share them here on my blog. We are living in a difficult time and the world needs more inspiring and empowering artists like you, who continue their artistic journey despite challenges and obstacles. 

Please keep up the great work and best of luck with all your goals, dreams, and desires, and thank you for being an inspiration. 

If you like Peymans music, subscribe to his YouTube Chanel and follow him on his social media pages. And stay tuned for more inspiring song and video releases!


January 02, 2022

Be my guest in my new blog series!

When you live in such a difficult, challenging, and corrupt time full of Pinocchios around you, next to you, beside you and especially above you, who dictate and manipulate the globe, you have to find a way to escape from reality and find your peace of mind, heart, and soul. 

One of the best ways to do that besides reading books is listening to music because music is healing. 

Inspired by my latest story, "Lennon, The Miracle of Music", I'm starting a brand new blog series for 2022 with the title THE MIRACLE OF MUSIC. I love to promote talented artists. 

If you are a songwriter, musician, composer, or singer and open for a Q&A, please contact me through Instagram @Lily.Amis or Twitter @nassimadesign  and let us promote your latest inspiring and empowering work and bring some joy and happiness to you and into peoples life.

Let us spread some positive and hopeful energy and make 2022 an unforgettable year filled with lots of love, dream, desire, and new goals for the young and young at heart from all over the world! 

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