June 13, 2024

Secret Angels Song Lyrics & Video!


Secret Angels everywhere

Shining pearls from far away


Whenever I feel lonely and lost

Forgotten before I’m even gone

I think about the precious pearl necklace of secret angels

Secret Angels

Helping hands near and far brighten up my day

Like a shining pearl inside a shell from far away


Today is a good day, its my weekly shopping day

I visit the little shop around the corner

Secret angels welcome me with a friendly smile


You never know, never know who you’re dealing with

Anyone might be an angel with hidden wings

You never know, never know who you’re dealing with

Anyone might be an angel with hidden wings


Anyone, anyone, anyone could be an angel, Angel

Anyone, anyone, anyone could be an angel

Anyone could be an angel

Anyone, anyone, anyone could be an angel, hey

Anyone, anyone, anyone could be an angel             


Secret angels brighten up my day

From call center agent to the dustman

Bus and cab driver to the mailman

Sales assistants to cashiers


Surviving paycheck to paycheck every year

Shift workers restock our shelves

Not only from nine to five

But at impossible times and exhausting hours


You never know, never know who you’re dealing with

Anyone might be an angel with hidden wings


You never know, never know who you’re dealing with

Anyone might be an angel with hidden wings


Anyone, anyone, anyone could be an angel, Angel

Anyone, anyone, anyone could be an angel

Anyone could be an angel

Anyone, anyone, anyone could be an angel, hey

Anyone, anyone, anyone could be an angel


Secret Angels everywhere

Shining pearls from far away

I see you, I feel you

Hope everyone else appreciates your service too


Make a positive impression whenever, wherever

RESPECT everyone you meet and greet

Remember, you never know who you’re dealing with


You never know, you never know

Anyone might be an angel!


June 12, 2024

Secret Angels German Lyrics!

Geheime Engel

Geheime Engel überall

Leuchtende Perlen aus der Ferne

Immer wenn ich mich einsam und verloren fühle

Vergessen, bevor ich überhaupt weg bin

Denke ich an die kostbare Perlenkette der geheimen Engel, geheimen Engel

Helfende Hände nah und fern verschönern meinen Tag

Wie eine leuchtende Perle in einer Muschel aus der Ferne

Heute ist ein guter Tag, es ist mein wöchentlicher Einkaufstag

Ich besuche den kleinen Laden um die Ecke

Geheime Engel begrüßen mich mit einem freundlichen Lächeln


Man weiß nie, man weiß nie, mit wem man es zu tun hat

Jeder könnte ein Engel mit versteckten Flügeln sein (2x)

Jeder, jeder, jeder könnte ein Engel sein, Engel

Jeder, jeder, jeder könnte ein Engel sein (2x)


Geheime Engel erhellen meinen Tag

Vom Callcenter-Agenten zum Müllmann

Bus- und Taxifahrer zum Postboten

Verkaufsassistenten zu Kassierer


Überleben jedes Jahr von Gehaltsscheck zu Gehaltsscheck

Schichtarbeiter füllen unsere Regale auf

Nicht nur von neun bis fünf

Aber zu unmöglichen Zeiten und anstrengenden Stunden


Man weiß nie, man weiß nie, mit wem man es zu tun hat

Jeder könnte ein Engel mit versteckten Flügeln sein (2x)

Jeder, jeder, jeder könnte ein Engel sein, Engel

Jeder, jeder, jeder könnte ein Engel sein (2x)


Geheime Engel überall

Leuchtende Perlen aus der Ferne

Ich sehe euch, ich fühle euch

Ich hoffe, dass auch alle anderen euren Service zu schätzen wissen


Mach immer und überall einen positiven Eindruck

RESPEKTIERE alle, die du begegnest und begrüsst

Denke daran: Man weiß nie, mit wem man es zu tun hat

Man weiß es nie, man weiß es nie

Jeder könnte ein Engel sein!

June 08, 2024

Secret Angels - You never know!

Do you believe in Angels?
Have you ever met an Angel?

While many people will answer my first question with a YES, many of you will probably answer the second question with a NO! 

When we talk about angels, people always assume angels with wings like the ones from fairytales and movies. BUT angels are everywhere around us. Yes, they are. Daily! We just have to recognize them and don't take anyone's kindness, help and support for granted!

Inspired by the kindness of nine secret angels in our little grocery shop around the corner, that we visit for 20 years, I have written the lyrics to remind everyone that we all have secret angels around us. 

The next time when you visit your grocery shop in your neighbourhood, be aware that every product that you see has ended up in your store after a loooong journey. 

We buy all kinds of products weekly for our needs, starting from bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, milk products, honey, chocolate, jam, coffee, Olive oil, flower and all kinds of beverage like orange juice and beauty products not realizing how many people (secret angels) make it possible for us to enjoy our favourite products daily. If it wasn't for the farmworkers far away, the hard-working and low paid factory workers in foreign countries, the truck drivers and finally our market staff stocking our shelves daily at least three times a day, we wouldn't be as happy and satisfied as we are. 

So we don't need to see angels with wings, because we are surrounded by secret angels with hidden wings. The mail man, the milk man, the bus drivers, the taxi driver and so on. All kinds of people working in public sectors near and far in different fields that we might never meet in person could be an angel. 

We saw how desperately we need these people during the pandemic, but sadly humans tend to forget and nag instead of being grateful for all the blessing we have in life. 

This song is a reminder to appreciate every single person who makes your life a little bit easier. Don't take anyone's service for granted because anyone might be a secret angel. 

Secret Angels is the bonus track on the album Legacy4Humanity, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een available at Bandcamp.com. The track will be released as a single only on LilyAmis.Bandcamp.com on the 13th of June 2024! 

Stay tuned...

June 07, 2024

Music streaming is a super-easy-fast-self-runner slavery concept!

The other day I was wondering how many music lovers pay how much for monthly subscriptions to music stores such as Apple, Amazon and Spotify. According to my research, I have found the following information:

Apples individual plan starts from 19.95 Dollar up to the Premier plan which costs 37.95 dollars!

Amazon Music unlimited costs 9.99 Dollars monthly

Spotifys plan starts from 5.99 for students up to 16.99 per for families monthly

So no wonder, that Spotify remains the leader of all digital music platforms! 

While Amazon Music has over 82.2 million users worldwide and Apple Music has 93 million subscribers, Spotify has 602 million monthly active users including 236 million paying subscribers.

Now make the calculation! See what I mean? 

So I was asking myself, what’s the point of me promoting my music listed on these billion dollar platforms, now knowing that they show zero respect for my work and myself as an artist! With every single tweet, post and IG story I bring traffic to these platforms, and what do I get in return?

Awful treatment, zero support and transparency, and let's not even talk about profit. I get NOTHING! Because we all know that only a little percent of signed and indie artists are making a living with streaming’s.

Why else would global names go on tour for months and risk their health, neglect private life, family and friends, if they weren’t doing it for the profit with ticket sales and merchandising?

Why am I sharing my thoughts and these numbers? 

Because to me, making 3 Dollars for 50 hours entertainment is nothing but modern slavery and misusing clueless artists with a corrupt company policy that has become a super-easy-fast-self-runner concept of modern stealing with no legal consequences!

Now, you can play along and make these rich companies richer and allow them to misuse your work and disrespect you  or you quit and find another way of making your music globally available for THOSE who appreciate your work and don’t support this modern slavery and stealing!

If people are willing to make these monthly payments, they should be willing to pay for music like people used to by buying CDs and later downloading tracks. 1 Dollar for one track is really not too much to ask! 

Getting 3 dollars for 1000 streamings is a joke and I really wonder why artists don't fight this corrupt criminal streaming system? You can't hide and avoid the reality forever. Wake up! Face it, fight it! 


June 06, 2024

#RespectIndieArtistsWork - My open letter to Tunecore & Spotify CEOs!

ZURICH, 6.June 2024

Dear TuneCore CEO Andreea Gleeson

Dear Spotify CEO Daniel Ek

I hope my message finds you well. My name is Lily Amis. I’m an indie writer and lyricist from Switzerland and have been writing and releasing songs since the spring of 2022 to raise awareness about important topics close to my heart.

After my recent experience with my previous distributor AMUSE.IO, I’m now running an online petition demanding respect, transparency, support, and protection for ALL indie artists. The main goal from the start was also to warn other indie artists and make sure that they don’t have to make the same horrible experience as I have with my distributor: 


Since March 2024, I haven’t been able to run promotions as I used to, ONLY because I’m AFRAID of landing unknowingly on a BOT Playlist and being treated like a criminal again!

BUT as an indie-artist who invests time, love, passion, and money into music and humanitarian projects, I don’t have to be AFRAID of running campaigns and doing promotions for my music and charity projects. After the awful and unlawful treatment by AMUSE.IO after two years of “partnership” I feel trapped. Why? Because I don’t want to experience anything like this ever again! I don’t want to be insulted and falsely accused ever again.

Music is supposed to be fun. Music is probably if not definitely the only positive thing in our damaged world and corrupt society that still brings some joy, happiness, hope, and light into people’s dark reality and life. But NOT with the disrespectful and unacceptable treatment dominated by questionable company policies! As the music industry is right now, distributors and music stores discriminate indie-artists as they wish with no consequences. Why? Because indie artists have no label, management, or law team to protect their rights!

Also, with the streaming concept as it is right now, indie artists aren’t making any profit at all. Who works for free in our fame and fortune-hunter dominated society? Who works 50 hours for only 3 Dollars? 1000 Spotify Streamings = 3 Dollars, while a standard song duration is 3:00 minutes. This means a 3:00 min song x 1000 Streamings = 3000 Minutes: 60 min (an hour) = 50 Hours of entertainment for 3 Dollars!!! This doesn’t even make sense, and I wonder who came up with this stupid concept?

And yet, indie-artists continue to release songs! WHY? Because our motivation is genuine. Artists put all their time, energy, love, and passion into their work to make a statement and leave a legacy. Because for artists, including myself as a lyricist, music is the only way to express our feelings.

Music is supposed to be healing and not torture. So killing our emotions, passion, dreams, desires, and goals is cruel and morally wrong. Please treat people the way you like to be treated. Please show the same amount of respect that you like to receive.

Releasing and promoting my work shouldn’t suck the energy out of me and waste my time for months with all the consequences that I had to FIX only because of AMUSEs horrible judgment, corrupt company policy, disrespectful and incredibly unkind treatment after two years of “partnership”. And all this BS for the ridiculous amount of 100 Dollars royalty payment in 2 years, minus two annual fees for distribution, it makes a profit of 50 Dollars, minus promotion campaigns = ZERO profit, while companies like yours and global artists are making a fortune!!!!!


The previous three months were exhausting, and I’m sick and tired of feeling paralyzed and afraid! Therefore, I’m sending this email/open letter today addressed to you, TuneCore's Chief Executive Officer Andreea Gleeson, my new distributor since March 2024, and Spotify CEO Daniel Ek to inform you that I will start using promotion platforms like GROOVER again to promote my music. Nothing is going to hold me back from achieving my goals with my song lyrics.

In the recent three months, I had three great song releases that were sadly completely neglected because of my FEAR of disrespectful and rude treatment.

Since I don’t have ANY control over WHO is seeing my promotions and adding my songs to their playlist, I have to have your word/promise, that you won’t “punish” me if I end up on an AI playlist again. Instead of closing my artist account without any warning, denying me access to my copyrighted work, and keeping my tracks and royalties hostage (like AMUSE has for months!!!), your support team will contact me when they discover any unusual and suspicious activity! Open and honest communication is the only key to success for both sides.

You look at me eye to eye and show me the same respect as you show to artists signed by major labels. You don’t look down on me and understand that we have a PARTNERSHIP. Together we are creating something great and we RESPECT each other. There is no need to misuse your “power” to insult me, destroy my goals, and hold me back from my mission. We have enough ongoing wars in the world. Music is supposed to bring peace and not the opposite!

I know to you, I’m just one of millions of artists, but I no longer play this game and accept to live in FEAR because of your questionable policies.

If my asking for RESPECT, HONESTY, and a FAIR partnership is too much to ask and against your company policies, please let me know ASAP and I will take down my tracks from Spotify like I already have from Amazon, Apple, iTunes, and other music stores. I will make my tracks only available on Social media through Tunecore and mainly promote my music on LilyAmis.Bandcamp.com.

I hope you consider changing your policy for everyone's sake and peace of mind. I also hope you treat me as well as every single #RespectIndieArtistsWork petition supporter, the way you like to be treated as a human being! Don’t make artists' lives unnecessarily miserable, instead support us, embrace and celebrate our work.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards and best wishes from Switzerland,

Lily Amis

Proud Indie-Writer, Lyricist & Blogger


PS: I don't accept being passed to your customer service and getting a standard answer from one of your many agents, unless it's a named person with a serious position at your company. Also, whatever you answer and decide will be openly shared on my blog for transparency!  

UPDATE June 9th:

I have published some of the emails that I have received as comment under this blog post! The petition supporters asked for privacy, which I fully respect! 

May 29, 2024

HomeTown - ZekisWorld (German)

Erinnert ihr euch an meinen Blogbeitrag über die Inspiration für meinen Songtext „HomeTown“?

Es war im November 2023, als wir den ehemaligen Arbeitskollegen meiner Mutter nach 30 Jahren in einem italienischen Restaurant in der Nähe wieder trafen. Wir fühlten uns sehr unwohl und fehl am Platz und wünschten, wir könnten wegfliegen. Aber alles geschieht aus einem bestimmten Grund und dank dieses Nachmittagstees wurde mein 12. Track geboren: HomeTown, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een.

Diese Woche, fast sechs Monate später, besuchten wir dasselbe Restaurant, weil es einen neuen Besitzer hat. Es ist kein italienisches Restaurant mehr, sondern ein Kebab & More-Laden im Besitz von Zeki Bulgurcu, einem erfolgreichen Unternehmer, Rapper, preisgekrönten Social-Media-Influencer, Entertainer und Komiker aus der Schweiz.

Wir LIEBEN Kebab und als wir hörten, dass Zeki der Besitzer ist und sein allererstes Restaurant in unserer Nachbarschaft eröffnet, mussten wir es auf jeden Fall besuchen und diesen vielseitig begabten türkischen Mann unterstützen.

Wir gingen 10 Tage nach der grossen Eröffnung zum Mittagessen. Wie bereits erwartet, gab es eine lange Schlange hungriger Menschen aller Nationalitäten und Generationen, die ungeduldig darauf warteten, DEN BESTEN DÖNER DER STADT zu probieren.

Ehrlich gesagt könnte die Atmosphäre im Restaurant nicht unterschiedlicher sein als in den vergangenen Jahren. Es war freundlich, einladend und positiv, trotz der grossen Anzahl an Gästen. Das Essen war köstlich und von hoher Qualität. Sie bieten auch traditionelle türkische Süssigkeiten und Desserts an. Es ist also auch ein grossartiger Ort, um für eine Tee- oder Kaffeepause vorbeizuschauen.

Während wir unseren Döner genossen, war Zeki ebenfalls in seinem Restaurant und ass mit seinem Team zu Mittag. Viele junge Gäste erkannten ihn und baten ihn um Fotos. Er war der perfekte freundliche Gentleman und Gastgeber, sprach mit jedem und schoss Selfies. 

Zeki war sehr grosszügig und lud mich sogar zu einem Ayran ein (ein erfrischendes türkisches Getränk aus drei Zutaten: Joghurt, Salz und Wasser), das mich direkt in meine Kindheit in meiner Geburtsstadt Teheran zurückversetzte.

Wie bewerten wir unser Mittagessen bei Zekis World?

Nun, es kommt nicht auf den Standort an, sondern auf die Leute, die ein Restaurant betreiben und seine Gäste. Monate zuvor war ich nach unserem Nachmittagstee in diesem Restaurant so traurig und deprimiert, aber dank dieses jungen Mannes wurde mir klar, dass die Musik nicht die einzige grossartige Sache ist, die Menschen aller Generationen und Nationalitäten vereint, sondern auch köstliches Essen in einer schönen Atmosphäre an einem beliebten Ort.

Zeki ist eine Inspiration für alle jungen und älteren Ausländer in der Schweiz, die aufgrund ihres Namens, Aussehens, ihrer Religion, ihres Geburtsorts, ihres sozialen Status und ihres Bildungsniveaus seit Ewigkeiten mit Hindernissen, Bürokratie, Diskriminierung, Rassismus und Mobbing konfrontiert sind. Er hat alles erreicht, wovon Ausländer in einem engstirnigen Land mit all seinen Vorurteilen und Ungerechtigkeiten gegenüber Ausländern träumen.

Es ist wirklich eine Freude und eine grossartige Erfahrung, „Erfolg“ in seiner besten Form zu erleben! Träume werden wahr, wenn man an sich und seine Ziele glaubt und diese NIEMALS aufgibt und sich von NIEMANDEM zurückhalten lässt, ungeachtet aller Gesetze und Diskriminierung!

Wir geben Zekis World 5 von 5 Sternen! 

Wir haben endlich einen Ort gefunden, an dem wir uns wie zu Hause fühlen!

May 28, 2024

HomeTown - ZekisWorld!

Do you remember my blog post about the inspiration for writing my song lyric “HomeTown”? 

It was back in November 2023 when we met my mum's old working colleague after 30 years at an Italian restaurant nearby. We felt very uncomfortable and misplaced, and we wished we could fly away right away. But everything happens for a reason and thanks to this afternoon, my 12th track was born: HomeTown, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een.

This week, almost six months later, we visited the same restaurant because it has a new owner. It is no longer an Italian restaurant but a Kebab & More shop owned by Zeki Bulgurcu, a successful entrepreneur, rapper, Award-winning social media influencer, entertainer, and comedian in Switzerland.

We LOVE Kebab and when we heard that Zeki is the owner and opening his very first restaurant in our neighbourhood, we thought we would surely give it a try and support this multi-talented Turkish man.

We went 10 days after the Grand opening for lunch. As already expected, there was a long line of hungry people from every nationality and generation waiting impatiently to try out THE BEST KEBAB IN TOWN.

Honestly, the restaurant atmosphere couldn’t be more different than it was in years. It was friendly, welcoming, and positive despite the huge number of guests. The food was delicious with high quality. They also offer traditional Turkish sweets and desserts. So it is a great place to stop by for a tea or coffee break as well.

While we were enjoying our Kebab, Zeki was at his restaurant having lunch with his team as well. Many young guests recognized him and asked him for pictures. He was the perfect friendly gentleman and host, spoke to everyone, and took pictures. Zeki was very generous and even invited me to an Ayran (A refreshing Turkish drink made from three ingredients: yogurt, salt, and water) which took me right back to my childhood in my birth town Teheran.

What is our takeaway from our lunch at Zekis World?  

Well, it is not the location that matters, but the people who run and visit a restaurant. Months earlier I felt so sad and depressed after our afternoon tea at this same restaurant but thanks to this young man, I realized that music is not the only great thing that unites people from all generations and nationalities but also great food in a nice atmosphere at a popular location.

Zeki is an inspiration for all the young and older foreigners in Switzerland who have had to face obstacles, bureaucracy, discrimination, racism, and bullying for ages because of their name, look, religion, birthplace, social status, and level of education. He has achieved everything that foreigner’s dream of in a narrow-minded country with all its prejudice and injustice towards foreigners in general.

It truly is a pleasure and a great experience to witness “Success” at its best! Dreams do come true when you believe in yourself and your goals and don’t give up and allow anyone to hold you back, regardless of any law and discrimination!

We give Zekis World 5 stars out of 5! 

We finally have found a place where we feel like home!  

May 25, 2024

HomeTown Search – A Day in St. Gallen!

This month we have been busy researching and discovering new places only an hour away by train from our city, Zurich. We are looking for a new home town after 30 decades!

We have been in St. Gallen only once, back in the winter of 2001. It wasn’t an easy time for us to survive life alone in Lucerne with all the obstacles and challenges. We couldn't enjoy our stay. It is all written in my memoir The Stolen Years in Zurich, so I’m not going to say more.

Now, it was time to visit this interesting town and seriously consider it as our new home, because of the great location. What we loved the most, is the abbey right in the heart of the town. It is huge and beautiful from inside and outside. Really magnificent architecture and definitely worth a visit.

However, after doing more research, we realized that the city doesn’t offer the benefits that we have in Zurich. So unfortunately, our search for a new hometown continues…

Like in Solothurn, you find all kinds of national and international brands and can book tourist activities at the Tourism office.

We give St.Gallen 4 stars out of 5!

May 24, 2024

HomeTown Search – A Day in Solothurn!

This month we have been busy researching and discovering new places only an hour away by train from our city, Zurich. We are looking for a new home town after 30 decades!

I can’t believe that we never visited this gorgeous little baroque town before. It really is like a fairytale and definitely worth a visit. The most impressive buildings are the two churches in the heart of the little downtown. The St. Ursen Cathedral and The Jesuit Church, thought to be one of the most beautiful baroque buildings in Switzerland. 

We can picture how gorgeous this place looks in winter with Christmas lighting and the smell of Christmas cookies, sweets, and hot chocolate in all the little coffee shops and restaurants. You also find all kinds of national brands despite the small size of the downtown.

We really enjoyed our day trip and could imagine living there if this town wasn’t on the top list of crime statistics in Switzerland. This is unfortunately a deal-breaker!

But if you visit Switzerland and love Baroque as much as we do, take the direct train from Zurich Main station and dive into a little fairytale for a day while enjoying ice cream in the summer next to the lake and hot chocolate in one of the many little coffee shops in winter!

We give Solothurn 5 stars out of 5 despite the criminal numbers!