April 26, 2016

My Review of my first Fiction book Escape into the blue


Sophia dressed to kill is prepared for destiny. But Trouble is in the air. She has been warned, this wasn’t a good place to come. But since when has she ever listened?

As you probably know by now I’m not a big Fan of the Social media. BUT what excites me about Twitter is the fact that I get to know other dedicated and hardworking Independent Authors, that I probably wouldn’t ever meet in person or read their book, if it wasn’t for the WWW. Simply because we live on different continents and time zones. I love to read their book, because we "Indie-Authors" should support each other.

So I was very honored to be asked by the talented Author Bibiana Krall to review her Fiction book Escape into the Blue. And even though I’m not a fan of Fiction I said immediately yes, because of my sympathy for the Author and the title of her book.

I do like to escape from the daily life from time to time myself. But until now I always preferred to read Non-Fiction. True stories that inspire, educate or encourage me. So for me reading Escape into the Blue was a completely new and challenging experience. But I must say I’m very happy that I gave “Fiction” a try for the first time.

Escape into the Blue  with its 21 Chapters captures the reader’s attention from the first page on. I must say the way Bibiana writes and uses the English language is in my eyes exceptional. The story itself is interesting from minute one and I felt like I was watching a movie. That’s how good Bibiana describes every single “scene”, the characters and the story.

If I wasn’t so busy with my own writing, I would have finished the book in a short matter of time. Because once you start to read, you don’t want to put the book down. You want to find out where the story goes and what happens next to Sophia, the protagonist of the story.

Taking a flight to a new place and starting a completely new life from zero somewhere new like the Caribbean sounds really tempting. Leaving everything behind for sun, sandy beaches and palms is like opening a new book chapter of Life. When you’re young, you’re naïve and fearless. And thanks to immaturity and lack of life experience you get caught in the moment. Sophia has an idea of the new place and the people, but realizes soon that nothing is as she hoped for. Her wishful thinking turns into hard reality.
Sophia has to deal with a few Latin “boys”, who behave very much differently than Mid-western “boys”. Her new life is not as easy as she hoped for. The only thing she has as trump on this island is her youth, which is a blessing and a curse at once. Why? Because it makes it easy for her to run into the wrong people. Unfortunately she gets into trouble by meeting nasty and influenced rich people with their yachts on the island, who are selfish and thoughtless. And of course being surrounded by negative and superficial people has consequences.
Escape into the Blue is a book filled with passion, longing and desires. A mix of drama, thriller and crime makes it a fascinating fiction book to escape from reality and forget your own worries for a while.
I give the book 5 stars on Goodreads and recommend it especially to young female readers. Because even though the book is fiction, it still does educate you about Life, judging people and making decisions. Sophia’s journey is a giant lesson of real life and real people. It could easily be based on a true story that tells us not everything that shines is gold and you can’t run away from your Life and responsibilities. Life catches up with you!
My Q&A interview with Author Bibiana Krall
 "My spirit animal is the turtle. Dedication and patience wins the race." Bibiana Krall
Bibiana you describe yourself as a Fiction Writer and Professional Dreamer. But why do you write Fiction and how did you come up with the idea for “Escape in to the Blue”?

Escape into the Blue is about the journey- the search for a deeper meaning in life after a tragic moment. I grew up in a place with snow, the fantasy of beaches and water always carried me. I was taught by my parent’s to seek that meaning and really try to find out the “why.” I have written drafts of Escape for years and finally just sat down and made it happen. It was time to write it. I don’t think I was ready before, timing is important to understand on a creative path like this.
I decided when I was about five I would write fiction. I began reading the classics in grammar school (ongoing) and they have shaped me as well. I felt like it was important to live and gain insight first, so I waited.
When you write a book like “Escape into the Blue” where your protagonist like in all your books is a woman, do you see yourself as “Sophia “ or do you see yourself only as the neutral storyteller?

I can honestly say there are shades of myself in all of my work, but Sophia is more like me than any of my other protagonists. I attempt to be neutral, but it never quite works out that way.

Is Sophia a reflection of Bibiana or Bibiana a reflection of Sophia? 
Sometimes that mirror is a direct reflection of me. Other times it becomes other women I have known. To take it one step further, fearless is the woman I would like to be known as. People talk to me and share dreams, fears and private stories. I simply combine them and a brand new character is born. My life has been one of adventure and hard lessons. I think about them often and want to connect this way.
In “Escape in to the Blue” are also interesting male characters, which you described to me before I read the book as “boys” rather than “man”, which I totally agree with. Where did you get the inspiration for these different characters?  
The men or “boys” are a sketch of what happens when there is no value behind an interaction. My female experience has been one of shock when truth is revealed, or the mask comes off. Sometimes I can hardly believe it. Perhaps this is an offering to other women to grasp something that needs to change and to realize they are not alone. I am a Wildheart; this defines my writing and me.
I hope what I write empowers anyone who reads it and becomes the hero of their own story.
The way you use the English language and describe every single happening makes me wonder if you have professional experience in film script writing. Am I right with my assumption? 
Thank you for that! I am flattered. Not yet, but I will! I am currently studying screenwriting in grad school. My vision is to write the screenplay and novel for each project to have a complete portfolio. The major difference is that a screenplay is all about compromise and other professionals collaborating. It is ambitious, but I enjoy the greater scope it will offer my projects.
Has anyone ever told you that your books have the potential to be turned into a movie?
No one has, but I would love to see my writing in a cinematic scope. Of course I want to be on location the entire time. Especially in the Caribbean…  I would love to bring my work to life through images and see what happens in the film version. I enjoy making the trailers. They help me focus on the story. I usually do it about midway into the project. It is fun and a perfectly valid excuse to get out of editing for a day. 
In your biography on your website www.bibianakrall.com you say that equality for all people is incredibly important to your entire family and that you don’t have any regrets. Every choice you have made has brought you to where you are right now. I love your attitude. So tell me where are you today as a writer? And where do you want to be in a few years from now? 
Thank you so much! I am pretty excited about what has happened in the past year. I chukked my job and paid off my bills so I could give this a real shot. My books have not done as well as I envisioned, but I am writing and marketing every day. I managed to write four novels in a year. I only had the goal of one, so I am pretty happy about that.
My spirit animal is the turtle. Dedication and patience wins the race. I truly believe that what I offer is different and that people will want this when they discover what I am doing. I look forward to being called an “overnight success.” There is no such thing by the way…. I am willing to put the time in and believe in what I am doing. I get advice constantly about how I can be more mainstream, but I am different and will remain true to who I am.
In a few years, I plan on graduating with a 4.0 and my M.F.A. and continuing to write daily. I will keep reaching out and meeting people with the hopes of friendship and getting my projects some traction. I would like to see at least one of my books hold a place on the NY Times bestseller list and receive offers about film options. I am open to ideas and avenues.  I have kicked around the idea of teaching Creative Writing at the Island School on Eleuthera as well. I like what they are doing and influencing the next generation of writer’s would be an enormous honor.
Anyone can use words. That’s what we call speaking. Everyone does it every day. But passionate writers like you give words shape, color, beauty and style. When I read your book, I felt it and I lived it. You use the words as colors and the paper as a canvas. That’s a gift. I was wondering if English or French is your first language. And if you express yourself the same way in both languages?  
Thank you! I do my best to bring that forth every day. English is my first language; I was born and raised in the Midwest. French has always been my language of creative passion. I learned it in ballet years ago. It is the preferred language of ballet and it became part of my process. French will always be the most emotive part of “self.” It once was part of a different dream and remains in the romantic part of my Soul.
What are you working on right now? What can your readers expect from your next book? I am working on three projects right now. I like to have at least two projects going, so I am never bored. 
THE BOATHOUSE, (suspense)
THE PARADISE GARDEN (suspense) a continuation of Escape into the Blue 
FLOR Y FUEGO A screenplay (a romantic thriller.)  I wrote the short story first and want to explore if I am ready to cross-train. They can expect intrigue, complex characters and a great storyline.
And last but not least do you believe in Love @ first sight? And what is your definition of Love in one sentence? What is your definition of Love in three words?  
First sight no. First meeting of minds, oh yes! The phusical matters because you need to be compatible, but what really draws me is what is inside. It took awhile to figure this out. I require my partner to be brave, respectful and to expect as much from me as I do from him. It is a complete partnership, I am finally lucky in love.
Love in one sentence- Love is the finite thread that connects us to the universe.
Love in three words- respect, devotion and forgiveness. ( In that order.)
Many thanks for your friendship Lilly. I enjoyed this interview and wish you all the best with your own projects. It means everything to have your support and I am grateful. Bibiana

Lily: My pleasure Bibiana. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions and good luck with all your book titles! You're amazing. Keep up the good work!
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April 24, 2016

The Eurovision Song Contest

(May 10, 2016 – May 14, 2016)
Soon my favourite music event of the year is on air. My mom and I, we both have a special bond with the ESC for different reasons. Well first of all, we believe that music is the universal language and brings all kinds of people together. Talented, passionate and aspiring artists from the beautiful European countries come together for a week and share their music with the world. Some gifted with allot of talent, some less. But that’s not relevant. What matters is that they entertain us and make us happy. As a Lyricist, of course I listen to the song lyrics carefully and the ESC History proves that the winner songs are usually (not always!) songs with meaningful and emotionally touching messages.

The first time I watched the show was back in 1991. The National Swiss Winner was on her way to the International ESC which took place in Italy. Sandra Simo, a beautiful and talented young singer had actually bought her stage dress from my mom, where she used to work in a famous Fashion department store in Zurich.

Sandra Simos song “Canzone per te/A song for you” for Switzerland unfortunately only made the 5.place and the Winner was the beautiful Swedish singer Carola with “Captured by a storm wind“  

To this date Captured by a storm wind“ is one of our favorite ESC moments including the following songs/performances below. Years later my mom and I had again our own experience with the Eurovision Song Contest. This time we were fully involved in the creative phase of the preparation for one of the most talented Swiss artists, who was one of the ten finalists for the national show. It was a weekend that I will never ever forget. One of those sweet-bitter experiences that I have written about in my second book of my trilogy.

One of the sweet moments was meeting the singer Sandra Simo after more than a decade again. The show took place in the Italian part of Switzerland and Sandra was the commentator for the Swiss German TV. It was one of those days where you realize how time flies and also how little the world is. There is a say: You always meet twice!  

Sima & Sandra Simo-Studer, a decade later...

Here is a list of our favourite ESC songs of all time. Not all of them were winner songs. For example "A Million Voices" made second place last year. And even though we like the Winner song 2015 - Heroes performed by Måns Zelmerlöw, I just love Polina Gagarinas message. In my next post I will share our ESC HIGHLIGHT and ARTIST of all time!
Eurovision Song Contest 1991 - Sandra Simo (Switzerland)  5.Place


Eurovision Song Contest 1991 –Carola (Sweden) 1. Place

Eurovision Song Contest 1998 - Dana International (Israel) 1. Place
Eurovision Song Contest  1999 - Charlotte Nilsson (Sweden) 1. Place
Eurovision Song Contest  2005 - Elena Papaizou (Greece) 1. Place

Eurovision Song Contest  2009 - Aysel and Arash - Always (Azerbaijan) 3. Place

Eurovision Song Contest 2012 - Tooji "STAY" (Norway)
Eurovision Song Contest 2012- Loreen (Sweden) 1. Place
The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 - Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices (Russia) 2. Place

If you want to find out more about our unforgettable Eurovision Song Contest Weekend and what happened read “Definition of Freedom”.