February 24, 2023

YoYo & Chess - Song review by Bandcamp Diaries

Lily Amis has recently released a new studio work: “YoYo & Chess” (Featuring Thir13een) by Bandcamp Diaries

Lily Amis is an indie writer and lyricist who is always on the look out for new creative avenues when it comes to making music that embraces a diverse range of styles, collaborating with other artists to bring her music to life. Her most recent work, “YoYo & Chess”, stands out as a perfect example. 

This remarkable piece of music blurs the lines between hip-hop and electronic pop, while also portraying Lily’s personality as a writer to absolute perfection, as well as her ability to unlock the full potential of the artists she collaborates with. This track happens to be the very first release alongside featured artist Thir13een, who happens to be a perfect match with Lily’s songwriting style and attitude. Inspired by legendary songwriters as diverse as Pink, Michael Jackson and John Lennon, Lily writes from her heart. She is not afraid to use her real voice and let her emotions connect with a truly broad audience!

This release by Lily is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Future, Drake, Boyz II Men, and Bruno Mars. Much like these aforementioned talents have carved their way into the music scene, Lily is quickly garnering new fans due to her amazing songwriting. She is also helping other artists develop a strong focus on building a devoted following, one release at a time! In addition to the amazing quality of the songwriting itself, the production is really great. The beat is crisp and punchy, and the overall sound is quite immersive and easy to relate to. The vocals are very well-recorded as well. The singing is never overpowered by the instrumental, and there is always room for some truly incredible dynamics to make the song really pop! 

Find out more about Lily Amis, and listen to “YoYo & Chess”. This release is currently available on some of the best digital streaming services, where it is possible to stream in its entirety.

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