February 07, 2023

YoYo & Chess - The Pandemic & Refugee crises!

This time last year, I released my very first song. A song for refugees “80 Million People”, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een. My goal with my lyrics was to bring AWARENESS about the plight of refugees, especially the ones stuck in disgusting and awful refugee camps around the world.

At the latest during the pandemic crisis, every single person in the world finally understood the suffering that the refugees have to endure. The authorities made decisions and created Covid-guidelines such as social distancing, face masks, Covid vaccinations, home office, travel bans, forced quarantine, etc. and we had NO saying in anything. Health ministers like Matt Hancock (UK), Alain Berset (Switzerland), and Karl Lauterbach (Germany) were dictating and dominating the chess board and we were only the chess figures. 

That's what refugees deal with once they live their home country. Instead of experiencing support, understanding, and caring, they become nothing but a YoYo and chess figure for the governments, lawmakers, and social workers. The refugee law toys with their destiny and future for years if not decades. 

During the pandemic crises, strangers in power made decisions about our personal and professional life and we had no choice but to follow the rules. We all were helpless and trapped. The rich have gotten richer and the middle class has gotten poorer. 

The previous three years are THE ultimate proof that we All are nothing but YoYo and chess figures. 

Now, a year later after my first song release, Im releasing my fifth song which is dedicated to every single person who feels trapped.  

It's a tragedy, that my song for refugees was released only two days before the war outbreak in Ukraine. Now one year later everything got worse. Look where Europe is standing today. Instead of ending the bloody war, they are sponsoring weapons like doing giveaways with goodies and sweets! 

History keeps repeating itself and the stupidity continues. The global world leaders, governments, and people in power have learned absolutely nothing from WWII and evils like Hitler, Mussolini, and Co 

I wonder where this uncertain journey goes and what's next? Only time will show!


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