March 18, 2020

Coronavirus = Karma?

The previous weeks, especially the previous days have been crazy for all of us. The Coronavirus is ruling our daily life like nothing else before in history. For those of you who have never experienced war, the uncertainty and fear that you are experiencing now and today is the same help- and hopeless situation that the refugees are facing for many years in refugee camps. 

The only difference is that most of you still have a home. You still have a roof and a safe place to stay, while millions of refugees are surviving day by day in the refugee tents in several locations around the world, under the most horrible and inhuman circumstances without any hope for a better future.

Your worries and uncertainty today are food, alcohol, and toilet paper. The refugees are struggling with hunger and the most disgusting, unhygienic, and unsanitary conditions for years. So next time when you allow yourself to make a negative and incomprehensible comment about refugees in general, please remember how you felt about the Coronavirus these days and your uncertainty and fear about tomorrow and your future! 

For me the Coronavirus and its negative and challenging effects on our daily life is nothing but Karma! A reminder for everyone that life is not only about work, making money, and going to bars, Discos, Exhibitions, Museum, Galleries, Cinemas, Theater and Sport and music events. You are annoyed that you can’t travel anymore? You are sad that the European Football Championship 2020 is being postponed for a year? You are worried that you can’t continue your education at your school or University? Maybe NOW you understand the struggles of young refugees! Maybe NOW fortunate people will understand that you can’t and shouldn’t take everything and everyone for granted. Life is about taking care of each other and showing compassion and solidarity – even with refugees!

Those who are making a fortune will NOW finally wake up and understand that you can’t buy HEALTH AND SAFETY with money. Your fortune is worthless! I hope that once this extremely challenging time is finally over, there won’t be ONE single refugee camp on this planet. I pray that every single refugee, young and old will finally find a place in safety and a future in dignity. People wake up! The Coronavirus is your Karma! Stop being selfish! Start being human!