March 25, 2022

Q & A with British Lyricist Sam from Rebloom Music!

My next guest in 2022 for my blog series THE MIRACLE OF MUSIC is the talented British lyricist, Songwriter, and Jingle creator Sam from Rebloom Music, who has released two lovely new songs “Stars” and “Memories” in 2021.

Sam, welcome to my blog series “The Miracle of Music”. Please describe yourself to my blog visitors! Age, nationality, your hobbies.

My name is Sam Gallimore, 48, from Hampshire, UK.  I enjoy long walks with my husband and fur baby.  I love listening to music and dancing too, ooh and the odd glass of Prosecco.

At what age did you discover your love and passion for music?

I would say I was very young when I discovered my love of Music. Probably around 5 or 6 years old.  Dancing in my bedroom with my hairbrush and listening to Motown with my parents.  I used to play the violin and piano when I was a teenager.

Awww, I love the sound of the violin. And don’t get me started with the hairbrush and dancing. This brings back some incredible memories. Tell me, when did you start to write song lyrics?

I only started writing song lyrics in 2020 – it was a product of the pandemic, where I seemed to have a lot of free time.  I have always loved lyrics in music, and I have always been fascinated by a story in a song.  A notebook and pen and a laptop caught my eye during lockdown, and I found myself scribbling away.  I entered 3 songs into the UKSC (UK Song Writing Competition) – lyrics only category.  This was to test the waters and see if my lyrics were any good.  After receiving 4 stars – Commended Entry, it gave me the confidence to continue with my newfound hobby.  Since then, I have released two songs and I am currently co-writing with some amazing musicians and artists. 

Wow, the UK songwriting contest was also my motivation booster to start this new journey! Sam, do you think you have your love for music in your DNA? Are your parents or siblings into music as well?

I would say that Music is in my DNA for sure.  I feel I can express myself with Music and I get excited when I hear something new, and it moves me.  Whether that’s happiness, sadness, total and utter joy, or resignation.  My Mum and Dad used to listen to Motown when I was growing up and they had an old record player which I was in love with.  It still brings a smile to my face whenever I hear a Motown song. 

My brother is older than me and he used to listen to Five Star and then he really enjoyed Oasis too.  When I was older during the 1990s, I was fascinated with dance music too.  I have to stop myself sometimes when I start talking about Music with friends and family as I sometimes think I bore them with my constant “have you heard this one?” and usually they haven’t heard it – ha ha!  I think they are used to me by now though.  ¨

Although, I can’t really play an instrument or sing (no-one wants to hear me sing) I am determined to continue writing lyrics.  When anyone has a passion for something, I feel it’s a gift that you’ve been given, and you should use it wisely.  What really fascinates me too is that whenever I listen to song I have never heard before. Either from a post I see on social media or if someone messages me and asks me to listen.  I will listen and think “Wow” this is incredible, and I will share it.  I think the issue is that there is SO much music now, the world is flooded.  However, this is also amazing too.

Don’t sell yourself short. I think almost everyone can sing. :-) Not everyone has to sound like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, or Adele though, right? ;-)

Do you believe that music has the power to heal? Do you believe in the miracle of music? Also, Music brings people from all generations, countries, cultures, and religions together. Do you have an explanation why?

Music to me is like LOVE – everyone can relate to it.  Everyone can hear music and interpret it in their own way.  When I co-wrote Stars with DiDs Music – and asked one of my friends to listen to it, she told me that a section of the lyrics meant so much to her.  When she explained why I was totally blown away by how she had interpreted it.  To me, that is the miracle of music. Since writing lyrics, I have also grown to appreciate Music that is not necessarily my taste.  This is because I now know how much effort goes into making a song.

What do you like to achieve with your lyrics? What is your goal? What’s your main message to the world?

My main aim with my lyrics is to try to tell a story using imagery and try to draw the listener in.  When I first started, I didn’t really understand how lyrics are structured and placed to flow with a track or melody.  Now that I have more experience, I feel like the doors have opened and I can write about anything and make it relatable and authentic.  I want my lyrics to be as authentic and simple as they can be to make someone “feel”.  I am always learning and trying to understand all the concepts of lyric writing.  I absolutely love it.

Sam, why should people listen to your music?

This is a hard question for me.  I have extreme imposter syndrome where I constantly question whether I am good enough to write lyrics.  I think if someone likes a story with meaning then they might enjoy my lyrics.  If they don’t then that is totally fine as well.  That’s the beauty – there’s music out there for everyone to enjoy. 

I was on your website and loved the little notes about your songs and the story behind them. That's why I like to share the story behind STARS! 

“Stars” is inspired by my own experience singing with my friends in my bedroom.  Using a hairbrush instead of a microphone and making up dance moves to Wham!  It’s about a journey of hope that the girl is going through to get where she wants to be.  Not wanting to be rich, she just wants people to like what she does.  Asking the stars to guide her – those stars are the same ones that have been there all along.  She sees hope in the stars despite her struggle.

Sam, it is truly amazing that thanks to the UK Songwriting contest and social media, we have met each other. I wish you the best of luck with your songwriting and can’t wait to hear more of your work. Keep up the great work and never doubt yourself and your talent. 

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If you like to collaborate, please visit Sams's official website

March 22, 2022

My anti war song "Blood is always red!" and an old anti war song!

Today is the song release for my anti-war and anti-discrimination song "Blood is always red!" While I'm happy and excited to share my song, I feel devastated about everything that is happening in the world right now! 

The other day I heard an old anti-war song from 1981 by German singer Udo Lindenberg. I can't believe that four decades later we are still struggling with the same issues. War, Discrimination, and Hate! Why? 

A little girl was singing this meaningful song on the Voice Kids Germany at the blind auditions and I thought I have to share it here on my blog. I'm also giving you the translated lyrics in English for those who don't speak German! 

Let's all hope and pray for a better future! 

What Are Wars There For? by Udo Lindenberg

Nobody wants to die, that is for sure

Then what are wars there for?

Mister President, aren't you one of these gentlemen

You must know why

Can you explain it to me?

No mother wants to lose her children

And no wife her husband.

Then why do have soldiers to march off

To murder people - just explain it to me

What are wars there for?


Mister President, I am now ten years old

And I am scared in this forest of atomic missiles.

Tell me the truth, tell it to me now

For what is my life being put on stake?

And the lives of all the others - just tell me why

They load their guns and kill one another

They face each other and they could be friends

But before they get to know each other, they shoot each other dead

I think that is so stupid, why does it have to be this way?


Did you ask all the billions of people all over the world

If they want it that way

Or is it also a question of money?

A lot of money for the few magnates1,

Who build tanks and missiles

And then buy gold and diamonds

For their elegant wives

Or is it also about some religious dispute2

That people cannot agree

As to what god is the right one?


Or what other reasons are there

That I think are equally stupid

Well, maybe I can't understand it yet

Why wars are necessary

I guess I'm still too small

I'm just a child

March 15, 2022

My Anti-war song BLOOD IS ALWAYS RED!

Only a week before this unbelievably senseless nightmare and bloody war started in Ukraine, the song “Blood is always red!” was written by me and recorded by British singer and songwriter Thir13een. It is an anti-war and anti-discrimination song to bring awareness about the plight of refugees and my online petition #HumanityB4Natioanlity at

I could never have imagined that 80 years after World War II, one single man would be able to destroy so many lives AGAIN and be responsible for so many innocent deaths. We are once again witnessing human crime and a new refugee crisis in Europe.

As I say in my song lyrics, “Blood is always red!”
Haven’t two bloody world wars done enough damage to humanity?
Haven’t we learned anything from history?
Bombs kept falling like raindrops from the sky
Blood were flowing like tears from people’s eyes
Innocent people have lost their homes and nationality
to become voiceless refugees with no rights and identity

Right now, the solidarity and awareness about the refugees is exactly what I was hoping and asking for with this online petition in the previous six months. The generosity and kind gestures from the Europeans are overwhelming. I wish everyone would be ALWAYS that kind, thoughtful, giving, caring, loving, understanding, supportive and helpful to humans in need, and not only when they feel threatened, scared, worried, and unsure about their own life and existence!

The huge amount of money that European countries and their governments are donating to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian refugees right now is truly a miracle. The BIG question is where is all the money coming from? How come, those refugees from 2015 are still struggling in refugee camps under the most inhuman and disgusting living conditions with absolutely no sign of help and support wide and bride? How come no one was willing to help them to settle down and have a normal and safe life in dignity? Why didn’t governments donate this huge amount of money to help the millions of refugees so far? WHY?

What the UK is doing right now with its “Homes for Ukraine refugee scheme program” should have been the solution for all the refugees from 2015. Instead, they have been treated like garbage, dirt, and disease and were forced to suffer in silence for way too many years!

We don’t know what the future brings. And trust me; the last thing I want is to experience a second war! I have already lost so much because of one war in my childhood in my beloved country. I don’t think that I can handle another war in the heart of Europe!

Let’s hope and pray that this nightmare will end as soon as possible. Every single day that goes by is a human crime. Every single death is a disgrace to humanity! Let’s pray that the Ukrainian refugees will have a happy future in their adopted countries, where they are not only welcome for now! I hope they will also be welcome with open arms and opportunities when this war comes to an end while they have settled down under such horrible circumstances – a new life overnight from zero to an uncertain future. I hope the refugees won’t be forced to leave by law and can live a happy life without prejudice, discrimination, rejection, and bureaucracy!

The song “Blood is always red!” will be out on 22.3.22 and available on all streaming platforms!

My thoughts and prayers are with every single person who is now experiencing bomb attacks, as well as those who have left their country and are now facing the challenging journey as refugees!!!

March 13, 2022

Blood is always red! - My song lyrics in German!

Dies ist der übersetzte Liedtext von "BLOOD IS ALWAYS RED / BLUT IST IMMER ROT". Es ist ein Anti-Krieg und Anti-Diskriminierung Song. Ich hoffe, euch gefällt der Text, sowie die wunderschöne Stimme von Thir13een und die Melody! 

Ich freue mich über eure Kommentare. Bitte teilt das Video mit Familie und Freunde, die Musik mit wichtige und inspirierende Botschaften lieben. 


Songtext: Lily Amis, Gesang: Thir13een 

German Lyric Translation: 

Ich schaue mich um und alles, was ich sehe, ist Elend

Warum haben wir nichts aus der Geschichte gelernt?

Unsere Welt bricht zusammen

Menschliche Krisen! Flüchtlingskrise!

Klimakrisen! Pandemiekrisen!

Was ist aus Mitgefühl, Liebe und Freundlichkeit geworden?


Ein kleiner Geschmack von Süßem und Verständnis

ein selbstloserAkt von Liebe und Vergebung

das ist alles, was wir brauchen, um diesen globalen Wahnsinn zu beenden!

Gewalt, Konflikte und gesponserte Kriege waren noch nie eine Lösung

Überlege es dir gut, alles andere ist eine Illusion

eine Täuschung, nichts als Verwirrung


Schokolade ist wichtig! Karamell ist wichtig! Vanille ist wichtig!

Alle Aromen sind wichtig. Denk daran, Blut ist immer rot

unabhängig von Geburtsort, Nationalität und menschlicher Rasse

Es ist an der Zeit, weltweite Diskriminierung und Hass zu beenden!


Ein Stück Papier sollte nicht unsere Identität definieren

Weder ein Reisepass noch ein Covid-Zertifikat sind die Realität

Weder ein Flüchtlings- noch Impfstatus definiert unsere Persönlichkeit

Es ist an der Zeit, diesen globalen Wahnsinn zu beenden


Ein kleiner Geschmack von Akzeptanz und Toleranz

ein Akt von Mitgefühl und Freundlichkeit

Respekt ist alles, was wir brauchen, um diese globalen Krisen zu beenden

Der Geschmack von Akzeptanz und Toleranz

ein Akt von Mitgefühl und Freundlichkeit

Das ist meine Stimme für die Stimmlosen!


Schokolade ist wichtig! Karamell ist wichtig! Vanille ist wichtig!

Alle Aromen sind wichtig. Denk daran, Blut ist immer rot

unabhängig von Hautfarbe, Geschlecht und Religion

Es ist an der Zeit, diese endlose Täuschung zu beenden

Es ist an der Zeit, weltweite Diskriminierung und Hass zu beenden!


Haben zwei blutige Weltkriege der Menschheit nicht genug Schaden zugefügt?

Haben wir nichts aus der Geschichte gelernt?

Immer wieder fielen Bomben wie Regentropfen vom Himmel

Blut floss wie Tränen aus den Augen der Menschen

Unschuldige Menschen haben ihr Zuhause und ihre Staatsangehörigkeit verloren

um dann stimmlose Flüchtlinge ohne Rechte und Identität zu werden


Ein kleiner Geschmack von Frieden und Harmonie

Ein kleiner Geschmack von Freiheit und Demokratie

ein Akt der Empathie, Solidarität und Einheit

das ist alles, was wir brauchen, um den bitteren Geschmack der Realität zu ändern


Schokolade ist wichtig! Karamell ist wichtig! Vanille ist wichtig!

Alle Aromen sind wichtig. Denk daran, Blut ist immer rot

unabhängig von Geburtsort, Nationalität und menschlicher Rasse

Es ist an der Zeit, weltweite Diskriminierung und Hass zu beenden!


Es ist an der Zeit, Menschen so zu akzeptieren, wie sie sind

Warum müssen wir es uns so schwer machen?

Jeder sollte das Recht auf Freiheit haben

die Chance auf ein glückliches Leben in Würde


Das Leben ist kostbar und kurz

Zeit ist unbezahlbar wie Gold

Jeder hat ein Verfallsdatum

früher als später werden wir weg sein

wenn wir jetzt nicht handeln

werden wir nichts als eine geschmacklose Erinnerung in der Weltgeschichte sein

wie geschmolzenes Eis in der Sonne werden wir alle weg sein!

Handeln wir, bevor es zu spät ist,

Denk daran, Blut ist immer rot!


Rassismus, Diskriminierung und Hass haben eine vergiftete Gesellschaft geschaffen

Lass uns dieser Unsicherheit, dieser globalen Angst ein Ende setzen

Lass uns Bitterkeit in einen Hauch von Süße verwandeln

Handeln wir, bevor es zu spät ist,

Denk daran, Blut ist immer rot!


Blut ist immer rot!

Blut ist immer rot!

Blut ist immer rot!

Ich sagte, mein Blut ist immer rot!

Blut ist immer rot!

March 09, 2022

"Blood is always red!" - Songlyrics Video!

"Blood is always red!” was written and recorded only a week before the war outbreak in Ukraine. I was planning to release my second song and video in May 2022 to bring awareness about my online petition #HumanityB4Nationality for better rights for refugees at

I could never have predicted that my lyrics would come true and we would face another meaningless and bloody war! The lyrics speak for themselves. The video is out now and the song will be released on all streaming platforms on 22.3.22

At first, I wasn't sure if I should produce a video for this song, but I'm happy that I did. For the second time, I have been working with an extremely talented artist, who understands the transformation from lyrics to visual art. He designed an animated hand-drawn lyric video that is beyond my expectations. I hope you like it as much as I do. 


look around me and all I see is misery
Why haven't we learned anything from history?
Our world is falling apart
Human crises! Refugee crises!
Climate crises! Pandemic crises!
What happened to compassion, love, and kindness?

A little taste of sweetness and understanding
An act of self-love and forgiveness
That's all we need to end this global madness!
Violence, conflicts, and sponsored wars have never been a solution
Think twice, anything else is an illusion
A delusion, nothing but confusion

Chocolate matters! Caramel matters! Vanilla matters!
All flavors matter
Remember, blood is always red
Regardless of birthplace, nationality, and human race
It's time to end global discrimination and hate!

A piece of paper shouldn't define our identity
Neither a passport nor a Covid Certificate is the reality
Neither a refugee nor vaccination status defines our personality
Isn't it time to end this global insanity

A little taste of acceptance and tolerance
An act of compassion and kindness
Respect is all we need to end these global crises
Taste of acceptance and tolerance
An act of compassion and kindness
This is my voice for the voiceless!

Chocolate matters! Caramel matters! Vanilla matters!
All flavors matter
Remember, blood is always red
Regardless of skin color, gender, and religion
Its time to end this never-ending delusion
Its time to end global discrimination and hate!

Havent two bloody world wars done enough damage to humanity?
Havent we learned anything from history?
Bombs kept falling like raindrops from the sky
Blood were flowing like tears from people's eyes
Innocent people have lost their homes and nationality
To become voiceless refugees with no rights and identity

A little taste of peace and harmony
A little taste of liberty and democracy
An act of empathy, solidarity, and unity
Thats all we need to change the bitter taste of reality

Chocolate matters! Caramel matters! Vanilla matters!
All flavors matter
Remember, blood is always red
Regardless of birthplace, nationality, and human race
It's time to end global discrimination and hate!

Its time to accept people the way they are
Why do we have to make it so hard?
Everyone should be given the right to liberty
The chance to live a happy life in dignity

Life is precious and short
Time is priceless as gold
Everyone has an expiry date
Sooner than later we all will be gone
If we don't act now
We will be nothing but a tasteless memory in world's history
Like melted ice cream in the sun, we all will be gone!
Let's act before it s too late
Remember, blood is always red!

Racism, discrimination, and hate have created a toxic society
Let's put an end to this uncertainty, this global anxiety
Let's turn bitterness into a touch of sweetness
Let's act before its too late,
Remember, blood is always red!

Blood is always red!
Blood is always red!
Blood is always red!
I said my blood is always red!
Blood is always red!


March 05, 2022

"Blood is always red!" - Press release!

"80 Million People!" A song for the refugees

Europe is currently in one of the worst crises of the last 80 years. The Russian aggressor is bringing unimaginable suffering and bloodshed to the people of Ukraine. The cohesion and helpfulness of the free world and especially Europe is unprecedented. Artists are also appalled by the terrible situation. Like Lily Amis from Zurich, a former refugee from Iran. She released her first song, "80 Million People!" just 2 days before the outbreak of war and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, to refer to her online petition #HumanityB4Nationality to bring attention to the plight of the refugees. Little did she know what refugee crisis would face Europe again.

A wake-up call for the privileged people

The Iranian-born Swiss writer hopes that the miracle of music and the power of her lyrics will be a wake-up call for privileged people who often still have a negative view of refugees and little or no sign of empathy, understanding, or support for their terrible living conditions. Lily, who left her war-torn home when she was 10, says "Being a refugee is hell on earth".

A heartbreaking story

The story of Lily Amis is heartbreaking - she left home and wandered desperately with her mother in search of a safe haven. Imagine bombs falling and air raid sirens sounding all around them. A country where the only hope of survival is to leave your homeland, maybe forever.

Driven from their homes because they are no longer safe, refugees make the decision to leave with heavy hearts and, in many cases, fear of the further dangers they may encounter on their journey to safety abroad to search.

As a refugee, Lily herself fought the sadness of leaving behind everything she knew. Her grandparents, friends, school, and home - and that at the age of only 10 years.

Lily says she still carries the scars of that traumatic time. But life as a refugee afterward is much worse than the war itself and the bombs. You are punished for your whole life. The struggle for acceptance, tolerance, integration and a life of constant existential fear and uncertainty due to bureaucratic hurdles in the asylum country is worse than the fear of dying in war. In her heartbreaking memoir "The Stolen Years in Zurich", the author tells openly and honestly about her journey of suffer in silence! 

The song “Blood is always red!”, an anti-war and anti-discrimination song, will be released on 3/22/22

Her second song entitled "Blood is always red!" is a hymn to humanity, so she asks:

Why haven’t we learned anything from history?

Our world is falling apart

Human crises! Refugee crises!

Climate crises! Pandemic crises!

What happened to compassion, love, and kindness?

The song is performed by British R&B and soul singer, songwriter, and producer Thir13een from London. "Blood is always red!" is a clear call for empathy, kindness, and nurturing the world's collective humanity. The theme of the song is now more topical than it was before.

Remember, blood is always red

regardless of birthplace, nationality, and human race

It’s time to end global discrimination and hate!


The Iranian-born, Swiss children's and youth book author, blogger, poet, and Voice4refugee Lily Amis, who now lives in Zurich, experienced the horror of fleeing violence and war first-hand. Lily became a refugee at the tender age of 10, witnessing the horrors and chaos of the Iran-Iraq War that broke out in 1980. Even after more than three decades, the songwriter says the memory of the carnage is still fresh in her mind. She will never be able to forget the traumatic experiences during the war, but also the decades of struggle as an unwanted and rejected war refugee in Switzerland.

Short version

The songs "80 Million People!" and "Blood is always red!" written by Lily Amis is a hymn to humanity. The poet, who was born in Tehran and grew up in Switzerland, fled from the horrors of war at the age of 10, makes a clear statement with both titles. It is a call for empathy, kindness, and nurturing the collective humanity of the world. The themes of the two songs are now more topical than they were before. The Swiss hopes for support for her online petition "HumanityB4Nnationality

"Blood is always red!" - Pressemitteilung!

„80 Million People!“ Ein Song für die Flüchtlinge 

Europa steckt zurzeit in einer der schwersten Krisen der letzten 80 Jahre. Der russische Aggressor bringt unvorstellbares Leid und Blutvergießen über das Volk der Ukraine. Der Zusammenhalt und die Hilfsbereitschaft der freien Welt und besonders Europas ist beispiellos. Auch Künstler sind von der schrecklichen Lage entsetzt. So auch die Zürcherin Lily Amis, ein ehemaliger Flüchtling aus dem Iran. Sie veröffentlichte nur 2 Tage vor Kriegsausbruch und dem Einmarsch der Russen in der Ukraine, ihren ersten Song,  „80 Million People!“ , um auf ihre online Petition  #HumanityB4Nationality (Menschlichkeit vor Nationalität)  auf die Notlage der Flüchtlinge aufmerksam zu machen. Nichts ahned welche Flüchtlingskrise wieder auf Europa zukommen würde.

Ein Weckruf für die privilegierte Menschen

Die im Iran geborene, Schweizer Schriftstellerin hofft, dass das Wunder der Musik und die Kraft ihrer Texte ein Weckruf für die privilegierte Menschen sein wird, die oft noch immer eine negative Sicht auf Flüchtlinge haben und wenig oder sogar kein Zeichen von Empathie, Verständnis oder Unterstützung für ihre schrecklichen Lebensbedingungen zeigen. Lily, die mit 10 Jahren ihre vom Krieg zerrüttete Heimat verließ, sagt: "Ein Flüchtling zu sein ist die Hölle auf Erden".

Eine herzzerreissende Geschichte

Die Geschichte von Lily Amis ist herzzerreißend - sie verließ ihr Zuhause und wanderte verzweifelt mit ihrer Mutter auf der Suche nach einem sicheren Zufluchtsort umher. Stellen Sie sich vor, dass um sie herum Bomben fallen und Luftschutzsirenen ertönen. Ein Land, in dem die einzige Hoffnung auf Überleben darin besteht, seine Heimat zu verlassen und das vielleicht für immer.

Die Flüchtlinge, die aus ihren Häusern vertrieben werden, weil sie nicht mehr sicher sind, treffen die Entscheidung, zu gehen, schweren Herzens und in vielen Fällen mit der Furcht vor weiteren Gefahren, die ihnen auf ihrer Reise begegnen könnten, um in der Fremde Sicherheit zu suchen.

Als Flüchtling kämpfte Lily selbst gegen die Traurigkeit an, alles zurückzulassen, was sie kannte. ihre Großeltern, Freunde, Schule und ihr Zuhause - und das im Alter von nur 10 Jahren.

Lily sagt, dass sie immer noch die Narben dieser traumatischen Zeit in sich trägt. Doch viel schlimmer als der Krieg selbst und die Bomben sei das Leben als Flüchtling danach. Man wird sein ganzes Leben bestraft. Der Kampf um Akzeptanz, Toleranz und Integration und ein Leben in ständiger Existenzangst und Ungewissheit wegen bürokratischen Hürden im Asylland sind noch schlimmer als die Angst im Krieg zu sterben. In ihrem herzzerreissenden Memoiren „Die gestohlenen Jahre in Zürich“ erzählt die Autorin offen und ehrlich über ihr langer Leidensweg.

Der Song “Blood is always red!”, ein Anti Krieg und Anti Diskriminierung song wird am 22.3.22 erscheinen

Ihr zweiter Song mit dem Titel “Blood is always red!” ist eine Hymne an die Menschlichkeit, So fragt sie_

„Warum haben wir nichts aus der Geschichte gelernt?

Unsere Welt bricht auseinander

Menschliche Krisen! Flüchtlingskrisen!

Klimakrisen! Pandemie-Krisen!

Was ist aus dem Mitgefühl, der Liebe und der Freundlichkeit geworden?“

Das Lied wird von dem britischen R&B- und Soul-Sänger, Songwriter und Produzent Thir13een aus London vorgetragen. "Blood is always red!", ist ein klarer Aufruf zu Empathie, Freundlichkeit und der Pflege der kollektiven Menschlichkeit der Welt. Das Thema des Songs ist jetzt aktueller den jäh zuvor.

So heißt es in dem Refrain;

"Denkt daran, Blut ist immer rot

unabhängig von Geburtsort, Nationalität und menschlicher Rasse

Es ist an der Zeit, Diskriminierung und Hass weltweit zu beenden!"


Die im Iran geborene, Schweizer Kinder- und Jugendbuchautorin, Bloggerin, Lyrikerin und Voice4refugees Lily Amis die jetzt in Zürich lebt, erlebte den Schrecken einer Flucht vor Gewalt und Krieg am eigenen Leib. Lily wurde im zarten Alter von 10 Jahren zum Flüchtling und musste die Schrecken und das Chaos des iranisch-irakischen Krieges, der 1980 ausbrach, miterleben. Selbst nach mehr als drei Jahrzehnten sagt die Songwriterin, dass die Erinnerung an das Gemetzel in ihrem Kopf immer noch frisch ist. Sie wird die traumatischen Erlebnisse im Krieg aber auch den jahrzehnte langen Kampf als unerwünschter und abgelehnter Kriegsflüchtling in der Schweiz niemals vergessen können.


Die Songs „80 Million People!“ und  Blood is always red! von Lily Amis geschrieben sind eine Hymne an die Menschlichkeit. Die in Teheran geborene und in der Schweiz aufgewachsene Lyrikerin die im Alter von 10 Jahren vor den Schrecken des Krieges flüchtete,  setzt mit beide Titel ein klares Statement. Es ist ein Aufruf zu Empathie, Freundlichkeit und der Pflege der kollektiven Menschlichkeit der Welt. Die Themen der beiden Songs ist jetzt aktueller den jäh zuvor. Die Schweizerin hofft auf Unterstützung für ihre online petition „Menschlichkeit vor Nationalität