February 09, 2023

YoYo & Chess - Ordinary & Celebrity!

YoYo & Chess” is a song for everyone. From ordinary to celebrity, from royalties to refugees. The more time goes by the more we see the lack of RESPECT in our society. People treat each other badly and unfairly whenever and wherever they can and I wonder why? When and why has it become normal to torture people on TV screens and call it entertainment?

The best example of our lack of respect are the embarrassing reality shows with celebrities such as “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”, the English version, and “Ich bin ein Star, holt mich hier raus”, also known as the Dschungelcamp (Jungle Camp) the German version.

If you haven’t seen the shows, don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything. It is a waste of time! But this is the concept of the show: It is a survival reality television show that is airing for more than a decade in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and the USA. I'm a Celebrity is often a rating winner for ITV1, attracting an average of over 9 million viewers for each series in the UK, while the German version “DER DSCHUNGELCAMP” is attracting an average of over 3 million viewers.

The format sees a group of celebrities living together in extreme conditions with few creature comforts. Each member undertakes challenges to secure additional food and treats for the group, and to avoid being voted out by viewers during their stay, with the final episode's votes nominating who wins a series, and becomes the King or Queen of the jungle.

Well, this is the theory. In reality, this TV show is insulting, humiliating, embarrassing, and torturing celebrities and newcomers (wanna-be celebrities). They are forced to eat disgusting stuff (that I'm not going to list here) while experiencing the most horrible and inhuman treatment. They dont eat properly. They can't sleep properly. They cant wash properly. TV producers punish celebrities like prisoners for two weeks long and call it entertainment! My opinion is: This is sick and disrespectful. 

One could argue and say, well it's their own fault. No one is forcing them to participate. They sell themselves for air time, and PR and get paid during and after the TV show, while the refugees stuck in refugee camps experience the same torture and horrible treatment with no attention or payment. 

This is true. In a way, it is a life-changing experience for privileged and shallow celebrities. And my hope is that these fame and fortune-hungry people will learn a lesson for life and at least have more understanding and empathy for refugees who have to suffer and struggle under these awful live conditions not only for two weeks but for years and sometimes even decades. 

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a CELEBRITY is a well-known or famous person in entertainment or sport, who attracts interest from the general public and attention from the mass media.

Well, today any ordinary person calls him or herself a celebrity. Influencers, YouTube bloggers, and reality TV participants become celebrities overnight without achieving anything meaningful or having any talent except that they sell themselves for fame and fortune! 

They become chess figures and the TV stations and the global media toy with them like a YoYo. These young, clueless, fame and money-hungry people don’t realize how low they sell themselves and how they will regret their naïve actions and stupid decisions to be part of this game in the future.

Therefore take these people as an example and make sure that you don’t become a chess figure or YoYo for others' benefit and cheap entertainment.


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