March 20, 2023

Happy Birthday "80 Million People!" & "Blood is always red!"

I’m very grateful to be able to celebrate my song's first birthday at “Rising Stars” hosted by Paul Golder on the UK radio and podcast show Phoenix FM.

80 Million People on Rising Stars

Blood is always red on Rising Stars

I still can’t believe that “80 Million People!” was released only two days before the war outbreak in Ukraine in 2022. And that “Blood is always red!” was recorded by my feat. Artist Thir13een in the same week.

It’s been a challenging year for many people around the world. Unfortunately, helpless people are still battling war and discrimination every single day. I admit I’m very upset about the recent news regarding the horrible treatment of refugees in the UK and other European countries. It is absolutely devastating and shocking to witness how governments are creating and fabricating imaginary, inhuman new laws. The living conditions of refugees are getting worse and worse day by day, and it looks as if this crisis will never ever end!

As a writer and Voice4Refugees seeing all these injustices in the world make me really sad and I find it difficult to stay positive, creative, and productive. But creativity is my only way to survive difficult times and so I keep doing what makes me happy and hopeful regardless of all the madness in the world. 

March 17, 2023

When radio stations play with artists like a YOYO!

As I wrote in my previous blog post “IM NOT A YOYO!” Never was, never will be!!! And just when you think you have seen it all, you realize NO you haven’t. 

As I wrote in my post, I really enjoy the creative process of writing song lyrics but I don’t enjoy the marketing because of corrupt Digital Marketers who only toy with artists by selling fake services with fake followers, fake streams (BOTS), and so on!

The other day I discovered a great music platform where you can contact professional people from the industry and introduce your music and hope for their support. You can contact global playlist curators, radio stations, and much more. So I made the time to take a closer look and have contacted just a few!

And Im happy and excited to say, that so far I made more positive experiences than negative ones. “YoYo & Chess” made it to a playlist and it also got a radio play on a French radio station!

And another French radio station sent me the following positive review:

Radio Zone 26: “A very worked track with a mix that highlights the artist well... I like the notes of the production as well as the vocal power which adapts to perfection... The musical structure is rather well mastered ... A piece that deserves to be defended well ...”

BUT GUESS WHAT? They have decided not to support and play the song. One would wonder why? Well, this is the email that I received today after sending a kind THANK YOU email for the review.

“Hello my friend, If I decided not to push the song any further, it's simply that I try to play the people who give me strength. I have recently been able to see your follow on the Instagram network and when you ask me, I notice that you no longer follow me. I take it that it all just has to revolve around you and therefore I think that if I give you strength, I won't get any in return. Here is simply why I did not support your piece a little more.”

So what do we learn from this? Not even radio stations work professionally. Every single radio station that has supported me to this date has been promoted on my blog and all Socials. So much for being insulted as a TAKER and not a GIVER by a stranger who doesn't know anything about me! 

Not supporting an indie artist and a GREAT track because someone unfollowed you on INSTAGRAM sounds very childish and unserious, considering the fact, that I don’t handle all my socials personally. I have someone who takes care of that because Social media is time-consuming and nothing but a waste of precious time, that I don’t have! Having said that, my PA told me that he is actually following their TWITTER account. Well, not for long after receiving this unprofessional email, that's for sure.

So the takeaway from this story is: NOT EVEN RADIO STATIONS WORK PROFESSIONALLY. So don't take any of these decision-makers (curators) seriously. Don't allow anyone to STOP you from achieving your goals. Don't allow anyone to treat you like a YOYO!!!!

March 15, 2023

"Ukraine", a beautiful song by Thir13een!

I cannot believe that it's been a year since my song release “80 Million People!” and “Blood is always red!”. While 80 Million People was released only two days before the war outbreak in Ukraine, Blood is always red, was recorded by Thir13een in that week.

It is heartbreaking to witness so much human crime in our time. And a year later nothing has changed. Actually, everything only got worse. The Ukrainian people who were forced to leave their homes and loved ones are now facing incredible challenges and obstacles in foreign countries.

The latest news about their new life in the United Kingdom and other countries such as Germany is shocking. Some of them have become homeless refugees on the streets with no chance to integrate fully because of bureaucratic obstacles.

I'm so proud of my featured artist THIR13EEN for releasing a song, especially for the Ukrainian people. His words are beautiful, deep, and meaningful. Listen and add it to your playlist. 

March 11, 2023

I’m not a YoYo!

Being an indie author is hard but being an indie lyricist is even harder. Why? I tell you why. I never thought that there are so many corrupt people out there who take advantage of passionate, enthusiastic, hopeful, but unfortunately also clueless and naive indie artists.

While I’m writing and publishing books since 2014, my journey as an Indie lyricist only started a year ago. I write song lyrics for over a decade though and was fortunate to release songs for the first time in 2022 thanks to my feat. Artist Thir13een.

I love and enjoy the creative process of writing lyrics but I do not enjoy the marketing and admin process. Why? Because of corrupt Digital Marketers and social media! These people show ZERO respect for artists' time, energy, investment, love, devotion, and passion.

And THIS BLOG POST is especially for those who send me DM and emails with their FAKE and SCAM services!

FYI: Not all artists are looking for FAKE fame and fortune. Most indie artists just want to leave a legacy by creating something creative, special, meaningful, and timeless. My main goal with my books and songs is AWARENESS. 

I hope that every single person who reads my books or listens to my song lyrics finds inspiration, is encouraged or is empowered. That’s my goal and the most precious and priceless affirmation and recognition! That’s what REAL ARTISTS need.

I’m, not a YoYo and I’m not a chess figure. So to all the Digital Marketers out there, you can't fool me with your Scam services. I don’t need:

- Fake IG followers, Likes, and comments!

- Fake YouTube views, likes, and comments!

- Fake streams (BOTS)

BOTS are nothing but an insult and a waste of time for artists. No serious artist in the world needs corrupt services like yours! 

Emails and DM on IG, FB, and Twitter will be deleted and your account will be blocked! Seriously, find a serious job and STOP wasting serious artists' time! 


March 05, 2023

YoYo & Chess on UK RADIO!


Promoting music to the right audience is challenging, especially at this time when streaming platforms receive thousands of new releases daily. It is hard to be explored by the right people. So having the chance to be on the radio station is probably the best way of song promotion. 

I'm very happy, excited, and grateful to be on air at “Rising Stars” hosted by Paul Golder on the radio and podcast show at Phoenix98 FM, which supports unsigned and emerging artists from around the world to get their music out to their awesome audience of 99,000 listeners – 38,000 on FM in the East London and South Essex area and 61,000 online!


March 02, 2023

YoYo & Chess on Swedish Radio station!


Sweden is THE music country in Europe after the UK and I’m very excited and honored that our song “YoYo & Chess, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een was aired on the Beat Radio station. The station is on air since 2001. They play songs from the 80s, 90s, and 00s mixed with great music from today. Their program leaders are scattered across Sweden and have a common interest in being Sweden's best web radio channel!

A massive thank you to THE BEATS for playing “YoYo & Chess” and supporting amazingly talented indie artists like my feat. Artist Thir13een.


Sverige är musiklandet i Europa efter Storbritannien, och jag är väldigt exalterad och hedrad över att vår låt “YoYo & Chess, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een” sändes på radiostationen Beat. Beat Radio har sänts sedan 2001. De spelar låtar från 80-, 90- och 00-talen blandat med dagens musik. Deras programledare är utspridda över Sverige och har ett gemensamt intresse av att vara Sveriges bästa webbradiokanal!

Ett stort tack till THE BEATS för att du spelar "YoYo & Chess" och stöttar indieartister.

February 28, 2023

Happy Birthday to my song 80 MILLION PEOPLE!

Time flies and I can't believe that my very first song release with my feat. Artist Thir13een is celebrating its first birthday this month! For this special occasion, I'm sharing a brand-new and encouraging song review by the music blog site BandCamp Diaries in English and (German translation).

Lily Amis is back with a brand new studio work named "80 Million People", featuring Thir13een

February 2023 - Lily Amis has recently joined forces with a talented artist named Thir13een to release another amazing tune: "80 Million People". This isn’t the first time the two collaborate on music. In fact, Lily is a very accomplished lyricist and songwriter who loves to work with talented singers and artist to bring her vision to life. She has found a really awesome frequent collaborator in Thir13een, and "80 Million People" speaks for itself. The song showcases the chemistry of the two, and it is a highlight in terms of production aesthetics and artistry. This song has a powerful message, and the circumstances of the state of things in the world today are even more thought-provoking. This song denounces the horrors of living in fear that refugees have to experience on daily basis. It was actually released just a mere two days before the start of the war in Ukraine.

Today, the message of this song resonates very strongly, even after one year. The blend of soul and R&B offers so much warmth, and it highlights Thir13een’s amazing vocal skills too. Lily’s songwriting is clever and direct. She writes from the heart, and as a result, her words are very timeless and easy to connect with. 

"80 Million People" should definitely be a “Must-listen” track for fans of artists as diverse as Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, Chris Brown, Francis Moon, or Craig David, only to mention but a few!

Find out more about Lily Amis and do not miss out on "80 Million People(featuring Thir13een,) which is currently available on the web.

Lily Amis ist mit einem brandneuen Studiowerk namens „80 Million People“ mit Thir13een zurück

Februar 2023 – Lily Amis hat sich kürzlich mit einem talentierten Künstler namens Thir13een zusammengetan, um einen weiteren erstaunlichen Song zu veröffentlichen: „80 Million People“. Dies ist nicht das erste Mal, dass die beiden musikalisch zusammenarbeiten. Tatsächlich ist Lily eine sehr versierte Texterin und Songwriterin, die es liebt, mit talentierten Sängern und Künstlern zusammenzuarbeiten, um ihre Vision zum Leben zu erwecken. Sie hat in Thir13een eine wirklich großartige, häufige Mitarbeiterin gefunden, und „80 Million People“ spricht für sich. Der Song zeigt die Chemie der beiden und ist ein Highlight in Sachen Produktionsästhetik und Artistik. Dieses Lied hat eine starke Botschaft, und die Umstände der heutigen Weltlage regen noch mehr zum Nachdenken an. Dieses Lied prangert die Schrecken des Lebens in Angst an, die Flüchtlinge täglich erleben müssen. Es wurde tatsächlich nur zwei Tage vor Beginn des Krieges in der Ukraine veröffentlicht.

Heute schwingt die Botschaft dieses Liedes sehr stark mit, auch nach einem Jahr. Die Mischung aus Soul und R&B bietet so viel Wärme und unterstreicht auch Thir13eens erstaunliche Gesangsfähigkeiten. Lilys Songwriting ist clever und direkt. Sie schreibt aus dem Herzen und daher sind ihre Worte sehr zeitlos und leicht zu verstehen. 

„80 Million People“ sollte definitiv ein „Must-Listen“-Track für Fans so unterschiedlicher Künstler wie Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, Chris Brown, Francis Moon oder Craig David sein, um nur einige zu nennen!

Erfahren Sie mehr über Lily Amis und verpassen Sie nicht „80 Million People“ (mit Thir13een), das derzeit im Internet verfügbar ist.  

February 24, 2023

YoYo & Chess - Song review by Bandcamp Diaries

Lily Amis has recently released a new studio work: “YoYo & Chess” (Featuring Thir13een) by Bandcamp Diaries

Lily Amis is an indie writer and lyricist who is always on the look out for new creative avenues when it comes to making music that embraces a diverse range of styles, collaborating with other artists to bring her music to life. Her most recent work, “YoYo & Chess”, stands out as a perfect example. 

This remarkable piece of music blurs the lines between hip-hop and electronic pop, while also portraying Lily’s personality as a writer to absolute perfection, as well as her ability to unlock the full potential of the artists she collaborates with. This track happens to be the very first release alongside featured artist Thir13een, who happens to be a perfect match with Lily’s songwriting style and attitude. Inspired by legendary songwriters as diverse as Pink, Michael Jackson and John Lennon, Lily writes from her heart. She is not afraid to use her real voice and let her emotions connect with a truly broad audience!

This release by Lily is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Future, Drake, Boyz II Men, and Bruno Mars. Much like these aforementioned talents have carved their way into the music scene, Lily is quickly garnering new fans due to her amazing songwriting. She is also helping other artists develop a strong focus on building a devoted following, one release at a time! In addition to the amazing quality of the songwriting itself, the production is really great. The beat is crisp and punchy, and the overall sound is quite immersive and easy to relate to. The vocals are very well-recorded as well. The singing is never overpowered by the instrumental, and there is always room for some truly incredible dynamics to make the song really pop! 

Find out more about Lily Amis, and listen to “YoYo & Chess”. This release is currently available on some of the best digital streaming services, where it is possible to stream in its entirety.

February 23, 2023

YoYo & Chess - Song review by Bandcamp Diaries (German)

Lily Amis hat kürzlich ein neues Studiowerk veröffentlicht: „YoYo & Chess“ (Featuring Thir13een)

Lily Amis ist eine Indie-Autorin und Songtexterin, die immer auf der Suche nach neuen kreativen Wegen ist, wenn es darum geht, Musik zu machen, die eine Vielzahl von Stilen umfasst, und mit anderen Künstlern zusammenarbeitet, um ihre Musik zum Leben zu erwecken. Ihr jüngstes Werk „YoYo & Chess“ sticht als perfektes Beispiel hervor.

Dieses bemerkenswerte Musikstück verwischt die Grenzen zwischen Hip-Hop und elektronischem Pop und zeigt gleichzeitig Lilys Persönlichkeit als Autorin in absoluter Perfektion sowie ihre Fähigkeit, das volle Potenzial der Künstler zu entfalten, mit denen sie zusammenarbeitet. 

Dieser Track ist fünfte Veröffentlichung neben dem vorgestellten Künstler Thir13een, der perfekt zu Lilys Songwriting-Stil und Einstellung passt. Inspiriert von so unterschiedlichen legendären Songwritern wie Pink, Michael Jackson und John Lennon, schreibt Lily aus ihrem Herzen. Sie hat keine Angst, ihre echte Stimme einzusetzen und ihre Emotionen mit einem wirklich breiten Publikum zu verbinden!

Diese Veröffentlichung von Lily ist Fans von Künstlern wie Future, Drake, Boyz II Men und Bruno Mars sehr zu empfehlen. Ähnlich wie diese oben genannten Talente sich ihren Weg in die Musikszene gebahnt haben, gewinnt Lily aufgrund ihres erstaunlichen Songwritings schnell neue Fans. Sie hilft auch anderen Künstlern, sich stark darauf zu konzentrieren, eine treue Fangemeinde aufzubauen, eine Veröffentlichung nach der anderen! 

Neben der erstaunlichen Qualität des Songwritings selbst, ist die Produktion wirklich großartig. Der Beat ist knackig und druckvoll, und der Gesamtsound ist ziemlich eindringlich und leicht zu verstehen. Auch die Vocals sind sehr gut aufgenommen. Der Gesang wird nie vom Instrumental überwältigt, und es gibt immer Raum für wirklich unglaubliche Dynamik, um den Song wirklich poppig zu machen!

Erfahren Sie mehr über Lily Amis und hören Sie „YoYo & Chess“. Diese Version ist derzeit auf allen digitalen Streaming-Dienste verfügbar, wo es möglich ist, sie vollständig zu streamen.

February 22, 2023

YoYo & Chess - Review & Song Lyrics

Happy to share this great review by Dave Franklin from a UK music blog site! To be honest, I usually do not care about reviews, because at the end of the day, they are nothing but personal opinions BUT, when you read a review that is so on point and is reflecting EVERYTHING that you are trying to achieve with your music and lyrics, you are just unbelievably grateful and empowered to continue your journey. 

Lily Amis is open and honest enough to admit that her ability to make music, write and tell stories is the main reason she is still around. To her, the process offers an anti-depressant lifeline, an outlet, and a way of stopping her concerns, thoughts and anxieties from remaining bottled up inside her.

And, given such a platform, it seems only fitting that she uses such a privileged platform to say something helpful, relevant, poignant and even powerful, to send a message to the world through her music rather than fill the creative air with more music lacking in authenticity, integrity and honesty.

YoYo & Chess is just such a message. It broaches the idea that we are all beholden to puppet masters, no matter our station in life – class, creed, position or power. That we are all part of a game. Sometimes we are forced into the role of pawns moving as predicated by unseen strategists according to a plan we don’t know. Sometimes we are just being pulled back and forth like a YoYo, subject to unseen physical forces. The story within the song is both her story and our own. And, with war raging around the globe more than ever, social unrest on the rise and displaced populations continually pushed and pulled against their will, more relevant than ever.

As always, she created the song in collaboration with artist, singer, and producer Thir13een; it is everything the modern urban-infused pop song should be. Beat driven, groovesome, infectious and accessible. But unlike most songs made in pop quarters, it has a layer of depth and profundity that makes it stand head and shoulders above the competition.

DAVE FRANKLIN (dancing about architecture music blog)

Want to sing along? here we go. 
THIS is the song lyrics of yoyo & Chess!

YoYo & Chess, Lily amis feat. thir13een

Yo Yo and Chess, YoYo and Chess

it’s time to end this mess

Our turning point in life is ending the circle of silence

Saying goodbye to standby!

Cut the Yo-Yo string and feel alive!

Take control of the game of life!


Ladies & Gentlemen, Royalties & Refugees,

Ordinary & celebrity, welcome to reality!

Aren’t you tired of waiting and fading?

While everyone else is living their dream

Remaining in standby is exhausting

Mighty hungry rulers place obstacles in our way

and all we wish desperately is to break out and get away


A.Z.A.D.I, AZADI, LIBERTY for you and me, mon amis

Consciously, unconsciously, maliciously

swing with our destiny like a yo-yo

throw us up and down in the air and we wonder helplessly

when will be released from the unbalanced uncertainty


YoYo and Chess, YoYo and Chess

it’s time to end this mess

Our turning point in life is ending the circle of silence

Saying goodbye to standby!

Cut the Yo-Yo string and feel alive!

Take control of the game of life!


See Life is a chessboard, black & white

Sometimes we’re wrong, sometimes we’re right

However, most people won’t treat us right

We either stand in the front row or back

Kings and Queens cheat behind our back

move us up and down and side to side

left or right, none of this is right

A.Z.A.D.I, AZADI, LIBERTY for you and me, mon amis

The more we practice the game of life

the better we defeat the knights

So make sure we play it right


Yo o & Chess, Yo Yo & Chess,

it’s time to end this mess

Our turning point in life is ending the circle of silence

Saying goodbye to standby!

Cut the Yo-Yo string and feel alive!

Take control of the game of life!


YoYo & Chess, Yo Yo & Chess,

it’s time to end this mess

Our turning point in life is ending the circle of silence

Saying goodbye to standby!

Cut the Yo-Yo string and feel alive!

Take control of the game of life!

Every waiting and fading has an ending

No one stands still forever!

We’ve been trapped for way too long

Mon amis, the game is over!

We made it! Checkmate!