May 28, 2023

Lily4Humanity Creativity Contest

Lily4Humanity Creativity Contest is a charity project for everyone. People of all ages and backgrounds from across the world are welcome to join. The goal is to unite all generations and celebrate humanity with creativity in all kinds of fields. From art and photography to creative writing and dancing.

Lily4Humanity can only reach its goal and make an incredible difference with the creative support of individuals who care about humanity as much as I do. 

Music, Lyrics, Art, Photography, and Dance have all one thing in common. You can express your feelings and emotions, make a statement and use your voice for the voiceless!

With the Lily4Humanity Creativity Contest, I’m giving everyone of all ages the chance to shine. We are excited to receive your submission. For more information please visit my website!

Let’s spread the word far and wide and help us achieve something meaningful together! Submissions are open now. The closing date is 31. December 2023.

May 17, 2023

SIMA on UKs Radio on Mothers Day!

What an AMAZING surprise to hear my brand-new release SIMA, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een on the release day (on Mother’s Day) o UK Radio station  Phoenix98FM on the show RISING STARS!

Promoting music is hard, and I’m trying many different ways to make sure that my lyrics and Thir13een's beautiful voice and great production are heard globally. Little achievements like this make me continue my journey as an indie artist despite the difficulties.

I like to use this opportunity and thank our global listeners on Spotify. It’s truly remarkable knowing that people from across the globe listen to our tracks. I hope every single song brings you joy and puts a smile on your face wherever you are and whatever difficulties you are going through right now! 

Thank you for your support. 

Lily Amis

May 16, 2023

SIMA The Slideshow Video!

What fun it was to go through our old photo albums. I think I managed to pick some incredible pictures of my mum's childhood. It's so adorable to see her as a baby and teenager. I hope this very personal video shows the love that we have for each other. 

I even included pictures of my grand-grandma and my mum's German grandma, whom she used to call Aunty Ruth. She has played an important role in Simas's life and was kind of a second mother that inspired and encouraged her to become the lady that she is. 

Watch the full Slideshow Video on YouTube!

Picture of my grand-grandma and grandma!

Picture of my beautiful mom Sima and her German grandmother!

May 14, 2023

SIMA The Song lyrics!

Today is the day! My sixth song project with my feat. Artist Thir13een is out on Mother's Day! The pop song in 80es style is available on all streaming platforms. 

S.I.M.A - Lily Amis feat. Thir13een

I sing my heart out, show my love and respect

to celebrate Mother’s day

not only once but 365 days a year

You gave me my first home and safety

Not only nine months long but eternity

You’re the angel of miracles

the miracle of my heartbeat, yeah yeah yeah


Oh Oh Sima, Oh Oh Sima, my strong independent mom and so much more

My life, my everything, how can I ever thank you for your love

One lifetime next to you is not enough


Oh Oh Sima, Oh Oh Sima, my strong independent mom and so much more

My life, my everything, how can I ever thank you for your love

One lifetime next to you is not enough


Despite your emotional aw and physical pain

you never complain, No oh oh

Your selfless love is stronger than a mountain

Your loyalty deeper than the ocean

Your generosity bigger than the galaxy

Oh mom, oh mom, where would I be?

Your generosity bigger than the galaxy

Where would I be, without your love and loyalty?


Oh Oh Sima, Oh Oh Sima, my selfless incredible mom and so much more

My life, my everything, how can I ever thank you for your love

One lifetime next to you is not enough


Oh Oh Sima, Oh Oh Sima, my selfless incredible mom and so much more

My life, my everything, how can I ever thank you for your love

One lifetime next to you is not enough


My sweet mom, looking into your beautiful eyes

hold your hardworking and tender hands

Through thick and thin I’m feeling your heartbeat

Oh mom, no matter what, I can always rely

rely on your unconditional love

I wish and pray we will be together side by side

rely on your unconditional love

Not only in this lifetime but life after life


Oh Oh Sima, Oh Oh Sima, Sacrificing inspiring mom and so much more

My life, my everything, how can I ever thank you for your love

One lifetime next to you is not enough


Oh Oh Sima, Oh Oh Sima, Sacrificing inspiring mom and so much more

My life, my everything, how can I ever thank you for your love

One lifetime next to you is not enough

April 27, 2023

SIMA Writing the lyrics!

Writing lyrics for the most precious person in your life, your mother that is relatable to everyone else was challenging. Writing personal lyrics that will be sung by a male singer was even more challenging. There are many precious mother-daughter moments that I would have loved to include in my storytelling but it wouldn’t be suitable for a male vocalist. However, my featured artist Thir13een has been incredible. I told him how I wish the track should sound like and once again he did an amazing job. 

When people wonder why I don’t collaborate with other artists or female singers, my answer is simple: Listen to the songs and see what this amazing producer and singer is doing with my lyrics. From Genre to vocal range, Thir13een is an exceptionally talented artist like no one else in the entire world. 

S.I.M.A is our sixth collaboration and every single track that we have worked on together sounds different. Everything started with “80 Million People!”, a soul/R&B track, then we went on with “Blood is always red!” which is a Rap song. The follow-up projects were “The Stolen Years”, a pop song, “The Three of Us”, a soul track, and finally “YoYo & Chess” which is again a Rap song.  

S.I.M.A is a pop song in 80es style and dedicated to my wonderful mum, my BFF, and the sunshine in my life, and to all the incredible and strong mothers who sacrifice so much for their children. 

The worldwide release is on May 14th, 2023, on mothers Day in many countries. Stay tuned! 

April 24, 2023

Home is where your mom is!

There are many different names to call the person who gave us life. Mom, Mother, Mommy, Mutter, Mutti, Madre, Mère, Máthair, Mam, Mor, Moeder, Anne, مادر, الأم, 母親, մայրիկ, 어머니, मां, แม่, μητέρα and so much more….

Usually, mothers are the only TRUE heroes in our life. They are the ones who shape us and who know us best. For most people, our moms are our first and best friends for life. As we grow older, we understand to appreciate their love, kindness, caring, compassion, and sacrifices in life more and more.

Every year we celebrate our incredibly strong, inspiring, and wonderful mothers. In the United Kingdom Mother’s Day is in March and is also called “Mothering Sunday”.  It is an old tradition and was originally a Church service to celebrate motherhood. It has also to do with spring and rebirth. The traditional British date for Mothering Sunday is three weeks before Easter. It is indeed the day when apprentices were allowed to go home. In earlier days it was a celebration of "mother church" - there would be a celebration at the mother or principal church of a city. 

The American "Mothers Day", which celebrated for the first time in 1908 after a woman named Anna started a dedicated letter-writing campaign to declare an official Mother's Day for her mother Ann Marie who died on May 9th, 1905 is celebrated on May many other countries such as Canada, Germany, Switzerland and many more countries in Europe.  

But in my opinion, women and mothers should be celebrated every single day. Without their love, the world would be nothing. Without a mother's devotion, we wouldn’t know what Love is! A mother's love is the most precious, priceless, powerful, honest, and deep love of all!

Stay tuned for my dedicated pop song to my incredible mum SIMA and all the wonderful mothers worldwide. Release day is 14th May 2023! 

April 01, 2023

Happy Easter 2023 - Happy Reading!

Easter is around the corner and what better time to spend it with your children and reading lovely bedtime stories? Reading is one of the best ways to escape from reality’s hassles and stress.

When we write and illustrate our stories, we make sure that families enjoy the read and find some peace and comfort but most importantly a little bit of hope and light in life. We publish illustrated books as well as simple books with no images at all.

Our latest illustrated books in print are “HONESTY & INTEGRITY, BLACKOUT AT THE LIGHTHOUSE”, which is the follow-up story to “LOVE & LOYALTY, THE LONELY DUCKY. Both stories are part of the book collection PERSIAN PARADISE, which is available on AMAZON.

Our most downloaded e-book in ENGLISH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, AND SPANISH, “LUCKY, FROM ZERO TO HERO” is also available in print with gorgeous and bright images for all dog lovers. Also, don't forget that Lucky as audio book is now also available in English and German, narrated by me. :-) 

We wish you and your loved ones a blessed easter holiday with great readings and lovely music!

March 23, 2023

I’m sick and tired of Instagram!

Yes, I'm so sick and tired of fake accounts following me on Instagram! I have never been a huge fan of Social media. Mainly because it is extremely time-consuming. And time is the most precious gift that we have in life. The older we get the more we realize that. That’s why we distance ourselves from toxic people, liars, negative thoughts, and useless activities.

Being an indie writer and lyricist, Social media is part of the marketing and PR game, whether we like it or not. Or at least that’s what these platforms make us believe. And I played along for way too long, even though I see that my sales are not coming from my media campaigns.

But in the summer of 2021, I started my online petition #HumanityB4Nationality for better rights for refugees regarding education and integration. So I had to be active on Social media. And when I released my very first song with my feat. Artist Thir13een in February 2022, it was clear that I have to continue this time-consuming game, whether I liked it or not.

So I opened an IG account, especially for my music projects. I always put a lot of time and effort into preparing the content (images and messages) but when I see mainly obvious FAKE accounts with topless men in the Gym, images of doctors (surgeons), or men with a poppy following my account, it makes me sick to my stomach!

In the previous weeks, I had to BLOCK hundreds of fake accounts weekly. It’s actually unbelievable how many sick people invest their time to create fake accounts. Honestly, if Instagram would remove all fake accounts, they would lose millions of accounts within a day! And this is probably the only reason why they don’t do anything about it.

It was also interesting how they treated my music account. For my latest release YOYO & CHESS, LILY AMIS feat. THIR13EEN I was more active than ever before and reached more accounts than ever within a short time. 

But guess what Instagram did? They limited my account activity. I wasn’t allowed to share posts, like, or comment on other posts for a week!!! One wonders why?!

They don’t do anything with fake accounts but limit my activity as an indie artist during my most important promotion week! Im DONE with Instagram and I don’t know if I will ever return to this platform or even hand it over to someone else to take care of it again. Life is too short and precious to waste it on corrupt platforms! I'm no longer your YOYO!!!!!

March 20, 2023

Happy Birthday "80 Million People!" & "Blood is always red!"

I’m very grateful to be able to celebrate my song's first birthday at “Rising Stars” hosted by Paul Golder on the UK radio and podcast show Phoenix FM.

80 Million People on Rising Stars

Blood is always red on Rising Stars

I still can’t believe that “80 Million People!” was released only two days before the war outbreak in Ukraine in 2022. And that “Blood is always red!” was recorded by my feat. Artist Thir13een in the same week.

It’s been a challenging year for many people around the world. Unfortunately, helpless people are still battling war and discrimination every single day. I admit I’m very upset about the recent news regarding the horrible treatment of refugees in the UK and other European countries. It is absolutely devastating and shocking to witness how governments are creating and fabricating unimaginably, inhuman new laws. The living conditions of refugees are getting worse and worse day by day, and it looks as if this crisis will never ever end!

As a writer and Voice4Refugees seeing all these injustices in the world make me really sad and I find it difficult to stay positive, creative, and productive. But creativity is my only way to survive difficult times and so I keep doing what makes me happy and hopeful regardless of all the madness in the world. 

March 17, 2023

When radio stations play with artists like a YOYO!

As I wrote in my previous blog post “IM NOT A YOYO!” Never was, never will be!!! And just when you think you have seen it all, you realize NO you haven’t. 

As I wrote in my post, I really enjoy the creative process of writing song lyrics but I don’t enjoy the marketing because of corrupt Digital Marketers who only toy with artists by selling fake services with fake followers, fake streams (BOTS), and so on!

The other day I discovered a great music platform where you can contact professional people from the industry and introduce your music and hope for their support. You can contact global playlist curators, radio stations, and much more. So I made the time to take a closer look and have contacted just a few!

And Im happy and excited to say, that so far I made more positive experiences than negative ones. “YoYo & Chess” made it to a playlist and it also got a radio play on a French radio station!

And another French radio station sent me the following positive review:

Radio Zone 26: “A very worked track with a mix that highlights the artist well... I like the notes of the production as well as the vocal power which adapts to perfection... The musical structure is rather well mastered ... A piece that deserves to be defended well ...”

BUT GUESS WHAT? They have decided not to support and play the song. One would wonder why? Well, this is the email that I received today after sending a kind THANK YOU email for the review.

“Hello my friend, If I decided not to push the song any further, it's simply that I try to play the people who give me strength. I have recently been able to see your follow on the Instagram network and when you ask me, I notice that you no longer follow me. I take it that it all just has to revolve around you and therefore I think that if I give you strength, I won't get any in return. Here is simply why I did not support your piece a little more.”

So what do we learn from this? Not even radio stations work professionally. Every single radio station that has supported me to this date has been promoted on my blog and all Socials. So much for being insulted as a TAKER and not a GIVER by a stranger who doesn't know anything about me! 

Not supporting an indie artist and a GREAT track because someone unfollowed you on INSTAGRAM sounds very childish and unserious, considering the fact, that I don’t handle all my socials personally. I have someone who takes care of that because Social media is time-consuming and nothing but a waste of precious time, that I don’t have! Having said that, my PA told me that he is actually following their TWITTER account. Well, not for long after receiving this unprofessional email, that's for sure.

So the takeaway from this story is: NOT EVEN RADIO STATIONS WORK PROFESSIONALLY. So don't take any of these decision-makers (curators) seriously. Don't allow anyone to STOP you from achieving your goals. Don't allow anyone to treat you like a YOYO!!!!