February 10, 2023

YoYo & Chess - Royalties & Refugees!

If we have learned and realized anything - by the exaggerated media coverage for Prince Harry's memoir during the previous months – it’s that everyone despite fame, fortune, privilege, and position in life is a YoYo and chess figure surviving struggles and pain in a challenging chess board game.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame Prince Harry for writing and promoting his memoir. He has every right to share his side of the story. Especially after all these years of wrong and false reports about him and his wife. And I admit I was very disappointed when he and Meghan left the royal family and moved miles away. I blamed Meghan for everything until we watched the Netflix documentary and heard their side of the story. And boy these two are THE example of chess figures and YoYo. I think it was the best decision for the two to leave and start over far away from the British tabloids that toyed with them so badly.

Who would have thought that Prince Harry would become kind of a refugee? Isn’t it ironic that the world was watching and witnessing this awful treatment to him and his wife and no one tried to help and support them? Even their own family treated them like YoYo.

And on top of that in the previous weeks despite all the protests that are happening in the world in different countries for different reasons, the global media had only one topic: Prince Harry's memoir. As if everything and everyone else is worth nothing. As if the world has no other problems to talk about.

So the global media and its technic to brainwash is the best example of how we are treated like YoYo & Chess. Make sure that you don’t fall for all the lies and cheats by the media. Don’t be a YoYo. Don’t be a chess figure. 

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