June 08, 2024

Secret Angels - You never know!

Do you believe in Angels?
Have you ever met an Angel?

While many people will answer my first question with a YES, many of you will probably answer the second question with a NO! 

When we talk about angels, people always assume angels with wings like the ones from fairytales and movies. BUT angels are everywhere around us. Yes, they are. Daily! We just have to recognize them and don't take anyone's kindness, help and support for granted!

Inspired by the kindness of nine secret angels in our little grocery shop around the corner, that we visit for 20 years, I have written the lyrics to remind everyone that we all have secret angels around us. 

The next time when you visit your grocery shop in your neighbourhood, be aware that every product that you see has ended up in your store after a loooong journey. 

We buy all kinds of products weekly for our needs, starting from bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, milk products, honey, chocolate, jam, coffee, Olive oil, flower and all kinds of beverage like orange juice and beauty products not realizing how many people (secret angels) make it possible for us to enjoy our favourite products daily. If it wasn't for the farmworkers far away, the hard-working and low paid factory workers in foreign countries, the truck drivers and finally our market staff stocking our shelves daily at least three times a day, we wouldn't be as happy and satisfied as we are. 

So we don't need to see angels with wings, because we are surrounded by secret angels with hidden wings. The mail man, the milk man, the bus drivers, the taxi driver and so on. All kinds of people working in public sectors near and far in different fields that we might never meet in person could be an angel. 

We saw how desperately we need these people during the pandemic, but sadly humans tend to forget and nag instead of being grateful for all the blessing we have in life. 

This song is a reminder to appreciate every single person who makes your life a little bit easier. Don't take anyone's service for granted because anyone might be a secret angel. 

Secret Angels is the bonus track on the album Legacy4Humanity, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een available at Bandcamp.com. The track will be released as a single only on LilyAmis.Bandcamp.com on the 13th of June 2024! 

Stay tuned...

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