June 16, 2024

Secret Angels - The Lily4Humanity Award!

When you live in a shallow, self-centred (me,me,me) and superficial society where people don't speak the language of love, compassion and kindness, every little act of humanity is valuable, precious and priceless.

Secret Angels is a song inspired by the kindness and humanity of nine hard-working people in the little, unimpressive grocery shop in our neighbourhood. We have done our weekly grocery shopping at the store around the corner for 20 years. And even though the little shop is one of many that we visit monthly, no other staff is as kind, helpful, friendly, polite, welcoming, and heart-warming as these secret angels.

The song is a reminder that we all have helpful angels around us daily, but they never get any recognition or acknowledgment for their hard and usually underpaid jobs.

We shouldn't take anyone's support for granted. While musicians, actors, and sports people get an award for their work, people in retail, public working sectors & Co, never get the recognition that they deserve.

  • Imagine a day without your grocery next door!
  • Imagine a day without bus drivers!
  • Imagine a day without the dustman or mail man!
  • Imagine a day without the field and factory workers far away who make sure that our stores are filled with the products that we need! See what I mean?

  • Secret Angels
     is dedicated to all the daily 
    heroes near and far!

    In June 2024 we have rewarded 13 Secret Angels 
    with a personalized Lily4Humanity award, starting with our Angel of Music Warren Young aka Thir13een and the 9 secret angels working in the grocery shop around the corner.

    A massive THANK YOU to: 
    Marissa Fatima R., Shpresa Z., Arife K., Kadrije R. Liridona X., Janine A., Randolph S., Valon H., Lukas G.

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