April 26, 2024

Amuse.io - My open letter demanding RESPECT for all Indie-Artists!

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Received this answer from AMUSE.IO a few hours after sending this long email below! And these are the people who we trust our work to! It only confirms what I say in my email. A bunch of unqualified, uneducated employees are "looking after our music"! Wake up artists! Distributors and music stores are a bunch of liars and thieves! The streaming system stinks!

Hi Lily,

Thanks for your reply.

We cannot and will not comment on stream rates from the stores. As I mentioned, we apologise for the technical issues and you're able to withdraw your royalties.


Team Amuse

My open letter to Harriet from Amuse.io and the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Roshi Motman 


WOW! So, you are fully aware of all the possible reasons why a music store can be a target by Bots/AI and YET you decide to treat your artists/clients like a criminal?

I really do have to wonder WHY I haven’t received an e-mail months ago. Why haven’t you warned me and informed me about “strange activities” on my account instead of CLOSING it from one day to another without ANY explanation? Why?

You have my full contact information. There are many ways to contact your clients by email and phone. Also, why did you decide to keep my tracks' hostage for weeks and hold back my 2 years payment for months? Sorry, but I don’t buy your “technical problem” excuse because you deliberately ignored all my emails for months! 

If you see anything suspicious, contact the artist right away, inform and explain the problem. Treat artists/your clients with kindness and respect. Protect us and don’t “punish” us. You are here to support indie artists and not to insult and discriminate us. Act with humanity and not like you are fighting a war! Indie artists are not your enemies. How come you don’t treat indie artists/your clients like signed artists with a label, management, and law team? Why don’t you show us the same appreciation, kindness, support, and respect?

NO REASON IN THE WORLD gives you and any other distributor and music store the right to treat indie artists like shit! NOTHING justifies your awful and unlawful treatment. No Bots, No AI, No company policy! No terms of use! NOTHING!!!!

When I promote a new release on social media, which I did on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Groups, and Instagram, I have ZERO CONTROL over who sees my posts, stories, and tweets. I also have ZERO CONTROL of who is listening to my tracks from where and how many times in which store. I use smart links for every release with all the stores such as Apple, iTunes, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer and not only Spotify. And every time after a new release, I get bombarded with DM and Emails regarding promotions from Digital Marketers from around the world.

From the start, I have BLOCKED digital marketers while keeping my social profiles public. After your awful and nasty accusations, I have DELETED my FB account and many more socials to protect myself from more possible damages by charlatans and false accusations and insults by people like you. And now I’m even afraid of running promo campaigns on Groover because of your nasty treatment. I don’t want to experience anything like this ever again by any other distributor.

As I realize now, you’re all the same. You don’t respect indie artists! You don’t support indie artists. You don’t care about indie artists! Not only that, but you don’t give a damn shit about indie artists work and success! Instead of protecting us, you choose to punish and hassle us as you wish, and you call it “your policy”. Well, your policy stinks and is disgraceful!

The reality is if indie artists worldwide would strike and take down all their tracks from one day to another and STOP releasing new music, many if not all the distributors and music stores would be screwed. YOU and every single employee would be jobless. Without our talent and hard work, you are worthless.

Unfortunately, as corrupt, unfair, and shady as the system is right now, you need artists as much as artists need your service. It’s a partnership. And partners respect and support each other and don’t discriminate, insult, and accuse their clients of false allegations.

As you listed, there are plenty of reasons for getting fake streaming. Corrupt playlist curators, BOT playlists, and digital marketers can harm any artist at any time and as often from any place at any store as they wish without the artist’s knowledge!

I have NEVER signed up for your “terms of use” which as I know now, is insulting, accusing, and humiliating indie artists. Your company’s horrible reputation with many other victims/indie artists/clients in online reviews speaks volumes!

I have NEVER broken “your terms of use”. My only huge mistake was to TRUST a distributor who not only doesn’t respect its artists/clients but also gives a damn shit about their hard work, trust, and loyalty.

I signed as an indie artist and trusted you my tracks, thinking that we are having a trustworthy and professional partnership. Never in a million years did I think that two Swedish companies, a distributor, and a music stores such as Spotify would accuse me of fraud, while I am putting my heart and soul (like all indie artists do) into music and charity projects about humanity. 

With the high quality of production, song message, and hard work behind every single track, I don’t need this BS (AI, BOTS) and your nasty, inexcusable, unprofessional, and inhuman treatment!

We witness daily how our corrupt world is falling apart because of incapable, incompetent, unqualified idiots and Godless fortune hunters with zero honesty and transparency and zero moral values ruling our world as presidents, ministers, and governments. But your actions (distributors and stores) are beyond stupidity.

You don’t need a high degree to understand that your claims are baseless. Listen to yourself, blaming and discriminating indie artists for AI streaming while anyone from anywhere at any time can target and attack us is a joke! Not a funny joke though!

We have enough war in the world; we don’t need to fight more war, in an industry where people should find peace, joy, and happiness. People like you SUCK the happiness out of indie artist’s soul with your awful accusations and nasty tone and treatment.

This behaviour is unacceptable! Like a devil, you turn motivation, enthusiasm, excitement, love, and passion into poison. You turn all the light that music brings into artists' lives into darkness! You turn hopes and desires into hope- and helplessness. I wish there was a law to punish you all for your disrespectful, unkind, and heartless treatment. I wish there was a law to punish you for discriminating hard-working indie artists.

Leaving a loyal client/indie artist who has been working hard and trusting you with its babies for 2 years completely and helplessly in the dark for months and only sending an email to say hey, you have no access to your account any more without explaining WHY is the nastiest and most unprofessional and disgusting treatment I have ever experienced.

Looking at my streaming numbers and payment statement history now finally after 2 years, your and Spotify's accusations and awful treatment, and the hassle that I went through in the previous months was all for only 58 Dollars in 2 years!!! Are you serious?  I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. It is pathetic. You should be ashamed.

Do you have any idea how much time and money indie artist invest in their work? And for this ridiculous number of streaming and payment, you decide to CLOSE my artist account while signed artists are making a fortune with streamings? You do realize that the streaming system as it now stinks like your policy. Who came up with this stupid system in the first place?


Guess what? Indie Artists!


Standard song duration = 3:00 minutes


3000 MIN MUSIC: 60 MIN/1 HOUR   =



At the end of the day, indie artists do music because it is their passion. And we all know that only a few people in the world are making a living from music. So the least we expect God damn it is RESPECT! Knowing this harsh and eye-opening reality, making music is supposed to be fun. It shouldn’t suck the energy out of me and waste my time for months with all the consequences that I had to FIX only because of your horrible judgment, disrespectful, rude, and unacceptable policy after two years of “partnership”.

No indie artist in the world should tolerate distributors and music stores' rude, unkind, and inhuman “punishment”. Respect, humanity, and kindness are the keys to success. Accusing, insulting, humiliating, and ignoring messages from your artist after 2 years is wrong and unprofessional.

I hope my experience and online petition #RespectIndieArtistsWork is a lesson for your company and other rude and corrupt distributors and music stores to treat indie artists like human beings and not criminals! ¨

No distributor and music store should have the audacity to insult, accuse its clients and treat them like shit! Companies with ZERO respect, caring, and support for their clients should be shot down immediately.

How should any indie artist ever trust distribution companies and music stores under these challenging, unfair, and shady conditions? There is zero transparency, fairness, honesty, support, and protection from your side!

Mark my words: As the music industry is treating indie artists today, it is only a matter of time, until your corrupt system falls apart and Karma will hit you back! 

As I said before, everything happens for a reason. I'm glad that I'm no longer associated with an unprofessional and discriminating company like yours with no moral values!  

And finally, this is my personal message to your Chief Executive Officer Roshanak Lina Motman: “Khanoome Roshanake mohtaram, mamlekate ma, watane ma be Kesafat keschide schod bekhatere na mardi, bi khodaie, tohmat wa doroughaye amsale schoma ke nemidoni ensaniat wa mardomdari tschie. Khianat be hamwatan mikoni? Baraye hamine ke mamlekate ma be in rooze siah oftade! Khoda khodesch schahede. Akharesh bayad jawabguye khoda baschi. Pule haram, pule dardo waram mische. Zerangie ziad jawunmargi miare. Jujaro akhare paiz mischmoran. Moafagh baschi! “

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  1. Amuse is absolutely useless and they then turn their incompetence around and blame the artists. They told me they couldn't monetise a music video for me because there was a problem with it. I asked for months what the problem was and how I could fix it and they NEVER gave me a straight answer. I changed distributor and it was fine straightaway ???!!!