May 02, 2024

Legacy4Humanity Album - Tuneloud Magazine Cover April 2024!

The previous two months have been very eye-opening and extremely challenging. It was emotionally exhausting, and I am annoyed for weeks about the lack of respect, transparency and fairness in this corrupt streaming industry! 

As you have seen on this blog, on Instagram and on Twitter, I have started an online petition demanding more RESPECT for indie artists work worldwide #RespectIndiArtistsWork. 

I feel that the upcoming changes by Spotify and other stores are a sign that they are realizing that indie artists are not a bunch of clueless, naive, stupid dreamers! We see what is happening, and we stand up and raise our voice! We demand the respect that we deserve! 

All these distributors and music stores are nothing and no one without the hard work, passion and love for music daily produced, published and promoted by the amazing indie artist community. 

Like the British Post Office Scandal, this corrupt global streaming system will fail soon. They no longer can insult and disrespect indie artists with false and fraud accusations using AI as an excuse to take down tracks, closing artist accounts and keeping royalties to themselves! It is criminal, and these people soon have to be taken accountable for their awful and unlawful actions and treatment!

While I'm fighting this system along other incredible indies, I'm happy and exited to share the Tuneloud Music Magazine Cover from April/May 2024! Thir13een and I are on the cover of this great indie music magazine, promoting our album Legacy4Humanity in a 4-page feature in the print and digital edition. This cover is a highlight and celebration of a dream-team collaborating for two years! 

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