March 21, 2024 - The ridiculous "APOLOGY" after A MONTH!

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Received 18. March 2024 from

Harriet from amuse

Hi Lily,

Thanks for your email, and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

Your releases were taken down as there are clear signs of streamfarming - please be careful about the companies you use when promoting your releases.

As part of the deactivation process, your releases should have been taken down. Unfortunately there was a technical error and this didn't happen.

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention, as we've now rectified the issue and your releases have been taken down.


Team Amuse

My open letter to Harriet from and the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Roshi Motman 

Harriet, interestingly but not surprisingly, you only "apologize" for not taking down my tracks on time, but NO words about amuses awful, nasty and totally unfair and wrong treatment to an innocent artist and partner after two years! 

Who are you kidding? Streamfarming? Technical error? If I hadn't posted my open-letter to your Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of your company AB, Miss Roshanak Lina Motman, my tracks wouldn't been taken down at all! That's how companies like yours toy with indie-artists. 

Making accusations and insulting artists in a time, when ANYONE and I literally mean ANYONE from ANYWHERE can hack accounts, use BOTS and AI to cause damage on the internet, is the most ridiculous action and accusation this company could have done to me as a serious writer, blogger and lyricist! 

  • Why on earth, would I want BOTS when every single track of mine has a message about kindness, honesty, respect, support and humanity! Why? 
  • Why, on earth, would I want fake streamings with the high quality of production and vocal. I'm blessed to be working with the most gifted artist on the planet. I don't need this BS! We don't need this BS!  

How dare your company accuses and insults me when you don't know anything about me and my story? As opposite to fame and fortune hunters, my motto and motivation is and has been for a decade as an indie-writer, blogger and lyricist: 

"If I inspire one single person with my books and music, I'm happy and satisfied!"

Most indie-artists motivation is genuine. They put all their time, energy, love and passion into their work to make a statement and leave a legacy. It is shameful, unlawful and disrespectful to accuse indie-artists!!!!! 

You would never ever allow yourself to treat a signed artist like this, never! Why? Not because you are kind, but because of the legal actions the management and record company would take!  

All I know is that I promote my music like every other signed and indie-artist and when this happened I was running a promotion campaign for my song Ping Pong & Puzzle. Is now also accusing a company as huge as GROOVER for offering fake services? What have they done, when and where? Is everyone now in the industry a criminal in your eyes except your fraud company with questionable Terms & Policy? 

Well, with this open letter, I give and your Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Miss Roshanak Lina Motman the chance to apologize for your insults, false and disgusting accusations, nasty and disrespectful treatment. Also, it is your duty as a registered distribution company to transfer two years of my royalty before I'm forced to take legal actions! 

I'm very sorry, but I don't accept and tolerate unlawful actions, inhumanity and injustice! If you had listened to my tracks that you were holding hostage, you would have known WHO you are accusing! I may be an indie-artist without a record company and legal team behind me, but my lawyer is GOD! You should be ashamed for your unkind and rude behaviour with indie-artists! I don't even want to know how many other indie-artists your company is insulting, discriminating, closing accounts and keeping their royalties! 

I'm not making your inhuman, unlawful and unprofessional discrimination public just for myself, but for all the innocent indie-artists out there that are being treated badly and discriminated and used! 

I expect your apology and payment until end of March 2024! If I don't hear back, I will take legal action and make this story public in the Swiss, Germany, Austria, UK and Swedish media! 


Lily Amis 

(proud indie-writer, blogger and lyricist, represented by my lawyer GOD)

#stopdiscrimination #respectindieartists 

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