April 23, 2024

#RespectIndieArtistsWork online petition on Phonenix FM Radio!

Sign & Support the #RespectIndieArtistsWork online petition!

Indie Artists and indie music lovers, your support matters now more than ever!

My awful and unlawful experience with my music distributor made me start the online petition #RespectIndieArtistsWork. The disrespectful treatment and tone remind me a lot of the National Post Office scandal in the United Kingdom. Only this is a global issue!

Just look at the location of the people who have signed the petition so far. Indie artists are everywhere and according to statistics, 100,000 tracks are released daily. Yes, you read it right: DAILY! Now imagine how much the distributors and stores keep when they withhold royalties of artists whom they accuse and blame for using AI, while ANYONE out there can place their music in BOT playlists without the artist's knowledge. Indie artists end up being THE potential fraudsters and have to tolerate the punishment and humiliation. This is unfair and unacceptable!

What is also unacceptable is the fact, that these companies know very well that indie artists without a label, management, and law team can’t do anything about it. According to my research, there is not even an organization to hold these companies accountable for their unlawful, disrespectful and discriminating actions!

It is just a matter of time until more artists speak out. Indie artists need more transparency and fairness to be able to continue their journey!

If you agree, please sign, support, and share the petition!


Thank you & God bless, Lily Amis

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