March 21, 2024

Artists Attention! Protect your work!

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This post is a reminder: Protect your work. Don’t forget, you, and only you, are the full copyright holder of your music. Not your distribution company and surely not the music stores!

And yet, my 13 tracks that I released from 2022 to 2024, were held HOSTAGE for over a month by my previous distributor,!

After I was falsely accused with baseless accusations of buying streaming/Bots, they deactivated my account, sent an email (see my previous post), and didn’t bother to take down my tracks for over an entire month.

Without any logical explanation or proof, the Swedish music distribution company deactivated my artist account without informing me in advance and letting me know what had happened where and when. This happened only three days before my song “HomeTown” was supposed to be released. To this date, I still have NO CLUE what exactly happened, when, where and why they closed my artist account and denied me access to my tracks and royalties after two years of "partnership"!

What kind of professional company with decent and kind employees treats its partner like this? What kind of human beings treat other human beings like a criminal? Such awful treatment makes me wonder about the audacity of these distribution companies in general.

  • Who do they think they are?
  • What gives them the right to insult, humiliate, and accuse people?
  • What gives them the right to use their CORRUPT “Terms & Policy” as an excuse to end a partnership without further notice and explanation, deny access to your account & work and steal your money?
  • What gives them the right to be disrespectful and NASTY?

Is this even legal? In my opinion, this is criminal. This is corrupt. They obviously forget that they would be NOTHING AND NOBODY without artists, especially independent artists. If every single indie artist would stop making music and publishing through these companies, ALL these distribution and music stores would be screwed. THIS IS A FACT! SO THEY BETTER TREAT ARTISTS WITH RESPECT!

Independent Artists: Be aware! Corrupt companies like take advantage of you for being an indie-artist without a record company, management and legal team behind you.

So be careful and protect your work by choosing a professional and serious distribution partner. Make sure all your work is correctly registered and listed in the music stores. Keep a record of every single song registration number (ISRC/UPC). You have to control everything like a professional record company. Be your own lawyer and don’t allow anyone to screw you! Remember, the best lawyer of all is God, and God is always watching these godless creatures and thieves!

Distributors: Ladies and gentlemen, for the love of God, don’t belittle and destory artists. Don’t insult artists. Treat independent artists like you treat signed artists! We are not stupid, and we don’t allow you to treat us like shit!

Because of a corrupt, disrespectful and nasty company, I had to put my writing projects aside and deal with this BS in the previous four weeks. I sent several emails and nothing happened. They ignored my messages completely until I posted my open letter here on my blog (see my previous blog post) on Saturday!

Surprise! Surprise! Then on Monday I suddenly received an email, which I will share in my next blog post. It took only 2 working days to finally take down my tracks and finish the damage that they have caused me for over a month!!!! has not only insulted me as a serious artist, they also wasted my precious time. I had to find a new distributor and write emails to the music stores back and forth to make sure that the new releases replaced the old releases. This was a nightmare experience itself, about which I will write a separate blog post.

And this was my last email before I posted the open letter here on my blog: 


Amuse - My takedown request!

Hi, almost a month is over, and I still haven’t heard back from your team!

You have recently UNFAIRLY decided to deactivate my artist account without informing me in advance. Also, you are not allowing me to withdraw my royalties for 2 Years!! This has caused a lot of extra work and research. To this date, I still have no clue why you made this unkind and unfair decision.

Your awful and unkind client treatment is something that I have never ever experienced before. I’m still speechless and questioning your countries' and companies' humanity.

Never mind, I believe strongly that everything happens for a reason. Maybe your awful and unfair treatment is the BEST thing that could happen to me. Now that I see how you treat hard-working independent artists, I’m glad that our "partnership" has ended. I have no interest in working with a company with a questionable understanding of collaboration and partnership.

Therefore, I’m sending you an IMMEDIATE TAKEDOWN REQUEST for all my 13 tracks released between 2022 and 2024. I’m attaching the ISRC numbers and song titles. I don’t want to be connected in any way with AMUSE on platforms and music stores such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, etc.

Also, keeping my royalties is another issue in itself. I will consider taking legal steps. I recommend you send me my money and we end this unpleasant case.

I’m waiting for your reply!

Lily Amis

Use these # in your IG posts/stories and tweets, if you agree!

#stopdiscrimination #respectindieartists 

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