March 21, 2024

Dealing with music stores as the copyright holder!

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Artists, are you aware that even as the Copyright holder of your work, you don’t have much to say when it comes to the music stores and your artist profile?

When deactivated my account, my first thought was I have to find a way to make my music accessible ASAP for everyone until this mess is over. A music journalist advised me to upload my tracks on, which I immediately did before I searched for a new distributor.

Once decided, I had a chat with Spotify Artist Support, and they calmed me down and said, I shouldn’t be worried. Once my tracks were released through a new distributor, a Track-linking based on the MetaData would automatically happen, when I upload the same cover and track. And they assured me that I wouldn’t lose my statistics because the system would recognize that it is the same track!

Wishful thinking!!!! In reality, after the release on March 13th, 2024 the ONLY STORE in which the track-linking actually worked was Spotify and Instagram. In all other stores, my tracks were duplicate content on my artist page. I could see the release through and my new distributor, Tunecore, which is absolute none-sense.

Dozens of emails back and forth, and I kept receiving the same "standard answer" from the stores. I'm sharing some of them here at the end of this post.

This got me thinking and questioning online stores in general. As an indie writer, I have published several books and e-books in different languages. So I decided to unpublish and even delete some of my book titles. And to my surprise, I had no problem at all. I had full control over my books/my babies, which artists in the field of music don’t have as they should! 

These answers from Tidal, Deezer, and Apple Store show you what I mean! For them, what matters are labels and distributors and not the artists, the copyright holder! 

Isn’t this shocking and mind-blowing? The whole distribution and streaming business is such a fraud and should be changed! This is absolute none-sense! 

By the way contacting YouTube and Amazon Music Support was the worst experience of all. You don’t go anywhere! A total nightmare!  It is mind-blowing how dysfunctional the artist support is by these global names/brands are! One really has to wonder!  

Artists, at the end of this post, I have a helpful list for you if you ever end up in the same situation as I have! 

Tidal Music

Hi Lily,
Thank you for your patience. Our content team kindly advises you to reach out directly to your label or distributor to remove this content. Content of your artist profile is public information which we receive from third parties, including your label or distributor, and cannot be removed unilaterally by us.
We appreciate your understanding on this matter.

Tidal Support



Deezer Music


Thank you for your message.

As per artist or label, your works are provided to Deezer via a third-party distribution company. The distributor ensures the rights coverage, the metadata quality, and the accuracy of the information delivered to Deezer.

Should you want to remove or modify content, switch distribution company, plan to deliver new versions, or change your artist name significantly (more than adding/removing an accent or a capital letter), contact your distributor directly. If you're independently distributing your music via a DIY platform, you can find some support URLs at the bottom of this message.

Should someone have uploaded or is using your works without your permission (vocal part, instrumental/composition part, cover picture, trademark), when you have ALL rights to distribute content delivered by another company:

send a DMCA notice to to claim a copyright infringement

Apple Music

Hello Lily,

Regarding the duplicate content on your artist page, please continue to work with your provider to resolve this issue as they are the only one that can remove your content from the stores. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. 

If you have additional questions related to this request, please reference case number.

Best regards,
Apple Inc.

Dear Artists, if you ever end up in the same awful situation like I have, here is a list of helpful links, that Tunecore Artist support has kindly sent me. Submit a DCMA notification via one of the streaming platforms. Please see below:

There are multiple options to do this. The first is to submit your claim to a store or streaming platform where you see the content live. Once stores receive a DMCA Notification of Claimed Infringement they will remove it from their front end, pending investigation, and alert the distributor who delivered the content. The distributor will then remove the content from all stores.

          You can submit an infringement claim to Spotify here:

         You can submit an infringement claim to YouTube here:

        You can submit a claim to Apple Music/ iTunes here:

          You can submit a claim to Deezer via

          You can submit a claim to Amazon here:

          You can submit a claim to TikTok here:

        You can submit a claim to Instagram here:

          You can submit a claim to Facebook here:

Please note that you only need to submit one DMCA Notification of Claimed Infringement. You do not need to submit your claim to multiple platforms. If you have any other questions, please reach out!

#stopdiscrimination #respectindieartists 

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