April 05, 2024

Amuse.io is misusing its "power" with new policy!

You would think, they would STOP sending me emails after they have ended my contract and kept my royalties of 2 years! But NO, I keep receiving these emails from my former corrupt distributor who is treating its artists like criminals! 

Artists pay close attention to these distribution companies corrupt policy! Now more than ever, you have to protect your work and your reputation! 

Because of AI and BOTS you can become easily a target like I have, and these distribution companies will misuse their "power over you and your work" and keep your royalties or even charge you extra! 

This is the modern way of robbery happening to Indie-Artists worldwide! 

You should read these parts from the NEW Terms of use! 


You keep 100% of your royalties that we actually receive from the Stores, unless you have royalty splits without a Subscription (as further detailed in our Subscription Terms of Use), with the exception of any third party aggregator fees, applicable taxes due from you by law, payment and banking fees incurred, and amounts to cover any administrative costs and cost of sales, including the handling of money and payments on your behalf. You are to the fullest extent responsible for paying all applicable taxes according to the tax laws of your country.

We also reserve the right, without notice, to withdraw from your earnings (or otherwise charge you) 10 EUR per Recording per month (or the then current equivalent in any other currency) (the “Fee”) if we or any of the Stores (in our or a Store’s sole discretion) identify any fraudulent, manipulated, artificial and/or illegal streaming activity in respect of the Recording in question. Regardless of any splits set up with other Amuse users for such Recording, the Fee will be withdrawn from the owner of the Amuse Account.

In addition, we may take any of the following action without notice where we determine in our sole discretion that you are, have been or may have been involved in fraudulent, artificial, manipulated or illegal conduct, that you have uploaded infringing Recordings or are otherwise in breach of the Agreements:

a. Deduct any and all required sums (including the Fee) from any accrued balance of royalty earnings credited to your Amuse Account; and/or

b. Deduct any and all required sums (including the Fee) from any future royalty earnings which would otherwise have been credited to your Amuse Account; and/or

c. Charge any and all required sums (including the Fee) to your chosen payment method (such as a debit card, credit card or PayPal account).

Like I say in my song BOWLING: 

Mighty hungry fortune hunters
Breaking News: Surprise, surprise, No one lives forever
No money in this world is gone last forever
You’re born with no moral values in your bones
No flame in the world will unfreeze your heart that is made of stone
Filling your bank accounts with filthy money
only creates misery for your soul destiny
The aftermath: Black Karma will hunt you for eternity
Not only you but your legacy for decades over centuries
Not only you but your legacy for decades over centuries
Centuries, centuries

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