March 25, 2024 holding back royalties is haram!

The shocking and unpleasant experience with my former music distributor was a red flag for me as an indie writer and indie lyricist! 

As an artist we put lots of time, effort, energy and money into our projects knowing that we, and only we are the only copyrighter. Then we share our work with the world and trust distribution companies. I'm writing and publishing books/e-books for a decade and have been releasing songs for two years now.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that a company would be as CORRUPT as this Swedish music distributor, 
Not only was I insulted and accused falsely after two years of "partnership", now they are also holding back my royalties!!! Yes, that's how these companies discriminate indie-artists. 

Accusing and insulting someone with false accusations is not nasty, unkind, disrespectful and inhuman enough. They also have the audacity to hold back the royalties! 

In my case I was planing to donate my royalties to the Swiss Charity CBM, the Christoffel Blind Mission, which I wrote and released an awareness song for "My Vision" and for which I'm currently working on a book to bring the founder Mister Ernst Christoffels legacy to life. He was a hero and has done so much in the Orient, especially in Iran, where he is now buried in Isfahan! 

Now is holding back my royalties that were supposed to help blind children. This action is not only unlawful and criminal but most importantly it is HARAM! Amuses company policy is not amusing at all. It is disgusting to say the least when you know you haven't done anything wrong and all you want is to help people in need!

I have lost my trust in these companies and have unpublished over 60 books of mine last week to make sure this doesn't happen to my books as well. These days, with BOTS and AI, you can easily become a target and lose money. 

Author & Artists, protect your work. Don't trust these distribution companies, who only exist thanks to our hard work. If authors & artists stopped writing, publishing and releasing their work, these global distribution companies would be screwed! 

The truth is, they are NOTHING and NO ONE without our work. They certainly won't leave a legacy like we do. That's why we have to demand more respect and STOP their unlawful, criminal and HARAM actions! 

Like I say in my song BOWLING: 

Mighty hungry fortune hunters
Breaking News: Surprise, surprise, No one lives forever
No money in this world is gone last forever
You’re born with no moral values in your bones
No flame in the world will unfreeze your heart that is made of stone
Filling your bank accounts with filthy money
only creates misery for your soul destiny
The aftermath: Black Karma will hunt you for eternity
Not only you but your legacy for decades over centuries
Not only you but your legacy for decades over centuries
Centuries, centuries

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