March 16, 2024 take down my tracks - open letter!

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This is an open letter to the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Swedish Distribution company Amuseio AB, Miss Roshanak Lina Motman  

Amuseio AB 
Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer
Roshanak Lina Motman  (Roshi Motman)
Kammakargatan 48,
111 60 Stockholm, Sweden

Date: 16. March 2024, Switzerland

Miss Roshanak Motman

I’m contacting you today directly because your company has been ignoring my emails for over a month! has deactivated my artist account without any information in advance.

Your BOT Support Chat explained the following: If you've received a notification saying your account has been frozen or deactivated, it means your account has been terminated for breaching our Terms of Use. The majority of the streams on your released material have been flagged as fake by our system. This can happen if you for example use an illegitimate promotion service that guarantees a specific number of streams.

Well, I have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. I ran campaigns on GROOVER for my releases. I contact Playlist curators, Media outlets, radio stations, do social media promotions, etc like EVERY other independent and signed artist on this planet, and as far as I know, this is not criminal and against the law!!!!

WHO is streaming from WHERE and HOW many times my tracks is out of my hand!!!! Also, why on earth would an independent artist/lyricist with this quality of music, whose main reason for writing is raising awareness and spreading messages about humanity, consider buying fake streams/bots? Who are you fooling? This doesn’t even make sense! The entire music distribution and store industry, which is making a fortune, would be screwed without indie artist's work! The lack of support by the stores is one thing, but the lack of respect is mind-blowing!

Deactivating my artist account with false and insulting allegations and stealing my royalties is one thing, BUT not taking down my tracks from stores is corrupt. Your company has NO right to keep my work/my music which I have full copyright!

  • Your company has decided to close my artist count without any further notice: Fine.
  • Your company has decided to keep the income: Fine. Stealing money from hard-working independent artists is corrupt and criminal. But never mind, I strongly believe in Karma! That’s all I have to say.
  • Your company has decided not to take down my tracks from stores even after a month: Not fine!

Not allowing artists to have access to their accounts and releases is wrong. You have no right to keep other people’s property hostage: in this case, the music tracks!

So, with this open letter, I ask your company once again to take down my 13 tracks IMMEDIATELY from all stores. This should have happened a month ago, when you closed my artist account for no reason!

If they don’t take down my 13 tracks from 24 stores (Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music and Video, Amazon Music, SoundCloud etc.) in 249 countries this week, I will as copyright holder take legal action! 


Lily Amis (Independent Lyricist) 

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