March 08, 2024

Bowling - A rap song with a deep message!

We have seen this for decades now. The mainstream media has so much power over us and ever since Social media, we are even more brainwashed and manipulated than the generations before us. 

During the pandemic, it became clearer and clearer that we have to protect ourselves from too much rubbish information. All these headlines, false stories and exaggerations were not healthy for our peace of mind. 

And if this is not enough, we keep witnessing a new war after another. Two years ago, the Ukraine Russian war surprised the world, especially Europe, and now the Israel Gaza war is making headlines daily. Will these human tragedies ever end? I guess not, as long as humans are selfish fame and fortune-hunters, our world won't find peace. 

BOWLING is an anti-war rap song. A wake-up call for mighty hungry, fame, and fortune hunters. A reminder that money and power are not everything in life. It won't last for eternity, but Karma does. It is also a song against the mainstream media, which way too often misuses its power, manipulates and brainwashes us with headline-lies and "fictional" breaking news stories without a bad conscience.

Like YoYo & Chess and Ping Pong & Puzzle, BOWLING is a song about people who play with people. It's about the game of life.

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