November 03, 2022

ITV, are you serious?


I haven’t been posting anything in October, because I'm heartbroken and in shock about the recent events in Iran. But today I got so upset that I have to write this blog post.

While innocent young people are fighting for freedom in Iran and falling like tree leaves, today ITVs main concern in the “Good morning Britain” and “Lorraine” show are the CORRECT pronunciation of Adel’s name. Are you serious? 

We know that the media is corrupt and manipulative. Trust me, everyone with a little bit of IQ is aware of your games. But this tops everything. Making a story out of nothing just to fill your airtime while instead you could use your platform and be the voice for innocent young people in Iran is shameful.

While in Germany the TV channels Sat 1 and Pro Sieben make a supportive and strong statement at “The Voice of Germany” in the semi-final show and stand up with the helpless women in Iran, you waste your airtime and the viewer's precious lifetime with nonsense. 

Who cares how Adele’s name is pronounced correctly? Honestly, it’s time to finally wake up and take some responsibility as so-called “Journalists” and “TV hosts”!

Since Mahsa Amini's death on September 16th, dozens of children have lost their lives for nothing! FOR NOTHING! Every day that goes by more people are losing their life for freedom. And you think Adele’s name pronunciation is more relevant? This is your BREAKING NEWS?

WAKE UP! Look at these victims' pictures below and ask yourself, what is wrong with you? When have you lost your sense of humanity and responsibility as serious journalists? 

Every single person who sees all these horrible images and videos about Iran and decides to stay calm, ignore it, and say nothing about it has no heart or sense for humanity. Honestly, I feel so sorry for you and pray for your soul! 

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