November 17, 2022

The Three of us - The song cover!

The other day, I read a quote on a calendar in German in my doctor's office waiting room saying: "Was nützt es, wenn wir mehrere Sprachen sprechen, solange wir nicht die Geduld aufbringen, einander zuzuhören" which means  "What is the use of speaking several languages when we don't have the patience to listen to each other".

This is so true! People don't listen. Why? Because they don't care! When we go through tough times, we find out who our REAL friends are. From our own experience, we know that people turned their backs and let us down when we needed them the most. And the few that remain only took advantage of our helplessness. 

Looking back at the challenging, and lonely decades, I'm extremely proud of my mum and myself that despite all the negativity in our life, human disappointment, and heartbreak we made it! We managed to survive and only got stronger! 

I remember the days when we felt lost and hopeless and all we desperately needed was some kind of emotional support. Kindness and compassion from family members and so-called friends, but no ONE was there. 

And yet, my mum and I were never completely alone. In our darkest hours, there was always a higher power with us. And that is my inspiration for my new song, "The Three of us", which will be released on the 22. November 2022 and available on all streaming platforms. It is the follow-up song to "The Stolen Years".

Even though it is our story, I think many lonely and hopeless people will be able to relate to the song lyrics. Especially those who have experienced war and the fear of dying. Single mothers who had to raise a child on their own without any kind of emotional support from a husband or family members will feel our pain and hopefully find some comfort in the beautiful melody, the incredible voice from my featured artist Thir13een, and the lyrics. 

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