December 02, 2022

TUNE in Colorado USA!

The greatest thing about living in this time right now is the unlimited and unimaginable possibilities. While people who know you don’t bother to support your projects, miles apart on another continent incredible people like DTong play your music on their live shows and support Indie artists like me. 

Happy to inform you that my two connected songs THE STOLEN YEARS and THE THREE OF US have been played on the BEST Indie Music Show on the radio and on the Internet hosted by DTong along with other great Indie artists from around the world. DTong is playing the hottest new independent music. His shows air on MusicMondays, MusicFridays, and Midweeks.

The great thing is if you can’t catch the show live, you can check it out anytime at several platforms archives!

Apple Podcasts:


TuneIn Radio:


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