May 28, 2024

HomeTown - ZekisWorld!

Do you remember my blog post about the inspiration for writing my song lyric “HomeTown”? 

It was back in November 2023 when we met my mum's old working colleague after 30 years at an Italian restaurant nearby. We felt very uncomfortable and misplaced, and we wished we could fly away right away. But everything happens for a reason and thanks to this afternoon, my 12th track was born: HomeTown, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een.

This week, almost six months later, we visited the same restaurant because it has a new owner. It is no longer an Italian restaurant but a Kebab & More shop owned by Zeki Bulgurcu, a successful entrepreneur, rapper, Award-winning social media influencer, entertainer, and comedian in Switzerland.

We LOVE Kebab and when we heard that Zeki is the owner and opening his very first restaurant in our neighbourhood, we thought we would surely give it a try and support this multi-talented Turkish man.

We went 10 days after the Grand opening for lunch. As already expected, there was a long line of hungry people from every nationality and generation waiting impatiently to try out THE BEST KEBAB IN TOWN.

Honestly, the restaurant atmosphere couldn’t be more different than it was in years. It was friendly, welcoming, and positive despite the huge number of guests. The food was delicious with high quality. They also offer traditional Turkish sweets and desserts. So it is a great place to stop by for a tea or coffee break as well.

While we were enjoying our Kebab, Zeki was at his restaurant having lunch with his team as well. Many young guests recognized him and asked him for pictures. He was the perfect friendly gentleman and host, spoke to everyone, and took pictures. Zeki was very generous and even invited me to an Ayran (A refreshing Turkish drink made from three ingredients: yogurt, salt, and water) which took me right back to my childhood in my birth town Teheran.

What is our takeaway from our lunch at Zekis World?  

Well, it is not the location that matters, but the people who run and visit a restaurant. Months earlier I felt so sad and depressed after our afternoon tea at this same restaurant but thanks to this young man, I realized that music is not the only great thing that unites people from all generations and nationalities but also great food in a nice atmosphere at a popular location.

Zeki is an inspiration for all the young and older foreigners in Switzerland who have had to face obstacles, bureaucracy, discrimination, racism, and bullying for ages because of their name, look, religion, birthplace, social status, and level of education. He has achieved everything that foreigner’s dream of in a narrow-minded country with all its prejudice and injustice towards foreigners in general.

It truly is a pleasure and a great experience to witness “Success” at its best! Dreams do come true when you believe in yourself and your goals and don’t give up and allow anyone to hold you back, regardless of any law and discrimination!

We give Zekis World 5 stars out of 5! 

We finally have found a place where we feel like home!  

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