May 19, 2024

#RespectIndieArtistsWork - My Take Downs!

After two years, I finally have an insight into the streaming numbers and store payments according to my previous corrupt distributor statement. I don’t trust them, and therefore I can’t say if any of it is legit and 100% reliable. However, the numbers have been eye-opening and a wake-up call! 

Let me make something clear. I have never ever started the journey as an indie writer and lyricist to make a profit, even though I like anyone else need to make an income while living in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

My main goal from the start with writing and publishing books and writing and releasing music has been raising awareness about delicate topics close to my heart. If I were a fortune & fame hunter, I should have stopped writing, publishing, and releasing already after my first book (my memoir DESTINATION FREEDOM back in 2014) and my first song release “80 Million People, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een" back in 2022.

But I’m an artist, and most artists survive this corrupt world, unpleasant reality and disgusting society by being creative in their field of interest. We do it because we love it despite the outcome and respond. 

Knowing that we won’t see any profit, the least we can expect is at least some respect and dignity! After my recent awful and unlawful experience and disgusting treatment by the Swedish distribution company based in Stockholm, I have started the online petition #RespectIndieArtistsWork to warn other indie artists before they have to go through the same BS treatment as I have after two years of “partnership” with a company whose policy is to disrespect, insult and accuse indie-artists!

My takeaway from this BS treatment: I have taken down my music from Amazon Music, Apple/iTunes, Audiomack, and SoundCloud for NOW! I am considering taking down my tracks from more stores in the upcoming months! I have too much self-respect for myself as a human being and for my wonderful tracks to allow anyone to disrespect me and my work ever again.

Why these stores? I tell you why. 

Amazon Music for Artists is the most user-unfriendly platform of all. You can't contact anyone and get a proper answer.

Apple and iTunes are also difficult to contact and show zero respect toward artists' requests. 

Audiomack, because I had to write several emails until they finally did their job.

SoundCloud was the only store that did what I asked for without hesitation, but because of the lack of numbers and followers, I chose to close my account once and for all.

I no longer plant flowers in people’s gardens who don’t water them 

I no longer make my music available in stores that don’t appreciate them

Why should I continue to bring traffic to websites/platforms with nothing in return? Why?

Music is healing. Unfortunately, the music business side is exhausting and disgusting because of the lack of respect, honesty, and transparency! 

I hope you never have to experience what I have in the recent weeks and can continue your journey with joy, positive vibes, and hopes as this journey should be! Keep up the great work! 

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