May 17, 2024

#RespectIndieArtistsWork - Article by Toneflame music blog!

Respect Indie Artists Work - by ToneFlame 

Lily Amis, an artist with a fervent dedication to social justice, has also embarked on a new mission, one that resonates deeply within the heart of the independent music industry. With her petition #RespectIndieArtistsWork hosted on GoPetition, she strives to illuminate and reform the unjust distribution system that plagues independent musicians.

In a remarkable twist of fate, Lily’s journey into activism commenced with a previous petition, #HumanityB4Nationality, advocating for the rights of refugees. Now, as she unveils her latest musical endeavor, the album Legacy4Humanity, she finds herself once again on the digital frontlines, spearheading a cause close to her heart.

With unwavering determination, Lily endeavors to amplify the voices of indie artists who pour their essence into their craft, often without the support of labels, managers, or legal teams. Through her petition, she sheds light on the staggering disparity between the toil and dedication invested by indie artists and the scant rewards they receive in return.

The name of her petition, “Respect Indie Artists Work,” encapsulates the essence of her crusade. Lily emphasizes that it’s not merely about respecting the music itself but acknowledging the sheer labor and sacrifice that underpin each release. Independent artists are not only creators but also their own promoters, managers, and publicists, navigating the complex landscape of media and social media promotion with limited resources, while earning far less than even the most modestly paid professions.

Through her petition, Lily aims to spark a transformative dialogue, advocating for a fairer, more equitable ecosystem where indie artists receive the recognition and compensation they rightfully deserve. 

Go and read the petition details and help champion the cause of indie artists here!

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