May 23, 2024 - The damages are beyond disgusting!

Disgusting treatment! Corrupt company policy! Wasting artists time! 


Artists as you know by now, my previous distributor AMUSE has caused me a lot of damage in the previous months by closing my artist account from one day to another without informing me WHY for weeks!

The more time goes by, the more I see the damages they have created by denying me access to my account and taking down my tracks. It is beyond upsetting. 

I don’t understand how people allow themselves to treat other people like shit and just go away with it! Such unkind, cruel, unprofessional, and unacceptable, disgusting treatment should have consequences! 

Not only was I accused of false allegations, but now I see that so much time and effort that I have put into my music promotion was thrown into the toilet! Disgusting!

One example is adding my song lyrics to my song releases through Musicmatch. Hours of work just gone because of the most corrupt distribution company on earth that I’ve trusted blindly for 2 years!

While my songs are released again (only in selected stores for now!), the lyrics are no longer available on social media like Instagram and in stores such as Spotify.

Well, I'm not gone invest more time in adding lyrics when they can be removed that easily! I’m glad that I have released my album Legacy4Humanity on And I’m grateful to know the song, the cover, and the lyrics are all safe and sound in one place and can only be removed by me, the copyright holder!

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