May 24, 2024

HomeTown Search – A Day in Solothurn!

This month we have been busy researching and discovering new places only an hour away by train from our city, Zurich. We are looking for a new home town after 30 decades!

I can’t believe that we never visited this gorgeous little baroque town before. It really is like a fairytale and definitely worth a visit. The most impressive buildings are the two churches in the heart of the little downtown. The St. Ursen Cathedral and The Jesuit Church, thought to be one of the most beautiful baroque buildings in Switzerland. 

We can picture how gorgeous this place looks in winter with Christmas lighting and the smell of Christmas cookies, sweets, and hot chocolate in all the little coffee shops and restaurants. You also find all kinds of national brands despite the small size of the downtown.

We really enjoyed our day trip and could imagine living there if this town wasn’t on the top list of crime statistics in Switzerland. This is unfortunately a deal-breaker!

But if you visit Switzerland and love Baroque as much as we do, take the direct train from Zurich Main station and dive into a little fairytale for a day while enjoying ice cream in the summer next to the lake and hot chocolate in one of the many little coffee shops in winter!

We give Solothurn 5 stars out of 5 despite the criminal numbers!

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