January 05, 2024

Ping Pong & Puzzle - You can’t miss what you never had!

On January the 13th I’m releasing a very personal track. Ping Pong & Puzzle, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een is a pop song about letting go of people and past.

The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to let go. Life is too beautiful and short and time is too precious. Life could be so wonderful, if people wouldn’t hurt and disappoint us and reject our love.

I’ve learned that it is a waste of time to question everything and blame myself for people’s nasty behavior, selfish actions and thoughtless decisions. You can’t force anyone to love you. You can’t also force anyone to care about you, regardless of the relationship you have. Be it blood-related, relatives or just friends who have hurt you repeatedly, learn to let go and move on. Those who deserve you stay in your life and those who don’t appreciate you are simply not worth the love, care, time, effort and energy.

Trust me; I know what I’m talking about. My father left us at the age of 5 for another woman (one of many more wifes to come). My stepfather left us at the age of 12 for many other women at the same time. Two selfish, heart, conscienceless and godless creatures who probably to this date don’t understand how much damage they have done and how much pain and sorrow they have caused.

While I curse my stepfather every single day (yes, I do until my last breath!) for all the emotional and physical pain that he has caused my mother and me, I actually have tried to find my father for my own peace of mind. I hired a lawyer and found out that I have two half-siblings (from two different women). What shocked me the most was to find out that my father has DELETED me from his legal documents. As if I’ve never existed! Who does that? Only an awful soul with a heart of stone.

Well, I do exist and I’m damn proud of who I have become thanks to my strong, independent and sacrificing mother. Despite the many negative experiences in life she is always optimistic and positive. Why? Because of her faith, heart of gold, strong personality, kindness, honesty and generosity.

Life is a two way street. At some point I had to accept that my father had absolutely no interest in re-connecting with his first child. My two half-siblings (a sister and a brother) blocked me on Facebook after me reaching out to them. You know what? It’s their lost and not mine. As I said, you can’t force anyone to care about you regardless of relationship. These people are not meant to be in my life and I trust God, that there is a good reason for that! Also, you cant miss what you never had! 

Stay tuned for my liberating and uplifting song “Ping Pong & PuzzleLily Amis feat. Thir13een, available on all streaming platforms. If you like the song, please don’t forget to add it to your playlist and share it with everyone who has or is suffering and fighting depression.

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