January 18, 2024

Ping Pong & Puzzle - Reviewed by Tuneloud Hit Radio!

‘Ping Pong & Puzzle’: Lily Amis and Thir13een Craft a Resilient R&B/Pop Anthem 

Lily Amis, the multifaceted Iranian-born Children and YA writer, Blogger, Lyricist, and Voice4refugees, unveils her latest single, ‘Ping Pong & Puzzle,’ a poignant R&B/Pop creation that marks her 10th impressive single release since 2022. Collaborating with the talented male singer Thir13een, Amis embarks on a musical journey that delves into the complexities of personal growth, heartbreak, and the pursuit of inner peace.

The song’s thematic core revolves around the liberating notion of letting go of people and the past. ‘Ping Pong & Puzzle’ becomes a compelling narrative about the painful acceptance that not everyone deserving of our love and devotion remains or deserves to remain in our lives.

In a candid revelation, Amis dedicates the song to those deemed irresponsible and selfish in familial roles, underscoring the impact of abandonment and neglect. This emotional backdrop sets the stage for a musical composition that explores the labyrinth of emotions associated with rejection and indifference.

The opening verses of ‘Ping Pong & Puzzle,’ rich in vivid imagery, encapsulate the emotional turmoil faced by the song’s protagonist. The portrayal of pain turning the world blue and blind inside the head is a masterful stroke, intensifying the song’s emotional depth. The shadows of the past, portrayed as relentless hunters, add a layer of inescapability, symbolizing the protagonist’s struggle for solace.

The metaphorical game of ping-pong with toxic people cleverly captures the volatile dynamics of relationships, where emotions are tossed back and forth. The acknowledgment of this destructive game marks a turning point, symbolizing newfound understanding and the courage to break free.

The chorus serves as a powerful plea for release from the clutches of the past, with the refrain ‘Ping Pong & Puzzle, stop hunting me, stop troubling me’ echoing the internal struggle for peace. This declaration reinforces the overarching theme of overcoming past traumas and embracing a future free from haunting shadows.

Lily Amis skillfully weaves in the metaphor of a puzzle in subsequent verses, symbolizing the missing elements in the protagonist’s life. Tears shed over selfish actions and broken bridges are poignant reflections on the consequences of past decisions. The incorporation of wisdom from Amis’ grandmother adds a timeless dimension, emphasizing the importance of surrounding oneself with love, care, and loyalty.

Thir13een’s resonating vocal range complements Lily Amis’ vibrantly profound narrative, enhancing the emotional impact of ‘Ping Pong & Puzzle.’ The song’s infectious and robust upbeat rhythm, coupled with the soaring choruses, transforms it into a well-crafted R&B/Pop anthem. The universal themes of resilience, self-discovery, and prioritizing inner peace make it a compelling addition to the contemporary music landscape.

In the final chorus, a transformative moment unfolds as the song’s protagonist embraces the wisdom passed down by the grandmother, signaling a shift towards inner peace. The final repetition of ‘Ping Pong & Puzzle, People & Past, stop hunting me’ becomes a triumphant declaration of reclaiming control over emotional well-being.

‘Ping Pong & Puzzle’ is a soulful exploration of the human experience, presented through Lily Amis’ evocative storytelling and Thir13een’s compelling vocal delivery. This collaboration stands as a testament to the power of music to heal and uplift, making it a must-listen for those seeking solace and inspiration in the contemporary R&B/Pop landscape.

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