January 08, 2024

Ping Pong & Puzzle – Love is a two-way street!

On January the 13th I’m releasing a very personal track. Ping Pong & Puzzle, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een is a pop song about letting go of people and past.

Kindness and generosity are God-given gifts that you either have or don’t. People don’t change. If people have disappointed you or let you down in the past, they will do it again. If people have been dishonest, manipulative, and sneaky, they will continue their nasty and disgusting behavior. This is a lesson that I’ve learned the hard way over and over again with different people.

If people take your kindness, generosity, and good heart for granted or even feel that you are obligated, well they are wrong. Life is a two-way street. Love is a two-way street. When you drive a car into a one-way street you don’t go far. It’s the same with one-way-street relationships.

My grandmother was right when she said, only care about those who care about you. Only miss the ones who miss you. The older I get the more I understand the one-way-street relationships. It is sad to realize how I have tolerated nasty, cold, and ignorant behavior for decades and despite feeling the pain and disappointment over and over again, I continued the one-way-street relationships, because I can’t change myself either. I’m a giving, loving, caring and forgiving person. 

But ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. When people take your kindness for stupidity it's time to pull out the plug and say Fuck off! When I'm forgotten before I'm even gone, then there is no point in continuing the ping-pong game with dishonest, unkind, selfish, thoughtless and ungrateful people. Keep the ball to yourself and goodbye! 

Stay tuned for my liberating and uplifting song “Ping Pong & Puzzle Lily Amis feat. Thir13een, available on all streaming platforms. If you like the song, please don’t forget to add it to your playlist and share it with everyone who has or is suffering and fighting depression.

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