December 24, 2023

Merry Christmas & Happy 2024!

Time truly flies. We can’t believe how fast 2023 went by. Thanks to the Miracle of Music it was a positive, joyful, and hopeful year. We have released SIX beautiful tracks with the one and only Thir13een. Yoyo & Chess, SIMA, Tasteless Breakfast, My Mission, My Vision, and The Miracle of Music.

Our writing and musical journey continues as our mission for Lily4Humanity. If it wasn’t for the contest, I wouldn’t have gotten in touch with CBM SWISS. The beautiful track MY VISION was only the beginning of my humanitarian adventure. I was so inspired by the founder’s life story, that in the upcoming months, I’m going to write a book about Mister Christoffels humanitarian mission decades ago.

And more beautiful songs will be released in the upcoming months. Thank you for listening to our music, reading our books, and visiting my blog. We appreciate your support and wish you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas and a fabulous and magical 2024!

Lily & Sima (Nassima Design)

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