January 09, 2024

Ping Pong & Puzzle - Fixing broken bridges!

On January the 13th I’m releasing a very personal song. Ping Pong & Puzzle, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een is a pop song about letting go of people and past.

When you are a kid and playing with your cousins, you have no clue what the future will bring and how family members fall out and become strangers!

War is one of the most painful reasons why families separate and scattered. Relationships and friendships end and the more time goes by the harder it is to reconnect. Even though all my cousins from my mum’s side live in Germany, I haven’t seen them for decades. I’ve tried many times to connect and organize a family reunion but it failed every time because of the lack of interest from their side.

I never had a male role model in my entire life. No father, no uncles, no cousins and no brother. The ONLY man who I cherish in my heart was my wonderful grandfather. He was the ONLY man who sincerely cared about us. I wish I had the chance to spend more years with him than I did. All my memories are from my childhood and he was the best grandfather one could wish for. I always thought his love and devotion would connect me with my cousins. We may live in two different countries but we speak the same language, share a border and have the same blood. We could visit each other within an hour flight and only a few hours of train or car drive. But you can’t force love, no matter how hard you try.

One would think today with all the chatting APPS it is much easier to stay in contact and say hello from time to time, but even modern communication failed and I gave up once and for all. At least I don’t have to blame myself ever for not having tried everything in my power to bring everyone together.

The word “family” means nothing to me anymore. It is just a word. Family are those who care about your wellbeing and don’t forget and ignore your before you’re even gone.

Stay tuned for my liberating and uplifting song “Ping Pong & Puzzle” Lily Amis feat. Thir13een, available on all streaming platforms. If you like the song, please don’t forget to add it to your playlist and share it with everyone who has or is suffering and fighting depression. 

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