July 01, 2023

Tasteless Breakfast - HUNGER!

Here's some “food” for thought:

While the majority of us enjoy a tasty breakfast and have the privilege to choose between international breakfasts, a huge number of people suffer from hunger and die daily! This is the harsh reality that most humans, including world leaders and governments, ignore!

While the world wastes about 2.5 billion tons of food every year, a child dies from hunger every 10 seconds!

The United States, China, and India discard more food than any other country in the world: nearly 60 million tons — 120 billion pounds — every year. 

Germany produces the most household food waste in Europe. On average each person produces 75 kilograms of food waste every year. The estimated wasted food is worth $230 billion every year!!!

Poor nutrition and hunger is responsible for the death of 3.1 million children a year. That's nearly half of all deaths in children under the age of 5. The children die because their bodies lack basic nutrients. Globally, 822 million people suffer from undernourishment.

So when food is wasted, all the resources that were used to produce this food - including water, land, energy, labour, and capital - go to waste as well. In addition, the disposal of food loss and waste in landfills, leads to greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change.

So what can individuals do to save lives and protect climate change?

Well, don’t waste food! Simple as that. Every time you want to throw leftovers away, think about those children who die from hunger every 10 seconds

Stay tuned for my brand-new song TASTELESS BREAKFAST, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een. A soul track dedicated to all the forgotten and neglected humans! 

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