June 29, 2023

Tasteless Breakfast - Song Cover and story!

Tasteless Breakfast” is my seventh collaboration with the talented producer, composer, and singer Thir13een. It is the first song release connected to my Lily4Humanity Creativity Contest. I hope to raise and spread awareness with this beautiful soul track. 

Thanks to incapable world leaders and governments, Homelessness, Hunger, and the refugee crises have become normality in our shallow society. BUT none of these issues should be ignored and tolerated anymore and any longer!!!

The lack of humanity in our society is troubling my mind for a loooong time. But now, thanks to the power of music, I may be able to change it. The great thing about music is that you can reach everyone and I mean everyone, regardless of age, gender, level of education, and income. Everyone loves music. Some people do pay attention to the lyrics some less, but the chorus of a song is something that most people always remember. 

"Tasteless Breakfast" is a song written and sung from the heart and soul, dedicated to all the forgotten and neglected humans who have suffered and who are still suffering and struggling! 

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